Sweet Treat Server In Our Dining Room

Dining Room Spring Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (42)Oh yeah…we really did this!  My husband thought of the idea to move our little server into the corner of our freshly painted dining room and I filled it up.  Spring tulips, candy, cupcakes and lots of pretty napkins are just what this cute storage cabinet was asking for.Dining Room Spring Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (22)The top drawers are loaded with beautiful napkins for all seasons and colorful paper straws.  I still have space in the center but have filled the shelves with decorative dishes.  This has freed up pantry space in our kitchen.Dining Room Spring Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (23)I’ll be revealing more of our dining room soon.  I absolutely LOVE the new color pallet and can’t wait to show you.  We’re in the middle of making our own chandelier and I have a few more pictures to hang so it won’t be long now.Dining Room Spring Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (43)Aren’t these napkins just so sweet???  Of-coarse my eye was drawn to them because of the letter “A” but also the grey stripes are PERFECT for our new space!Dining Room Spring Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (40)Mr. A was looking through the kitchen a couple of nights ago for something to sweet so last night I surprised him with cupcakes.  He was so happy, he ate two!!!Dining Room Spring Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (8)

Dining Room Spring Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (10)Today my brother and I drove my dad to Coeur d’alene Idaho to get his picture taken for his Veteran’s ID Card.  He’s so excited to get it.  We’re not sure why he hasn’t had one before but that’s OK, he’ll have one now!  He treated us to lunch and then mom bought us all a Dutch Bros Iced Coffee for the ride home.  The four of us had a great time with lots of laughs.  Moments like these remind me of why we moved to back to Spokane!

 More to come soon with our dining room transformation.  Hope you are having a wonderful week!!!

Card Catalog Cabinet Makeover

Card Catalog ~ Vintage Street Designs (16)First of all, let me just say to all of those who are having shortness of breath right now, this is not a true antique.  I actually wanted, no NEEDED to paint this piece to make it appear to be an antique.  My husband surprised me this little card catalog cabinet a couple of years ago when I returned home from a trip.  I was so excited.  He got a great deal at an auction and knew how much I would LOVE it!  I had the perfect spot for it in our home in Arizona but I’m not sure where it will find it’s permanent spot here in Washington.  I’ve been wanting to paint it since my hubby gave it to me but just never seem to have the time.  Last week, I made the time!!!Card Catalog Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (19)Here’s what it used to look like.  Funny, I just found one called the “Leslie Dame Library Cabinet” on Wayfair.com that looks very similar for $218.99.  Dave paid $90 for mine.Card Catalog Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (1)


Card Catalog Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (2)The most difficult part of this makeover was removing all the knobs.  Thankfully when it was finished, Dave put them all back on for me.  I just love him so much!!!Card Catalog Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (13) I have it sitting in our entryway/living room right now.  Remember how I’ve mentioned we still have to do some repair work to the walls of our new (old) home?  Well this cabinet is covering up a pretty major blemish at the moment. Haha.  One the wall is repaired, I’ll figure out where I really want to place it.Card Catalog Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (9)

Card Catalog Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (8)I used CeCe Caldwell’s Simply White chalk + clay paint for this project.  It’s such an easy product to use.  I distressed it with a wet rag and finished it with clear wax.

Card Catalog Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (17)

Card Catalog Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (7)Now it’s ready to be filled up with all my business cards and other important gadgets.  I’m excited to put it to full use.  It’s such a great source of additional storage for our home.

New Look For Free

I have been putting off these little makeovers for far too long.  Yesterday was the day!  As much as I loved these stools when I bought them, the color red just isn’t working for me anymore.  With being only 5 ft. tall, I need a stool just to reach to the back of the second shelf in our kitchen.  It’s a multiple daily occurrence that I need a stool.  Our new kitchen is all done in neutral tones so the color red just stands out too much.  New Look For Free (2)

New Look For Free ~ Vintage Street Designs (2)BeforeNew Look For Free (7)

I knew I wanted to paint the larger stool grey but wanted to come up with a complimentary color for the smaller stool.  As I looked through my stash of paint, I decided to use Nantucket Spray (mint color).  Hence why these makeovers were FREE.  I already owned the stools AND the paint.New Look For Free (6)I painted both stools with a base coat of white first.  I love the layered look when distressing.  I used chalk paint so I just used a wet rag to distress.New Look For Free (4)Then I added a coat of clear wax and topped it off with dark wax.  Exactly the look I was hoping for.New Look For Free - Vintage Street DesignsNow I’m in the mood to paint more.  Fall Living Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (13)I think this is going to be my next project.  The reason I haven’t painted it yet is because I didn’t want to take the time to remove all the hardware.  I need to just GET IT DONE, right?  I’m making it my new goal.

Thrift Store Find Makeover

Thrift Store Find To Stage Coach Trunk Tutorial ~ VintageStreetDesigns (40)Hope you all had a beautiful weekend.  The hubs and I took a break from all the remodeling in our home to make a project together on Sunday afternoon.  Our neighborhood Wells Fargo Bank needed a small, open shelf cabinet for an extra work station, Dave thought it would be fun to make it look like an old stagecoach trunk (for obvious reasons).Thrift Store Find To Stage Coach Trunk Tutorial ~ VintageStreetDesigns (4)First, we picked up this really ugly cabinet for $3.00 at Habitat for Humanity.  Dave had a clear vision of how he could chop it all up and put it back together.Thrift Store Find To Stage Coach Trunk Tutorial ~ VintageStreetDesigns (5)I removed the door as he got all the equipment ready and then off came the top of the cabinet.Thrift Store Find To Stage Coach Trunk Tutorial ~ VintageStreetDesigns (6)Once all the nails were removed and he made sure no other nails were in the way of the table saw, he was ready to cut the front of the cabinet.  Wells Fargo only wanted a 12″ deep cabinet.  This was double that.Thrift Store Find To Stage Coach Trunk Tutorial ~ VintageStreetDesigns (7)Ready, set, go!Thrift Store Find To Stage Coach Trunk Tutorial ~ VintageStreetDesigns (8)And here it is after a few turns on the table saw.  It’s just 12″ deep.Thrift Store Find To Stage Coach Trunk Tutorial ~ VintageStreetDesigns (11)The top was cut to size and nailed back into place.Thrift Store Find To Stage Coach Trunk Tutorial ~ VintageStreetDesigns (12)My dad had a bundle of wooden garden stakes in the barn that we used for trim on the sides.  (Always love using freebies).  Dad just shakes his head and smiles.Thrift Store Find To Stage Coach Trunk Tutorial ~ VintageStreetDesigns (14)We wanted the cabinet to look old so we started off with a coat of dark walnut stain.Thrift Store Find To Stage Coach Trunk Tutorial ~ VintageStreetDesigns (19)Here’s a photo of the front half of the cabinet and the other pieces that were removed.  As you can see, my hubby also trimmed out the face and top of the new re-purposed cabinet.  We slipped a large plastic lawn bag over the whole thing and put in the back of our car so we could bring it home for me to embellish.Thrift Store Find To Stage Coach Trunk Tutorial ~ VintageStreetDesigns (27)I grabbed some of my stash of CeCe Caldwell’s Seattle Mist Chalk + Clay Paint and dry brushed the entire outside.  The inside will have baskets on the shelves so I left them alone.Thrift Store Find To Stage Coach Trunk Tutorial ~ VintageStreetDesigns (29)I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out a stencil.  While it was cutting, I was painting.  I don’t know how I lived without this little miracle machine before!!!Thrift Store Find To Stage Coach Trunk Tutorial ~ VintageStreetDesigns (33)

Thrift Store Find To Stage Coach Trunk Tutorial ~ VintageStreetDesigns (37)Wouldn’t this make a cool coffee table as well.  Just add some casters or wooden feet and trim out the bottom of the cabinet to match the top.  It could say anything, or nothing at all.Thrift Store Find To Stage Coach Trunk Tutorial ~ VintageStreetDesigns (40)I can’t wait to hear what every one thinks of their new little work station.  One side will be seen by their customers and one side will be seen by the employees as it sits in its place.  I got up early this morning to take the final photos before Dave took it to work.  Oh yeah, did I forget to mention…he works at this local Wells Fargo.  $3.00 Thrift Store Find Makeover ~ VintageStreetDesigns (36)So, what do you think?  This was so fun!  I even did some hammering on this project.  Dave is so quick that I am usually just the supervisor on a lot of the wood projects like this.  But this time, I even got my hands dirty!

Happy Monday, have a great week! ~ Judy

Complete Chair Revival

Chair Revival Complete Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (12)Do you remember this chair?  I started this makeover in Arizona and got it just far enough to be able to use it and it’s matching partner for staging our home to sell.Before ~ Vintage Street DesignsHere’s a look at the shape they were in when I brought them home.  Yikes!!!  They were in serious need of rescuing, don’t you think?Staging ~ Vintage Street DesignsI flanked one on either side of our fireplace and they must have done the trick…our house SOLD in just 3 weeks.  (Actually, we moved before our house sold but all the pretty staged photos were on the listing so the buyers got see what it could look like if they bought it.)

If you look closely, you can see that I didn’t have time to finish the trim around the padded arms and the seat cushions were just safety pinned in the back to hold them together.Chair Revival ~ Vintage Street Designs (19)And here’s what they look like now!!!  It’s a rainy day so I moved one over in front of our dining room window where there is a little more light so I could take some photos.Chair Revival ~ Vintage Street Designs (21)Finished arms.  No more raveling strings.Chair Revival ~ Vintage Street Designs (20)I have an easy to follow tutorial on how to upholster a chair here.  I used CeCe Caldwell’s Paints.  There was a 4 part step…

  • First coat ~ Virginia Chestnut
  • Second coat ~ Vintage White
  • Final paint coat ~ Young Kansas Wheat

I then wet distressed to bring out all the layers.

  • Finish ~ I mixed a little aging cream with waxing cream and brushed it on.

I am no longer a Retailer for CeCe Caldwell’s Paints but still have some inventory left.  I’m having a HUGE CLOSE OUT SALE so if you are interested, send me a message and I’d be happy to send you the inventory list and pricing.Chair Revival ~ Vintage Street Designs (11)I’m so happy to have these off my list of “Things To Get Done”.   I also washed down the brick on our fireplace today so I can start painting.  Maybe I’ll get started on this project tomorrow!

I have some exciting NEWS coming your way soon.  I’m just finishing up some details and then I’ll be sharing everything with you.  Things are always moving and shaking around here!

Blessings ~ Judy

Little Red Dresser Gets A New Look

Dresser Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (11)

My cousin’s daughter was cleaning out her room the other day and this little red dresser ended up in the hallway.  My cousin asked if I was interested in taking it…the family was tired of tripping over it.  Sight unseen, I said “I’ll take it”.  Little Dresser Makeover - Vintage Street Designs (2)Here’s a before photo.  The fourth knob was actually inside the bottom drawer and I thought I might use them but as you can see in the other photos, I just couldn’t stop myself from getting new ones.Dresser Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (3)And here’s what it looks like now.Dresser Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (13)The back of the dresser already had this sweet wallpaper on it so I just decided to go with it.  I used CeCe Caldwell’s Alaska Tundra Green for the base and Vermont Slate for the top.  The match is PERFECT!!!Dresser Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (14)

Dresser Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (5)After painting two coats of Vermont Slate on top, I used Endurance for a protective finish.Dresser Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (7)My mom hopped in the car with me after I was finished painting the entire dresser to go pick out knobs at Hobby Lobby.  Yay…they were 50% of this week.  I can never seem to keep track of their sales.Dresser Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (10)I wanted the drawers to have more definition so I taped the edges and then added glaze tinted with Nantucket Spray. I then removed the tape and painted a boarder using Vintage White.Dresser Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (6)

Dresser Makeover ~ Vintage Street Designs (2)Thank you Joni & Morgan for this gift.  Anytime you want to get rid of extra treasures, you know who to call!  Love you both!!!

Wearing Too Many Hats

What do you do when you find yourself wearing too many hats?  Which one do you put in a box and store for awhile?  Well, this is the question I had to ask myself after our BIG move to Washington.  I had every intention of continuing on as a Retailer of CeCe Caldwell’s Paints.  I mean, what a perfect opportunity to be the first in Spokane area!  But, after a long discussion with my husband we decided I should take a rest from selling paint.  It’s really another full-time job, and with wanting to flip homes, refurbishing vintage furniture, create signs (and other good stuff), be a vendor at vintage markets, blog, keep up with my online stores, continue with interior design and home staging and… still have a life ~ there is just not enough hours in a day!

SAM_4565I am going to miss this part of my business but I’m excited about what God has in store for the future of Vintage Street Designs here in Spokane.CeCe Caldwell Chalk & Clay Paints New Colors ~ Vintage Street Designs (9)I sold quite a bit of my inventory before we moved but I still have a lot left.  If you’d like to purchase paint at a discounted price, just send me a message and I’d be happy to mail it to you.  I have closed my Online Paint Store but I’m still selling via Paypal and shipping to customers.  If you’d like me email you a list of what’s available, I can do that too.  I have both quarts and sample pots as well as glaze and metallic waxes.

Thank you to all my past paint customers and to those who attended my paint workshops!  It was truly a joy working with you!

I wish CeCe and all those who work with her the very best.  It was a pleasure working you all.

Blessings ~ Judy


Black And White Guest Room Reveal

Black & White Guest Room (21)I’ve been so anxious to show you the finished results of my client’s Black & White Guest Room but I had to wait until our internet was up and running again.  It’s been a crazy busy week of moving from Arizona to Washington.  Tonight will be our first night in our rental condo.  It’s really a beautiful place but we’ll only be here until the end of September so it’s more like a base of operations than a home.  Not much decorating will be happening here.  It’s OK though…we have a gorgeous view of the golf course right outside our living/dining room where we have our computer desks set up.  I know, it doesn’t sound very “interior design” savvy but we just couldn’t see sitting in the back spare room all day and waste this view.  Anyway, things are going GREAT.  Just anxious to find our next “Fixer Upper” here in Spokane so I can get back to what I love ~ decorating!!!  My parents are elated to have us here and I’ve already begun to invade their barn with all my paint, etsy and ebay wares as well as piles of wood for painted signs.

OK…that’s enough about our move for today.  Lets get back to this stunning guest room!Black & White Guest Room (20)These curtains are what held up the final photo shoot.  I had to finish them!  My client’s, Dick & Jeanene had us over for dessert before we left Arizona and I finished up the final touches in both of their guest rooms.  We didn’t get to every room of their home as planned but we came close.  This room was the one I pushed for.  It was truly a blank slate so I asked if I could make it a black and white room with green accents.  They were a bit hesitant but ultimately agreed.  I’m so glad they did.  It was SO much fun!  This is the room that sits at the end of their hallway so this window is what you see first.  I wanted it to be full of interest and beauty.Black & White Guest Room (19)The sign was a rescue owned by Jeanene.  She stripped the roses that were once decoupaged in the middle and painted it white.  She gave it to me to paint the lettering.  A GREAT save!!!Black & White Guest Room (18)Every window in their home has to have custom drapes made.  Regular store bought sized do not fit.  I was lucky enough to design and make all the bedroom drapes.  I went shopping with Jeanene to pick out the material for their office window but didn’t have enough time to make them.  I referred a friend for the task.  Can’t wait to see how they turn out.Black & White Guest Room (8)Jeanene and I both did some shopping and ended up with bags and bags of goodies.  We mixed them all together and whala… we ended up with an amazing space to welcome special guests.  The black adjustable table lamp was found at Target.  The black and white chevron monogram pillow I found at Kirkland’s.  I made the pillow that matches the curtains, the feather pillow form came from Ikea.  The white mirror came from Home Goods.  Bedding was purchased at Stein Mart.Black & White Guest Room (23)One spool was painted white but the other’s we opted to leave natural to blend with the other natural wood antiques in the room.Black & White Guest Room (13)Opposite of the bed sits this dresser, perfect for an additional place to display pretty treasures.  Jeanene plans to hang quilts or throws on the ladder leaning against the corner.Black & White Guest Room (15)

Black & White Guest Room (2)Hope you enjoyed the tour.  If you love this room, wait ’til you see the next one!  I’ll be sharing Dick and Jeanene’s second guest room very soon!

Until next time…

Last But Not Least ~ Home Office Tour

Our home office is probably the room we spend the most time in.  This is where I blog and post of FB, etc…  I also create designs for my painted and vinyl signs and my entire stock of paint is stored in the closet on shelves the hubs built for me.  It’s too hot to store it in the garage.  My husband unwinds by playing video games with friends across the United State.  He has his desk facing out towards the TV so he can watch a show and play games at the same time.  He’s always quick to shut it all down if I have something planned for us to do.  His other past-time is wood working.  Whenever I come up with a new project or pattern for him to build, he’s happy!  He can’t wait to have access to my dad’s BIG workshop in Spokane.  He was just saying today, we may not even hook up to cable when we move.  I’d miss watching HGTV but otherwise I have no objections.  Most shows I can get the full episodes online.  That works for me!

Home Office - Vintage Street Designs (2)I love how our office is so open to the rest of the house.  The french doors are always open.Home Office - Vintage Street Designs (3)My husband’s desk was a rescue project.  At the time that I finished it, I didn’t have him in mind.  When he saw it, he asked if he could keep it.SAM_2041This is what it looked like when I brought it home.SAM_2291I painted the drawer and base for contrast with the wood.SAM_2298I added a transfer to the back for interest.SAM_1789My desk was purchased at an auction shortly after we moved to Arizona.  I won the bid at just $17.00.  Score!!!SAM_1791I love the drawer.  It big enough to store all my necessities.SAM_1785Painted in Duck Egg Blue for now.  You may see it painted in a new color eventually.  This is an easy desk to pack.  The legs screw off so we’ll be able to wrap it up tight.Home Office - Vintage Street Designs (4)Here’s a few out to the living room as I stand between our two desks.Home Office - Vintage Street Designs (1)We brought this rug from the master to cover the wires across the floor.  There is never a good way to hide all the wires, I just have to accept that it’s part of life and running a business from home.  I need computers, copiers, printers and of-course my Silhouette!

Well, this was the last room of our house tour.  Hope you enjoyed your visit!

Learn The Art Of French Inspired Old World Finishes


Want to learn how to create the beautiful French Inspired Old World Finish using CeCe Caldwell’s Paints? I’m going to be at A Mad Hatter’s in Glendale tomorrow from 12 – 1pm giving a FREE DEMO and there will be a GIVEAWAY every 15 minutes!!! Would love to see you there! I’ll also be selling Waxing Creams in sample size for The First Time Ever just for this event! Now is your chance to give it a try!

Flash Paint Demo

Sample size pots can create this beautiful look on any small piece of furniture like a chair, end table or bench like shown in the photo.  I’ll be sharing my favorite color combinations and how I finish off the look by wet distressing and using CeCe’s Waxing Creams!  A great last minute mini class for FREE!  Can’t beat that!!!

Hope you can join me!!!

Dining Room Before & After

Saying goodbye to my chandelier!  Do you remember how long it took to find the exact chandelier I wanted.  For over a year I searched for a vintage light fixture I could afford.  When I couldn’t, I looked to Lamps Plus.  Yay…I found one that looked vintage at a reasonable price.  I don’t know what my next house will look like but hopefully Lamps Plus will still offer this light option if it fits to the style of our new home.DSC_0387You just can’t appreciate the difference until you see what this space looked like before..Vertical blinds and builder grade lighting.  Pretty outdated and boring.  With the purple tint on the walls, the space seemed dark and dingy.Dining Room Before & After ~ Vintage Street Designs (1)

DSC_0389We bought and sold several dining room sets until we found what we loved.  All purchased from local auction houses.  The rug came from West Elm and the curtains are from Bed Bath & Beyond.  My dad made the hutch for me years ago and I continue to treasure it.

DSC_0475The old window was a gift from my brother.  It came out of the old farmhouse he now lives in.


DSC_0395I have sat on this window seat many times watching my husband take care of our pool.  He makes such a cute pool boy!DSC_0384I hope everything fits in the truck when it’s time to move!

House For Sale & Final Master Bedroom Reveal

Life has been so crazy the past few weeks that I just couldn’t get the final photos taken of our master bedroom until now.  It has to look perfect, along with the rest of house since it goes on the market today.  We’re praying for a quick sale so I can move with the hubs to Spokane and not have to stay behind.  Our Realtor is coming by at 10 am to take all the pictures of our house, inside and out.  I thought I would share the master with you today and I’ll share more in the coming days and keep you updated on the sale and our move to Washington.  So many of you have already shared with me that you are praying for us.  Words cannot express how thankful Dave and I are for all of youMaster Bedroom (14) - CopyAs you know, I LOVE painted furniture but I also wanted a little bit of a sophisticated look as well as light and airy.Master Bedroom Reveal ~ Vintage Street Designs (8)As you enter, there is a little nook where I hung a candle that has traveled around the United States with us.  I think it’s hung in every master bedroom.Master Bedroom Reveal ~ Vintage Street Designs (9)

Master Bedroom Reveal ~ Vintage Street Designs (7)
Master Bedroom (28)So I started our bedroom makeover by researching inspirational photos.  You can see mine here.  Then I purchased new bedding and finally found lamp shades for our naked vintage lamps.Master Bedroom (2)And then came the headboard.  What would I do without my husband to make all my dreams come true?  To view more details about the headboard click here.SAM_5688My husband’s nightstand got a much needed makeover to complete the theme.  He would be devastated if I took this away from him.  It provides so much storage.Master Bedroom (21)A few decorative touches.Master Bedroom Reveal ~ Vintage Street Designs (1)The view of the pool.Master Bedroom Reveal ~ Vintage Street Designs (5)

Master Bedroom (15)View from the other side.Master Bedroom (11)Close up.  Mini preserved spruce wreath, aged book stack and a couple of picture frames is all this nightstand needed.

Master Bedroom (13)I borrowed the “bird pillow” from the window seat in our dining room.  The center pillow I made out of leftover fabric from another project.  The filler came from Ikea.  The bedding and dandelion pillows I found at Stein Mart.  These stores will no longer be available to me in Spokane, along with several other favorites.  Luckily I can order online from a few of them.Master Bedroom (17)I can’t even tell you how handy this bench has been.  It holds all our decorative pillows at night.  It’s the perfect place for me to sit when putting on my shoes or boots.Master Bedroom (18)My husband’s favorite artist…Salvador Dali.  Master Bedroom (25)The entrance to our master bath.Master Bedroom (3)Our desert cottage is approx. 1250 sq. ft.  The master is large but it doesn’t have a walk-in closet.  However, the closet takes up this entire wall and has been more than enough space for us.  Master Bedroom (1)This vintage dresser and mirror was painted with CeCe Caldwell’s Vintage White.  I would be one happy camper if I could be painting one of these beauties everyday!Master Bedroom (6)I switched from dark brown, lined curtains for our sliders to white curtains from Ikea.  WOW, what a difference it has made.  Even though we haven’t found a house yet in Spokane, I think I’ll have to go shopping one last time to Ikea before we leave to stock up on items like this.

Master Bedroom (32)That’s it for now.  Gotta get the house ready for it’s photo shoot with our agent.

A Peek Inside The Guest Room

Monday was an EXCITING day!  My clients, Dick & Jeanene are getting ready for guests to arrive and wanted to finish decorating the guest rooms in their lovely home.  They commissioned me to help with this task and I was more than happy to do so.  They are such a delight to work with.  They are both hands-on and ready to help me every step of the way.  Dick was such a trooper… hanging curtain rods, measuring, lifting the heavy stuff, etc…  Jeanene and I have such similar taste that we pretty much agree on everything.  And of-coarse, we took a break in the afternoon to go to our favorite Chinese Restaurant for lunch located near there house.  We always make the most out of our time spent together.Black & White Guest Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (3)I’m sharing just a peak into the Black & White Guest Room today.  There are a few more items that need to be finished up before the final photo shoot.  This is the room I talked them into decorating black & white with pops of green.  Jeanene and I both had fun shopping and then revealing all the treasures we each had found.  We mixed them all together and creating this gorgeous space.Black & White Guest Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (16)Do you recognize those green legs?  This is the chair I color matched using CeCe Caldwell’s Paints.  Looks perfect with all the other touches.Black & White Guest Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (18)My client salvaged this old picture frame by  sanding off the pink roses that were once decoupaged down the center, painted it with CeCe’s Vintage White, gave it to me and I painted the lettering “Be Our Guest”.  This now hangs above the green chair.  A GREAT SAVE!!!Black & White Guest Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (14)OK…what do you think so far?  Pretty huh?

I’ll probably go back next week to finish everything up and will be ready to share the final reveal of both guest rooms.  I wouldn’t mind being guest in either room, it would be difficult to choose.



CeCe Caldwell’s Paints Mixology

CeCe Caldwell's Paints + Mixology = A Beautiful Shade Of Green (1)

I’m working on the redesign of two guest rooms right now for a client.  If you have been following along, you know that I talked her into letting me do one of them in black & white with an accent of green.  The inspiration came from one of my favorite designers ~ Sarah Richardson. ff900e575ac468011480cc4798b20243Source

Jeanene (the client) loves to shop as much as I do, so I try to incorporate items she already owns.  I always like to do this for all of my clients to not only save money, but to be conscientious of sentimental family treasures.CeCe Caldwell's Paints + Mixology = A Beautiful Shade Of Green (3)Jeanene gave me this cute little ceramic bird she had picked up as a starting off point for the shade of green she wanted to see as the accent color.  PERFECT!

I mixed up 3 parts of CeCe Caldwell’s Cinco Bayou Moss to 6 parts Spring Hill Green.  If you would like this color just a tad bit darker, add just 4 parts Spring Hill Green.  Both are such beautiful shades of green.CeCe Caldwell's Paints + Mixology = A Beautiful Shade Of Green (7)This chair was in my client’s garage ready to be given away.  Isn’t it adorable.  I grabbed up immediately and brought home with me.  Jeanene is getting to be quite the painter as well.  She attended one of my Paint Workshops and I have given her some homework to do while I’m working on this chair as well as some other projects for her.  She’s painting frames and a small accent table using vintage white and simply white in CeCe’s collection.CeCe Caldwell's Paints + Mixology = A Beautiful Shade Of Green (14)And here it is now!  Once I finished painting and it was completely dry, I just did some wet distressing to highlight it’s wonderful features.CeCe Caldwell's Paints + Mixology = A Beautiful Shade Of Green (16)Here’s a close up.  This is actually a better photo of the true color.  I took the shoots outside so it would be brighter but in some of the pictures the green looks a little light.  This is obviously a vintage chair and has a few “vintage character” marks.  But when you distress, those flaws are not even noticeable.  I added waxing cream to secure and protect the finish.CeCe Caldwell's Paints Mixology ~ Vintage Street DesignsI just used one of my sample pot jars to mix up the paint for this project.  I wanted to share with you how little it took to paint this entire chair, even with all it’s details.  I still have approx. 1/4 jar left.  I painted a single coat and then went back over a few areas that seemed a little thin.  I added no water but you certainly could to make the paint stretch even further.  The sample pots sell for just $8.95.  A GREAT way to try it out without making a huge investment.  Please let me know if you have any questions!
CeCe Caldwell's Paints + Mixology = A Beautiful Shade Of Green (12)I have a LOVE of cane and fortunately the cane on this chair is in excellent condition.  CeCe Caldwell's Paints + Mixology = A Beautiful Shade Of Green (10)Monday is the day we have scheduled for the decorating to be completed in both guest rooms. I have LOTS to do yet…shopping, curtains to find and/or make and a library cabinet to paint.  I better quit typing and get to work.CeCe Caldwell's Paints + Mixology = A Beautiful Shade Of Green (8)

To be continued…

Finally…Hubby’s Nightstand Is Refinished!


I have been saying for months that I was going to paint my husband’s nightstand so it would match the rest of our master bedroom makeover that has been in progress. I finally got to it this week and it only took a few hours.  I couldn’t wait to surprise him when he got home from work.  Just wait ’til you hear what he said!!!  But first, lets look at a few photos. beforeThis is the original finish on this Ethan Allen Nightstand.  I purchased it and several other pieces at an auction a long time ago.  All the other pieces were painted and sold.  This one we decided to keep for ourselves.SAM_5677I then turned it into this, which sorta matched the look I was going for but knew that deep down I really wanted to change everything in our bedroom.SAM_5680So when I got a break, I went for it.  I painted two coats of CeCe’s Vintage White to match my nightstand.SAM_5683I then lightly distressed and used Endurance Finish on top to protect it and Waxing Cream on the body and drawers.  I had to wait for the Endurance to dry before I could put everything back in it’s place before my husband got home.  I was counting the minutes!SAM_5698Whew, it dried just in time.  I couldn’t wait for him to get home.SAM_5689When ever Mr. A gets home from work, he always walks straight to this little red bowl I have on the corner of the kitchen counter and places his keys, etc… then he walks to our bedroom to change out of his suit and into shorts.  I followed him to see his reaction.SAM_5688He was telling me all about his day, changing his clothes and not noticing a thing.  I just kept smiling and listening (and waiting).SAM_5696And then he asked “Why does our house look so clean?”  I just started laughing.  He turned around and saw what I had done.  Not only did I paint his nightstand but I also had hung new white curtains in place of our dark brown ones.  It really brightened the entire space.  Then his reaction was “Oh WOW”.SAM_5697I LOVE our master bedroom now.  It feels complete, light and airy.

I just ordered my new camera and it should arrive in a few days.  As soon as it gets here I’ll take the final makeover photos of our entire bedroom to share.  I’m so excited!  I hope it’s not too complicated and I can figure out how to use it!