Surviving Financial Shock

I have recently published a book “Surviving Financial Shock”.  It has nothing to do with decorating as you might guess by the title.  I know…everyone is amazed since decorating is my passion!  It all came about by my own life experience and wanting to help others that might find themselves in the same situation.  I started keeping a daily journal as our finances began to take a downward spiral and my husband and I went from being millionaires to loosing everything!  We had to close all our businesses and sell our home at a major loss.  We had to leave our families and move to another state to find work.  This took us on a journey of moving every six months from Idaho to Texas, Colorado to Washington and Illinois to Arizona (where we plan to stay).  We experienced many of God’s miracles during this time.  His strength and abounding love surrounded us and saw us through.  Our faith drew us closer to Him as well as to each other.  We are so thankful and give God all the glory for what we have today!  In the book, I share how we endured and started over without going bankrupt.  I give practical advise on how to reach your goals and live debt free.

My husband and I are always willing to share our story with anyone who is interested and to answer any questions regarding finances.

Proverbs 3: 5,6

You can order your own copy ~ ebook or paperback through Blurb or through me (paperback only, signed copy).

My favorite quote: Live like no one else, so you can live like no one else ~ Dave Ramsey
May God’s blessings overflow!



Meridian In The Middle Magazine

Back in 2008, my husband and I were living in Meridian Idaho.  Both Real Estate Agents and owners of a Home Decor Boutique.  Meridian In The Middle Magazine asked me to write an article regarding their Home For The Holidays feature.  It was a privilege and honor to do so.  Looking at these pictures now, it’s funny to see how much my style has changed through the years!  Since those days, we have lived all over the United States.  We are so happy to have settled now in Arizona, full of sunshine and within driving distance of friends and family.  Although, we still prefer to fly!  (Smiles)

I love the Holidays and some things will never change…bringing the sensational sights, sounds and smells of the season into our home!

May all your Holidays and everyday throughout the year be full of love and joy!