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The Farmhouse and Other Stuff

It's so hard to be patient when waiting on news!  Our hands are tied until the appraisal comes in on our current home that's under contract.  The closing date is coming up really quick and the appraisal is the only thing that's hanging in the wind.  … [Read More...]

Final Rooms of Our Home Tour

The only rooms left to show you in "The Brick House on Pecan Drive" are the office and craft room.  Both of these spaces just needed new flooring, paint and trim.  By far, these were the easiest rooms to renovate in this house.  We kept the shutters … [Read More...]

Blue Bathroom Gets a Makeover

Since we purchased The Brick House on Pecan Drive, this has been known as the "blue bathroom".  The tile, floor and walls were all blue.  Even the plantation shutters on the window were painted blue.  This was going to be our bathroom while we … [Read More...]

Master Bath Reveal

OK, there is no pretty way to show or describe these "before" photos of the pre-demolition of the master bath.  I guess if you LOVE pink and you like to fit into really tight spaces, then this would have been the bathroom of your dreams! Haha!  I'm … [Read More...]

Master Bedroom Retreat

The Master Retreat...FINALLY!!!  After sleeping in two other bedrooms of this house, we've finally moved into the master bedroom!  Although as you know, it will be short lived since the our home is under contract and will be closing in just a few … [Read More...]

Love and Laundry

Lets talk about the love of doing laundry.  I have to admit that my hubby does the vast majority of the laundry in our household.  But, the trade off is... he doesn't clean toilets.  I'm in-charge of that duty.  So the chores are divided up equally!  … [Read More...]

Black and White Guest Bathroom

Are you ready for this?  Put your boots and gloves on before entering.  Oh, and probably nose plugs!  I know it's going to be hard for you to believe, but this by far my most favorite room in the house!  Hopefully by the time you get done with this … [Read More...]

Guest Bedroom Final Reveal

Our guest room was a really fun space to re-do.  We actually moved into this room for a couple of months while our master bath was getting renovated.  I think I just need to show you the before photos so you can see how much we had to do to bring it … [Read More...]

Dark to White Family Room Reveal

Happy Friday!!!  Do you follow me on Facebook and Instagram?  Did you see my second BIG reveal yesterday afternoon?  Can you even believe our house is already under contract after just being on the market for a few hours?  A lovely family of 6 will … [Read More...]

Kitchen Renovation Reveal

Oh my goodness you guys, for a 3000 sq. ft. house this kitchen was truly just an after thought.  It was SO underwhelming when we first walked into this space.  Not to mention the dingy vinyl flooring and outdated wallpaper.  We lived here for about 3 … [Read More...]

Living and Dining Room Reveal

Here we are on Day 3 of our fully remodeled fixer upper tour on Pecan Drive!  Today is the big reveal of the formal living and dining room.  This area was probably the most damaged.  The original owners had this house built back in the early 60's but … [Read More...]

The Home Tour Continues

Are you ready for an AMAZING transformation?  I couldn't wait to dig into the entryway of this house.  I was SO ready to give it a face lift and make it bright and inviting.  Well, you'll see why once you take a look at the before … [Read More...]

The Brick House on Pecan Drive

Lets get this party started!!!  I have lots of before and after photos to share with you this week of The Brick House on Pecan Drive!  It's super exciting to be done with this project and we are SO ready to get it on the market.  It has been a long … [Read More...]

I’ve Named Our House

Hey there,  it's been awhile since I've been able to post on my website and I'm happy to be back and really writing again!  First, we made the long trip from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to Tyler Texas.  Second, it took awhile as always with a move, to get … [Read More...]

Our Newest Fixer Upper

Our new home and largest "fixer-upper" we've ever tackled is waiting for us to arrive in Tyler Texas!  We are almost completely packed and just waiting for the truck to arrive next week.  We plan to start our 4 day journey to Tyler one week from … [Read More...]