Our House Is Sold

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (4)Homeless once again!!!  After 5 showings and 3 offers, we are under contract on our cute Coeur d’ Alene cottage!  I’m sad to see it go but I’m excited about the future!Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (2)I know the new owners are going to LOVE living here.  Not only is this house adorable, it is also located in a great neighborhood surrounded by awesome neighbors!  We are so close to shopping, entertainment and of-course, the beautiful Coeur d’ Alene lake!Spring 2016 Front Porch (5)If all goes according to plan, we’ll be moving “somewhere” next month after the closing of this house.  I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about going “Tiny” for awhile.  Surely there would be someone close by that would like to rent a little spot of their land to us for awhile so we could park a tiny house.  I think it would be fun for a short period of time while we’re building spec homes and searching for our own perfect place to buy or build.barn-wood-tiny-house-1-7-in-category-home-ideasOK…so maybe NOT this tiny!!!  HahaTiny House Houston16But maybe something like this???IMG_4455+2I could live like this, right?  Anyway, I’m not so sure I’ve convinced my hubby though.  We’ll see what happens!

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (13)Good bye my sweet “Oak Harbor Cottage”!  It’s been dreamy while it lasted and you will be missed!

Oak Harbor Cottage Final Tour

Yes, we finally got all the painting done inside our little cottage and placed it on the market!  We already have our first offer but we’ll see what the weekend brings. I thought it would be fun to give you a final tour but also a couple of little tips that I do to make our homes look pretty and ready for showings.Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (2)The weather is changing just in time.  I was able to spruce up the window box with a few colorful flowers in addition to the greens.  Spring 2016 Front Porch (3)Redecorating the front porch for Spring makes a welcoming invitation to come on in and take a look.Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (43)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (46)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (47)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (48)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (13)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (50)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (3)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (51)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (53)I spent a few minutes reorganizing our pantry to make it presentable.  You know everyone will open this door and take a peek.Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (58)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (57)I always turn on all the lights in the house and turn on the battery operated candles.  It adds a cozy, soft glow.

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (62)We rented a storage unit for all our excess “stuff” and only kept what I needed to stage our home with.Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (6)The master bath is small, so keeping it clean and tidy is the key.

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (35)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (36)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (9)Guest bathroomOak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (37)This bathroom doesn’t get used so I like to play around with decorative towels.  Here I used wash cloths folded accordion style wrapped in hand towels.  Makes a sweet statement without spending any additional money on decorations.Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (38)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (39)I even fold the toilet paper to give a hotel/spa like feel.  (OK, that looks like dust on the holder, but I promise you it’s not!)Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (44)Craft room/3rd bedroomOak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (40)Office/bedroomOak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (41)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (11)Last but not least, the garage!  We added a sink and painted the floors grey.  Just one can of paint finishes a two car garage.  An inexpensive way to beautify a garage!

Christmas Front Porch

Christmas Front Porch (7)We have been having extremely high winds here in the Northwest this year so I had to move things around today on our front porch.  I still wanted it decorate, but the bench needed to be placed up against the house so it won’t fall over if the wind comes back.  I didn’t think I’d like the bench on this side of the door but I actually like it better!  Bonus!!!Christmas Front Porch (6)Our good friends, Tom & Cheri sent us this adorable sign as an early Christmas present.Christmas Front Porch (5)

Christmas Front Porch (15)

Christmas Front Porch (9)I brought the old wagon out from the back porch for the other side of the door.  I’m hoping it will withstand the wind.  Maybe I should put some blocks (or rocks) behind the wheels so it won’t roll away.Christmas Front Porch (11)

Christmas Front Porch (10)

Christmas Front Porch (14)

Christmas Front Porch (12)And this concludes our little Christmas Front Porch tour!  I’m packing tonight for our trip to Boise, ID to spend an early Christmas with our kids and grand-kids.  I can’t wait to see all those little faces!  So excited!!!  Gotta run!!!

Heart of the Home

Heart of the Home ~ Vintage Street Designs (2)The ♥ of the home seems to be the kitchen no matter who’s house you visit.  It’s no different at our house.  We can’t wait for our to get finished.  The range hood is on order and should be here next week.  That’s going to make a world of difference.  Then we’ll be on the home stretch, with not much left to do.  But in the meantime, life goes on.  Valentine’s Day is on it’s way so added just a little bit of sweetness to this space too.  Heart of the Home ~ Vintage Street Designs (5)My husband was especially excited about the colorful straws and mustache napkins I found at Hobby Lobby.Heart of the Home ~ Vintage Street Designs (3)I bought just one strand of this heart garland at the Dollar Store so I wouldn’t have to get rid of my little trees in the kitchen.  They just seem to fit right in with the farmhouse theme we have going on.  Now  they’ve switched from Christmas Trees to Valentine Trees.  I think I’ll just keep changing them with the seasons!Heart of the Home ~ Vintage Street Designs (7)I cut the garland to fit the length I needed for each tree and still had plenty left over to use elsewhere.Heart of the Home ~ Vintage Street Designs (14)I couldn’t put our reindeer mugs we got for Christmas away either.  We got a set of them from my husband’s little sister.  She’s just 12 years old.  She couldn’t have picked a better gift for the two of us.  I LOVE coffee and Dave LOVES hot chocolate.  Good job Alicia!!!  We love you!Heart of the Home ~ Vintage Street Designs (13)

Heart of the Home ~ Vintage Street Designs (9)I picked up this little vase  while I was at Hobby Lobby.  It was only $3.00 and I found it in the wedding section.Heart of the Home ~ Vintage Street Designs (10)I wasn’t sure where I was going to put it but I had to have it!  I filled with pebbles I already had at home to keep the little hearts in place.  I think some soap or sponges would look cute in the tray as well but I don’t have any pretty ones for display at the moment so I’ll keep watch when I’m out and about.Heart of the Home ~ Vintage Street Designs (12)I hope you’re keeping warm this winter while still enjoying the beauty of this season.

Blessings ~ Judy

Touches Of Christmas In The Kitchen

Christmas Home Tour 2014 ~ Vintage Street Designs (43)As most of you know, we are in the middle of renovating the kitchen in our 100 year old Craftsman we recently moved into.  All construction has stopped for the holidays.  Whew…we get a much needed break.  I still wanted to add a touch of Christmas into the kitchen even though it’s not done yet.   Are you having a big family gathering at your house this year?  This is the first time we’ve lived in the same town as my family so they’re all coming over on Christmas Day.  Tonight, we are all going to my cousin’s house with all the extended family and friends.  So happy to be spending this holiday season with all of them as we celebrate our Saviors birth.Christmas Home Tour 2014 ~ Vintage Street Designs (20)I picked up these little trees wrapped in burlap at Target for just $3.00 each.Christmas Home Tour 2014 ~ Vintage Street Designs (21)

Christmas Home Tour 2014 ~ Vintage Street Designs (24)

Christmas Home Tour 2014 ~ Vintage Street Designs (18)These are new mugs we bought for ourselves while we were out Christmas shopping for others.  Mine is the “Perk Up” and my hubs is “Relax”.  We always have our eye out for pretty and practical white dishes, etc…for display on our open shelving.Christmas Home Tour 2014 ~ Vintage Street Designs (19)

Christmas Home Tour 2014 ~ Vintage Street Designs (5)Oh yeah, we also couldn’t resist a set (or two) of these bowls.Christmas Home Tour 2014 ~ Vintage Street Designs (39)Christmas Home Tour 2014 ~ Vintage Street Designs (27)I hung my cow head over our temporary pantry and just added some pretty greenery on top.Christmas Home Tour 2014 ~ Vintage Street Designs (25)I thought it needed a little bell around it’s neck for a festive touch.Christmas Home Tour 2014 ~ Vintage Street Designs (31)We picked up the star of Texas while visiting there earlier this year.Christmas Home Tour 2014 ~ Vintage Street Designs (34)When I took these pictures, we had just hung up the metal rack.  It now houses additional coats and scarves.  I don’t know if it’s going to stay here permanently, but it’s sure coming in handy right now.Christmas Home Tour 2014 ~ Vintage Street Designs (55)Are you addicted to pretty napkins like I am?  I love the “chalk board look” these having going on.Christmas Home Tour 2014 ~ Vintage Street Designs (52)Sorry for the darkness of this photo.  I just couldn’t get a bright picture no matter angle I was coming from.  I still wanted you to see how I added a few wreaths and some vintage Santa mugs to our shelves.  My husband has had these mugs since he was a little boy.  So sweet!Christmas Home Tour 2014 ~ Vintage Street Designs (48)Merry Christmas from Vintage Street Designs 2014We were especially blessed this year to be able to spend an early Christmas with all our kids and grandchildren in Boise ID last week.  We had the BEST time.  We are a blended family full of love and I just couldn’t help myself…there were a few tears of joy (and I’m not one to cry).  It surprised both our girls and made them cry too. It’s hard to explain in words just how special it was.  Our youngest son flew in from Philly and the rest live within a few miles of each other.  We have three beautiful grandchildren and another one on the way (It’s A Girl).  We are so thankful for each one and love them all so very much.  My prayer is that you will be surrounded by those you love with Christmas and may God richly bless you in the coming new year!!!

Merry Christmas ~ Judy

The Other Guest Room Re-Design

Guest Room Re-Design (19)I’ve been wanting to share this guest room makeover for weeks, but with the move I’m still not quite caught up.  This is a continuation of my clients Dick & Jeanene’s whole house decorating project.  I shared their black and white guest room earlier.  You can see it here.Guest Room Re-Design (16)In this room, it was important to have a place to display Jeanene’s Dr. Pepper collection.  They already owned this library cabinet that was filled with books for their grandchildren so we decided to convert it into the Dr. Pepper display case.  I brought it home with me for a few days and painted it in Vintage White and added new crystal knobs.  It looks like a whole new cabinet now.Guest Room Re-Design (3)Here’s another angle of it.Guest Room Re-Design (20)The gorgeous curtain rod was found at JC Penney and I picked up the simple white curtain from Ikea.Guest Room Re-Design (10)And do you remember this dresser?  This was another piece I had brought home with me to do a little painting magic.  Jeanene’s great, she just lets me do whatever I want…she loves surprises.  She had no idea what I had planned for this piece, other than the color it was going to be.Guest Room Re-Design (11)

Guest Room Re-Design (22)My hubby and I made the headboard out of a vintage door Jeanene originally had leaning up in the corner of the room.

Guest Room Re-Design (4)This sign is hung by the door knob that used to be attached to the door.

Guest Room Re-Design (14)The metal wall art also used to be attached to the top of the door.  We re-purposed every piece, even the shelf that hung on it, is now used elsewhere in their home.

Guest Room Re-Design (6)Jeanene took a painting class from me and updated several accent pieces in the room by painted them with Vintage White and lightly distressing.

Guest Room Re-Design (7)Didn’t she do a GREAT job?

Guest Room Re-Design (17)A wall grouping was made out of vintage prints in gold frames.

Guest Room Re-Design (18)

Guest Room Re-Design (5)These pretty fill-able lamps were found at Walmart, believe it or not!  And the shades I got from Lamps Plus.  Most of the bedding came from Stein Mart.  I wish I had a before photo for you but we were so excited about the makeovers of both guest rooms, nobody thought to take pictures before we got started.  Since their house is a new build, there was no painting or remodeling that had to be done.

I’m missing Dick and Jeanene.  They had become wonderful friends too.  I miss our lunches at Big Budda in Surprise.  Always a fun day of decorating when going to their house!!!  I can’t thank them enough for trusting me with all their decorating needs.

A Peek Inside The Guest Room

Monday was an EXCITING day!  My clients, Dick & Jeanene are getting ready for guests to arrive and wanted to finish decorating the guest rooms in their lovely home.  They commissioned me to help with this task and I was more than happy to do so.  They are such a delight to work with.  They are both hands-on and ready to help me every step of the way.  Dick was such a trooper… hanging curtain rods, measuring, lifting the heavy stuff, etc…  Jeanene and I have such similar taste that we pretty much agree on everything.  And of-coarse, we took a break in the afternoon to go to our favorite Chinese Restaurant for lunch located near there house.  We always make the most out of our time spent together.Black & White Guest Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (3)I’m sharing just a peak into the Black & White Guest Room today.  There are a few more items that need to be finished up before the final photo shoot.  This is the room I talked them into decorating black & white with pops of green.  Jeanene and I both had fun shopping and then revealing all the treasures we each had found.  We mixed them all together and creating this gorgeous space.Black & White Guest Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (16)Do you recognize those green legs?  This is the chair I color matched using CeCe Caldwell’s Paints.  Looks perfect with all the other touches.Black & White Guest Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (18)My client salvaged this old picture frame by  sanding off the pink roses that were once decoupaged down the center, painted it with CeCe’s Vintage White, gave it to me and I painted the lettering “Be Our Guest”.  This now hangs above the green chair.  A GREAT SAVE!!!Black & White Guest Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (14)OK…what do you think so far?  Pretty huh?

I’ll probably go back next week to finish everything up and will be ready to share the final reveal of both guest rooms.  I wouldn’t mind being guest in either room, it would be difficult to choose.



Cleaning House & Custom Orders

I’ve been up since 6:30 am working on custom orders from the JITT Vintage Market last Saturday!  The “Junk Queen” Blocks SOLD OUT all but one, thank goodness ’cause we don’t have anymore cut, so I’m turning the last one into “Junk Princess” painting it in CeCe Caldwell’s Minnesota Pink Lady Slipper.  Ooh la la!!!Booth #40 Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market ~ Vintage Street Designs (6)The other signs I’m creating today are the ever-so-popular Established Signs!  These are so fun to make and so special.  I’m hanging small children’s plaques with names and dates to one of them by chain links.  Can’t wait to see how this one turns out.  If you have a moment, please say a prayer for this family.  The mom’s name is Jayne and she’s battling cancer.  It’s been an on-going difficult fight and she still has a long road ahead of her.SAM_5140Eeks!!!  My craft room has blown up!  Here’s my project for the day!SAM_5143Oh wait…my garage blew up too!  As my husband left for work today, he said he wants everything to be put away and cleaned up by the time he gets home tonight!  Haha!  He’s got such a sense of humor!SAM_5145On a good note, our guest bathroom is back and no longer my paint station.  Whew!  Just this alone, lifts a lot of weight off my shoulders.  Guests are now, once again WELCOME!!!

OK…ready, set, GO!  I’m off to clean & organize!  Have a GREAT day!!!

Valentine Living Room Reveal

Our Valentine Living Room Reveal (13)If this is your first time here or if you’re a returning guest, welcome!  Come on in and stay a while.  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the tour.Our Valentine Living Room Reveal (15)

Our Valentine Living Room Reveal (14)

Our Valentine Living Room Reveal (17)I continued with adding a bit of sparkle to the space like I did in our dining room.  To view the dining room click here.

Our Valentine Living Room Reveal (20)

Our Valentine Living Room Reveal (19)

Our Valentine Living Room (3)

Our Valentine Living Room (5)

Our Valentine Living Room Reveal (1)

Our Valentine Living Room Reveal (2)

Our Valentine Living Room Reveal (3)I had to hurry and take these photos before my husband ate all the jelly beans.

Our Valentine Living Room Reveal (9)

Our Valentine Living Room Reveal (8)

Our Valentine Living Room Reveal (6)Placed these red sparkling berries on branches adding a bit of romance to our mantel.

Our Valentine Living Room Reveal (5)Replaced the Christmas trees that once graced our candle sticks with candles and ribbon.

Our Little Entryway Re-design  (1)A little re-design of our entryway.

Our Valentine Living Room Reveal (11)

A Bookshelf Makeover (1)

A Bookshelf Makeover (2)

A Bookshelf Makeover (3)LOVE my grand-babies!!!  Can never have too many pictures of these sweet faces.

A Bookshelf Makeover (4)

A Bookshelf Makeover (5)

Do you have plans for the big day yet?  We are members of Theater Works in Peoria so we’ve already reserved our tickets for the play “Mama won’t Fly” that night.  We’ll go for an early dinner first.  My hubs is such a romantic!  ♥

Thanks so much for stopping by.



Our Valentine Front Entry

Again, without spending any money I shopped our garage for things that could spruce up the entrance to our home for Valentine’s Day.  I found a few more sprigs of red berries and the large vintage ironing board I knew I could do something with.SAM_3060I painted this ironing board with chalkboard paint for Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market in November but it didn’t make it on the trunk.  We just ran out of room.  I’m glad I got to put it to use!

SAM_3059So my husband was making fun of me and said my bee looks like an ant with wings.  He’s such a stinker!

SAM_3056Next time I’ll use a stencil for my lettering now that I’ve got a Cameo Silhouette.  I’m still just learning the basics of the machine but I can’t wait to do lots of new projects with it.

SAM_3055Saturday while we working out in the yard, I barely touched the sprinkler system and it broke.  Water went spraying EVERYWHERE!!!  Dave and I both got second showers for the day.  So Dave finished the re-purposing of an old cabinet to cover the sprinkler system and our front courtyard looks so much better now.  Not only that, we have a place to store our hoses out of the way and no one can see them!  Yay!!!  This cabinet only cost 50 cents so it was the perfect candidate to cut a hole in the back and slip over the unsightly water pipes.  It’s probably not the exact style of cabinet I would choose for this space but hey, for 50 cents…I can make it work!!!

Condo Prior Demolition

I took some shots of our little condo pre-demolition so you could see what an ugly duckling it is!  But…not to worry, I have a vision!  We are determined to make it SO CUTE that no one will be able to resist her when she’s finished!!!  As a review, I’m adding a few of my inspiration rooms so you can see what the ultimate goal is with this project!

Sun Room/2nd Bedroom Inspiration

RMS_Sunroom-white-couch-wood-antique-table_s4x3_lgHere’s what it looks like now↓

8We’ll be adding a solid door leading to the golf cart parking!

9Door to the left leads to the hallway, slider leads to the master bedroom and door on the right leads to the garage.

Master Bedroom Inspiration↓

DH2013_Guest-Suite-Bedroom-01-Guest-Bedroom-FINAL_s4x3_lgAnd now↓

7Kitchen Inspiration↓

sh13_01-kitchen-hero_4x3_lgIt’s a little scary now↓


1Laundry Room Inspiration↓

And now↓

3Laundry room inside bi-fold doors.


Living Room Inspiration↓


4We obviously don’t have the fireplace but who needs it in Arizona right?  The ceiling fan is all that matters!  Haha!

  This complex is located directly across the street from one of six golf courses in Sun City, AZ.  What a beautiful retirement community.  I love visiting the area, you see more golf carts on the road than cars.  LOVE it!  I’m not old enough to live there yet but…someday!

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Demoing starts soon so you’ll be able to follow along with the progress.  It will be sold as a furnished unit and I’ve already picked up a great dining room table with four chairs for just $70.00 I will be refurbishing.   I’ve only been given a $1500.00 budget for furnishings for the entire condo (the price of a sofa at Pottery Barn),  so I will be junkin big time.  I imagine everything but the sofa will be a makeover project.  How exciting is that?  Almost everything in this home will be one-of-a-kind originals by Vintage Street Designs!

All sources for the inspirational photos can be found here.

Happy Monday!


We Got It!!!

Yay!!!  Our offer was accepted on the sweet little investment property I wrote about a few days ago.  You can see all my decorating inspirations for the condo here if you missed it.  Closing date is set for next Thursday so it’s going to be a fast and furious remodel!  I will be videoing and taking lots of pictures along the way with tutorials attached.  Everything from demo to kitchen cabinets, tile and ceiling installations!  Whoohoo…it’s going to be FUN!!!  Can’t wait to get started!
Here’s some before and after photos of an adorable nightstand I just finished ~


It has it’s flaws but just adds to the character don’t ya think?
Then I received an email from a client who was looking for something just like this.  I sent here a picture, added a glass knob from Hobby Lobby and it was out the door to it’s new home!

Say tuned for more exciting news about our condo adventures!  Hope you are having a GREAT week!

Tacky Desk Gets An Elegant Makeover

WOW…what a difference!  From tacky yellow with decals to an elegant blue and white with crystal knobs!




And now↓

When I saw this desk…I just knew I had to have it and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it!  I painted the base in white then slightly distressed with a mix of clear and dark wax.  For the top I chose Smokey Slate from Behr.  I brushed a clear wax on the drawers and finished off the top with three coats of Minwax Clear Satin Poly.

 I picked up these crystal knobs from Hobby Lobby.  They added a beautiful softer finish than the original knobs to complete the makeover.


This sweet little desk would be perfect as a writing desk or a vanity.  I have several chairs in stock so you know what I’ll be doing tomorrow…there will be a chair to match this desk by tomorrow evening!  Yay!


Did you notice my daisy bushes?  They have already grown so big and full and they smell so good!  A great way to meet all my guests as they walk up to our front door!  LOVE it!  You have to understand that I do NOT have a green thumb at all, so this is really exciting to have plants that are thriving!


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Our Little Condo Remodel…

Yesterday I took a drive with my hubs to look at a couple of condos to purchase.  We love finding homes that have been neglected and breathing new life into them.  Once they are fixed up like new, we furnish them and they are placed back up on the market.  We found a really sweet one today, one bedroom, one bath with a sun room/guest room.  It’s located in a quiet, beautiful community.  Need to do a little more research but hopefully we’ll be making an offer on Monday.  I’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime, I thought I would look around online for a little inspiration.  The entire kitchen, laundry and bath will be a total gut and remodel.  Other than that, just a little paint and new floor coverings and it will be good to go.

Here’s a few ideas I found.  I would be happy to hear what you think.

The entire condo is approx. 1000 square feet and we’ll be on a tight budget for this project.  I would like to add some color splashes and keep everything light and bright.  This is my living room inspiration, minus the fireplace.  Source

Master bedroom inspiration.  It’s a large room and a ceiling fan is a must here in AZ.  Yes, I’m a little sad I can’t install a chandelier.  Source

Here’s a couple of bathroom ideas.  It’s an extremely small bathroom and only has a 5″ shower but that’s a good thing since it’s a retirement community.  I will be tackling all the tile work myself for the very first time ever!  I’ve helped my brother a little but that’s about the extent of it!  Source

This kitchen is a little more elaborate then what we’ll be able to do but I think I can pull of the “design on a dime” version!  Source

Mostly take note of the small table and chairs.  The dining space can only be located off to one side of the living room.  Oh know…I lost the source for this photo.  I had a million windows open and somehow this one disappeared.  If I find it, I’ll come back and add it.

Laundry room must have a stackable washer and dryer. There is enough room for some cabinets and shelves though and it’s located right off the kitchen.  Source

 We would add a closet in the sun room so that it could be considered a second bedroom.  This is the only room that the flooring will be staying, it is covered with 12″ tile.  My thought is to furnish it with a sofa sleeper.  Everyone loves their sun rooms here so I think this would be the most practical solution.  There is a small patio off this room as well.  Source

Here’s a another more sophisticated look for the sun room by Adventures In Decorating.  Such a beautiful space!

I did let my husband know today I’ll be stopping every few minutes during the remodel to take pictures.  He said he was totally OK with that.  If we don’t get this condo, we’ll get the next, so it’s just a matter of time.  So glad he got his real estate licence here, it really speeds up the process!  I’m getting excited!!!

Paris Grey Is Back In The House

I am so happy to have some ASCP Paris Grey in the house!!!  Absolutely LOVE this color, always have and probably always will.  This little desk set did not come together but so many of my customers/clients want desks to use as vanities and I thought these would all look stunning together.  Fit for a princess, or a queen!
So do you want to see the before pics?
Not bad, but knew they could be so much more.
Such sweet details on this chair.  It made it just that much more fun to paint.

My husband carefully pulled off the old upholstery so I could use it as a pattern.  It all went together without a hitch.

I painted a coat of white on each piece first and then painted with Paris Grey.  I distressed with a damp cloth to expose some white and then used clear wax on everything but the top of the desk.  I put three layers of clear satin poly on the top of the desk for long lasting durability.  

 Our house is now getting lined with furniture as I finish each piece from the garage.  Three more weeks until the show and there is a lot more to do.  Pretty soon we’ll barely be able to move about.  I’m getting exciting for the show though, it’s always so much fun.  Just ordered a furniture stamp today with my logo on it and asked for a quote on t-shirts.  Anyway, it’s almost time to go finish the next painting project I have going so until next time…HUGS to all of you!