Master Bedroom Retreat

20171023_162650The Master Retreat…FINALLY!!!  After sleeping in two other bedrooms of this house, we’ve finally moved into the master bedroom!  Although as you know, it will be short lived since the our home is under contract and will be closing in just a few weeks.

This was really an exciting adventure to transform this space.  The original layout included two walk-in closets and a tiny master bath.  You will see in the following “before” photos what it used to look like.  Enjoy the tour!!!before 1The doors you see here are the his & her’s walk-in closets.  When we demoed this room, we saved the shutters to put back once we gave them a fresh coat of white paint.before 3We knocked down the wall between the closet on the left and the existing bathroom to enlarge the bathroom.20171023_162106While the bathroom was open to the studs, we moved the opening and added a barn door built my hubs.  The reclaimed barn wood came from the cabin we deconstructed at Spirit Lake in Idaho.  I SO wish I could take it with me.  We have more of the wood but I’m not sure we have enough to make another barn door.before 2The previous owner had a built-in vanity in the bedroom.  I can understand why, since the bathroom was so small.  What do think of those wall sconces???  We saved the mirror and re-purposed it for the bathroom by having it cut down to make two smaller mirrors over the vanity sinks.  The glass company did it for FREE.  How awesome is that!!!20171006_170846This is what that corner looks like now without the built-in.  It would also make a great place for a comfy chair for a reading nook or in my case, a place to look at decorating magazines, house plans and dream!

20171006_170857See, I already have my stack of magazines ready to go!!!  Haha!

20171023_162633Another view of the room which leads back out to the rest of the house or to the patio.20171006_170633

20171023_162601So, when it came time to decorate the master I had to do a little shopping.  I needed a large area rug on a very slim budget.  Luckily we have the At Home store in Tyler and I picked up this rug for about $100.00.  I needed new bedding but since we weren’t going to be staying in this house I wasn’t sure what I really wanted.  So, I just went back to Stein Mart and purchased another white coverlet like what I had bought from there before and new pillow shams.  I traced out the headboard and my husband built it.  I painted it white and sanded it back for some distressing.20171006_170722I got on a pillow kick, and made a bunch of pillows to display around the house before we listed it.  It was so fun and I can’t wait to make more.  I always use Ikea pillow forms.  They are so plump and fill the cases so perfectly.  FYI:  I make my pillow covers 1″ smaller than the pillow form.20171006_170756Here’s another closeup view of the rug.  It still hasn’t laid down completely flat yet but it’s almost there.  When we pack up to move we’ll roll it up differently and that should help.20171023_162045It’s so nice to have the laminate flooring continue into the master.  We painted the walls a light gray and trim in bright white.  Sources and colors are listed below for the entire room.  If  you ever have any questions, I’m happy to help and share information.

Today I was working for a new client who owns a very large historical home.  It’s over double the size of our house but just a few blocks away and in similar condition to this one when we first bought it.  I sat down with a kitchen designer this morning to draw up a rendering for a new kitchen and also picked out new flooring for the entire house.  My hubs and I also met with a painter to paint the interior and exterior of the over 6000 sq. ft. home.  This will be an exciting challenge for staging it to sell.  I’ll bring y’all along with us on this journey if they agree to all our plans!


  • Area Rug:  At Home Store
  • Laminate Flooring:  Sam’s Club
  • Barn Door:  DIY
  • Headboard:  DIY
  • Bench:  Previously Owned
  • Bedding:  Stein Mart
  • Pillows:  DIY
  • Interior Doors:  Home Depot
  • Dresser:  Vintage
  • Side Table:  Vintage
  • Table Lamp:  Vintage
  • Black Ceiling Fan:  Home Depot Online
  • Rise and Shine Sign:  The Sign Factory (Vintage Street Designs)
  • Barn Door Hardware:  Amazon
  • Black & White Rain Boots:  Costco
  • Wall Paint:  SW Repose Gray
  • Trim Paint:  SW Extra White

New Bedding Inspiration

It’s that time again!  Time for a re-fresh in our master bedroom.  We left Arizona in 2014 and I had purchased our bedding at Stein Mart while living there.  We still love it, but after all our moves and many washings…it’s looking a bit tired.  Not that anyone tell at just a glance, but we can.  I have the option of purchasing the same quilt and shams from Stein Mart online inexpensively or going with something different.  My hubs and I still want to stick with whites and creams.  It gives the most versatility with adding accents from season to season.  As you know, we are still in search of our forever destination and home to set down roots (before we get much older preferable).  We are SO ready to get back into a shop where we can create once again and open back up our online sign factory as well as implement our new expansion ideas.  We look forward to what 2017 will bring!Master-Bedroom-30This photo was taken of our bedroom right after we purchased the bedding in AZ.  I miss our little desert cottage.  You can see more of this room here.

536393a8cc5b44bb656eb791e5252dd5 (1)I really love the skirting on this bed and all the layering.  It just looks warm and cozy!


a9aadc28970f3ef9d885703f64480908Again, I think it’s the layering that appeals to me with this bedroom plus all the textures and patterns.


33e9af620176cd229583f7ce5c12f4cbGotta say…the ceiling and chandelier mostly catch my eye in this space!  We are hoping to find an old farmhouse to remodel or build a new “old” farmhouse on acreage.  It’s our newest dream and goal that we’re working and planning for.  Here’s to dreams coming true in the new year!!!  This is something we’ve been praying about for quite sometime.  It’s difficult to be torn between making another move away from family and pursuing our dream for the lifestyle we desire.  If we move, there will always be an added expense for traveling and I need to feel at peace with leaving my parents in their new home at the “Adult Family Home”.  I know they are well taken care of and their space is beautiful.  They are fed delicious meals everyday and have 24 hour staff on hand if needed.  But, that being said, they are still having a difficult time settling into the fact that they are no longer mobile.  They are used to going out everyday, even if it’s just to Costco for a Mocha Freeze.  They enjoy being on the move!


3eda1ad1c071bf18c058b4823ad07268I’m not sure if I can handle all the wrinkles in this inspiration but I still really love this look!  Maybe for a guest room in our future “farmhouse”!  Wouldn’t this be a fun way to welcome our guests?  Full of fluffy pillows with a vintage flair!  Would love to hear what you think?  Which inspiration is your favorite or do you prefer what we have now?


I would also like to hear what you think regarding moving from my parents to pursue our future goals???  It’s a hard one, but my hubs has been so great to come back to help them out and live through 3 more seasons of snow (which he dreads every year).  Love my family so, so much and wish we all could live somewhere warm together!  But, they enjoy living in the Northwest and experiencing the 4 seasons of the year.  We long to be back where it is warm year-round.

Black And White Guest Room Reveal

Black & White Guest Room (21)I’ve been so anxious to show you the finished results of my client’s Black & White Guest Room but I had to wait until our internet was up and running again.  It’s been a crazy busy week of moving from Arizona to Washington.  Tonight will be our first night in our rental condo.  It’s really a beautiful place but we’ll only be here until the end of September so it’s more like a base of operations than a home.  Not much decorating will be happening here.  It’s OK though…we have a gorgeous view of the golf course right outside our living/dining room where we have our computer desks set up.  I know, it doesn’t sound very “interior design” savvy but we just couldn’t see sitting in the back spare room all day and waste this view.  Anyway, things are going GREAT.  Just anxious to find our next “Fixer Upper” here in Spokane so I can get back to what I love ~ decorating!!!  My parents are elated to have us here and I’ve already begun to invade their barn with all my paint, etsy and ebay wares as well as piles of wood for painted signs.

OK…that’s enough about our move for today.  Lets get back to this stunning guest room!Black & White Guest Room (20)These curtains are what held up the final photo shoot.  I had to finish them!  My client’s, Dick & Jeanene had us over for dessert before we left Arizona and I finished up the final touches in both of their guest rooms.  We didn’t get to every room of their home as planned but we came close.  This room was the one I pushed for.  It was truly a blank slate so I asked if I could make it a black and white room with green accents.  They were a bit hesitant but ultimately agreed.  I’m so glad they did.  It was SO much fun!  This is the room that sits at the end of their hallway so this window is what you see first.  I wanted it to be full of interest and beauty.Black & White Guest Room (19)The sign was a rescue owned by Jeanene.  She stripped the roses that were once decoupaged in the middle and painted it white.  She gave it to me to paint the lettering.  A GREAT save!!!Black & White Guest Room (18)Every window in their home has to have custom drapes made.  Regular store bought sized do not fit.  I was lucky enough to design and make all the bedroom drapes.  I went shopping with Jeanene to pick out the material for their office window but didn’t have enough time to make them.  I referred a friend for the task.  Can’t wait to see how they turn out.Black & White Guest Room (8)Jeanene and I both did some shopping and ended up with bags and bags of goodies.  We mixed them all together and whala… we ended up with an amazing space to welcome special guests.  The black adjustable table lamp was found at Target.  The black and white chevron monogram pillow I found at Kirkland’s.  I made the pillow that matches the curtains, the feather pillow form came from Ikea.  The white mirror came from Home Goods.  Bedding was purchased at Stein Mart.Black & White Guest Room (23)One spool was painted white but the other’s we opted to leave natural to blend with the other natural wood antiques in the room.Black & White Guest Room (13)Opposite of the bed sits this dresser, perfect for an additional place to display pretty treasures.  Jeanene plans to hang quilts or throws on the ladder leaning against the corner.Black & White Guest Room (15)

Black & White Guest Room (2)Hope you enjoyed the tour.  If you love this room, wait ’til you see the next one!  I’ll be sharing Dick and Jeanene’s second guest room very soon!

Until next time…

Marble Top Console

My poor husband, I’m truly NOT trying to break his back but I just can’t resist some pieces!  Look at the marble top on this console, who could pass this up?  I’m just sayin’!


Luckily the marble is removable for easier travel.  I knew I had to paint this piece in grey and white.  As much as I love the original knobs, I can also visualize this piece with crystal knobs for an even more feminine touch.  This would be gorgeous placed at the foot of a bed or used as a TV console.  There is ample storage inside as well.  Thanks sweetie for letting me bring her home!


This is another one of those treasures that are difficult to photograph since it’s so, so big and heavy.  Seriously, you should see our house right now.  There are finished furniture pieces lining every wall in every room.  I’m excited for the market but I’ll be glad to get my house back!  It’s a crazy time at the Ainger’s right now!


The marble is in such perfect condition.  Can you see why I just couldn’t resist?SAM_4355

This console measures in at 5′ wide, 18″deep and 21 1/2″ high.SAM_4354

Hope you have an absolute wonderful weekend!  

Blessings ~ Judy

We Got It!!!

Yay!!!  Our offer was accepted on the sweet little investment property I wrote about a few days ago.  You can see all my decorating inspirations for the condo here if you missed it.  Closing date is set for next Thursday so it’s going to be a fast and furious remodel!  I will be videoing and taking lots of pictures along the way with tutorials attached.  Everything from demo to kitchen cabinets, tile and ceiling installations!  Whoohoo…it’s going to be FUN!!!  Can’t wait to get started!
Here’s some before and after photos of an adorable nightstand I just finished ~


It has it’s flaws but just adds to the character don’t ya think?
Then I received an email from a client who was looking for something just like this.  I sent here a picture, added a glass knob from Hobby Lobby and it was out the door to it’s new home!

Say tuned for more exciting news about our condo adventures!  Hope you are having a GREAT week!

Tacky Desk Gets An Elegant Makeover

WOW…what a difference!  From tacky yellow with decals to an elegant blue and white with crystal knobs!




And now↓

When I saw this desk…I just knew I had to have it and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it!  I painted the base in white then slightly distressed with a mix of clear and dark wax.  For the top I chose Smokey Slate from Behr.  I brushed a clear wax on the drawers and finished off the top with three coats of Minwax Clear Satin Poly.

 I picked up these crystal knobs from Hobby Lobby.  They added a beautiful softer finish than the original knobs to complete the makeover.


This sweet little desk would be perfect as a writing desk or a vanity.  I have several chairs in stock so you know what I’ll be doing tomorrow…there will be a chair to match this desk by tomorrow evening!  Yay!


Did you notice my daisy bushes?  They have already grown so big and full and they smell so good!  A great way to meet all my guests as they walk up to our front door!  LOVE it!  You have to understand that I do NOT have a green thumb at all, so this is really exciting to have plants that are thriving!


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Paris Grey Is Back In The House

I am so happy to have some ASCP Paris Grey in the house!!!  Absolutely LOVE this color, always have and probably always will.  This little desk set did not come together but so many of my customers/clients want desks to use as vanities and I thought these would all look stunning together.  Fit for a princess, or a queen!
So do you want to see the before pics?
Not bad, but knew they could be so much more.
Such sweet details on this chair.  It made it just that much more fun to paint.

My husband carefully pulled off the old upholstery so I could use it as a pattern.  It all went together without a hitch.

I painted a coat of white on each piece first and then painted with Paris Grey.  I distressed with a damp cloth to expose some white and then used clear wax on everything but the top of the desk.  I put three layers of clear satin poly on the top of the desk for long lasting durability.  

 Our house is now getting lined with furniture as I finish each piece from the garage.  Three more weeks until the show and there is a lot more to do.  Pretty soon we’ll barely be able to move about.  I’m getting exciting for the show though, it’s always so much fun.  Just ordered a furniture stamp today with my logo on it and asked for a quote on t-shirts.  Anyway, it’s almost time to go finish the next painting project I have going so until next time…HUGS to all of you!

Chalkboards, Chicken Wire & Burlap

It was time!  Time for what, you ask?  Time to line up all the fun frames I had stored in the garage and give them their long awaited makeovers!
I used everything from Gesso to Chalk Paint and Aging Wax on some of the frame finishes, others I just left in their vintage patina.
 I took my handsome handyman with me down to my space at Furniture Affair and he cheerfully hung them all up on the walls for me.  (I took him out for lunch afterwards.)

Did some rearranging in the space while we were there.
 I just LOVE the little wooden memo clips.  I always like to print out some old photographs or vintage postcards for display.
 I forgot my chalk so I’ll need to make another trip down to add some graphics to my chalkboards.
 If you live in the area, you’ll have to make a trip to Furniture Affair and see all the changes being made.  Walls are being added and the whole store is being rearranged.  Lots of exciting stuff happening!
Hope you are all having a fabulous week!

Yikes, I’ve Created A Monster…

I’m sure you’ve all seen the Beach Inspired Chippy Blue Side Table I painted for a client, but if you haven’t here’s the link.  My husband and I liked it so much that we recreated it for our guest room.  So the other day while I was busy with another project, my husband decided to do the same treatment on yet another table to take to Market this month.

I think I’m about out of this blue paint!  He loves highly distressing ’cause he can’t mess up then, it’s the anything goes approach.  He doesn’t have the patience or steady hand for detail work (painting details that is).

No, Miss Mustard Seed did not pay me to advertise her book (my Mother-in-law bought me for Christmas), I just thought it looked good on the table for the photo shoot!

How many blue chippy tables can one have in their home?  It really fits nicely in this spot and I need something here.  I might have to forget to load it on the truck.

I think I better line some more paint colors up for the hubs so he has a variety to choose from the next time he wants to help.  I just LOVE him so much!!!

Curbside Rescue Transformation

I have been hearing of so many successful curbside rescues from bloggers all over the world but it’s something I had just never done…until now!

My husband and I went out for a bike ride and just as we were heading home we noticed pieces of dresser sitting along side the curb.  We immediately came to a stop since it’s exactly the style of dresser that catches my eye.  While I stood guard, my hubs peddled his bike around the corner to our house and grabbed the pickup.  Soon we had all the pieces loaded and we brought it home with us.

Here’s a few before photos↓



As you can see she was in pretty rough shape but other than the bottom drawer, it was completely salvageable.  Yay!!!  So I asked my husband to cut a shelf to replace where the drawer once had been.  He did, and after tightening it all up it was ready for its makeover.


Look at it now…




 Thoroughly cleaned the entire dresser then I rubbed in beeswax on the top and painted the remainder of the dresser white.  Once the paint was dry, I heavily distressed with my power sander.
 The pulls were not anything to write home about, so I replaced them with these glass knobs.  A much softer, delicate look.


I was going to pick up a basket or two for the shelf, but before I could get to the store our sweet neighbor from across the street stopped by.  She saw the dresser and knew it was meant for her.  She’s only 25 years old, owns her own home, works and goes to school full-time.  Yep, she has earned the “Good Neighbor Discount” for this beauty.  
Funny how things workout.  This dresser went from one neighbor to another to another.  I guess it was meant to stay in our neighborhood!!!

All-in-all, I think my first dumpster dive was a HUGE success!  Can’t wait to do it again!

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Chalk Paint To The Rescue!

What a beautiful start to the new week after a blessed weekend spent at Living Proof Live with Beth Moore!  I attended this fabulous event with my dear friend Kim.  If you ever get the chance to see Beth live, I definitely recommend it!

Today I finished a few projects and started a couple more!  Remember, I have a whole garage full again and a Vintage Market coming up next month that I’m getting ready for.  They are always so much fun.  I LOVE getting to visit with past and new customers (friends).

One of the projects I finished today was actually at Furniture Affair in Phoenix.  Last week I painted this amoire with fresh new chalk paint from CeCe Caldwell’s collection.  I used Vintage White and Seattle Mist to cover up the red, black and white that it was previously painted. 

So, I’m not going to lie ~ this thing took a lot of paint to cover up the red and black.  It took me two full days to complete it and felt like I spent most of the time with my head (and body) inside the cabinet.  Thankfully I had some muscle to help lift and move it around for me to make it a little easier to paint!  That being said, it was well worth the effort!  What a gorgeous piece of furniture it is now!  Wouldn’t it be a beautiful spot to display quilts?  The doors fold all the way back and tuck in neatly to the sides of the cabinet so the options are endless!

It separates into two pieces for easy transport!

I had to run back down today to paint the shelves…you know how you always set a few pieces to a project aside to paint later and of-coarse forget about them?  Or at-least, that’s what I always do!  Oops!  Drawers the worst for me!  Haha!  Anyway, it’s all put together now and how beautiful is this?  Chalk paint has come to the rescue once again!

I wish you a week filled with joy!

Chicken Wire Cabinet

Hope you are enjoying your day!  I’m actually taking the day off from painting.  The hubs and I went to a few vintage shops this morning then out for lunch.  We finished up by stopping off to look at cabinet and floor options for clients.  I could spend all day looking at that stuff!!!

Several months ago, we picked up a huge roll of chicken wire for $1.00 at an auction.  It continues to come in handy.  This sweet little cabinet had been damaged so Dave knocked out the centers of the door fronts and replaced them with wire.  It’s so fun!


And here it is now.  I used Vintage White and Dustin Golf Green chalk paint and then distressed with a damp cloth.  Once that was finished, I used a mixture of clear and dark for some aging and protection.

 I’m going to sell the mirror and chest separately so there are options.  This set would be great for a small foyer.  Or…have you seen all the little party bars that are floating around Pinterest?  Let’s see ~ Hot Chocolate Bar, Cupcake Bar, Banana Split Bar, just to name a few!  You could even use clothes pins to attach pictures onto the wire of an honored guest at the party!

 I replaced the original knobs with clear glass knobs but decided I liked the original better.  They are unique and match the other hardware.

 What project are you working on right now?

An Artist “friend of mine” just gave me a couple of boxes of unfinished picture frames.  Hmm…I need to put on my creative thinking cap and decide how I want to use them and what color I should paint them!

3 Fireplace Mantel Makeovers using Chalk Paint & Wax

How fun is this???  I recently had the pleasure of being commissioned to makeover not one, but three fireplace mantels!  The owners of this beautiful Tuscan Style home just happen to be my cousins.  They moved here last year from Canada and I’m so happy to have them living so close.  So although they love their new home, they were not the ones that chose all the finishing touches in it.  They have already made several changes including wall colors, but felt like the fireplaces were just a little blah.   This is where I came into the picture, and I was happy to help!  Here’s a few before and after photos of the transformations.

In The Office

In The Living Room

In The Family Room

This whole process took two full days to complete.  We decided the office was the place to start since they were most anxious to change the color from “baby you know what” to anything else.  (laughing)

I chose CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Paint for this job!
First layer ~ Virginia Chestnut

Second layer ~ Kansas Wheat

Then I distressed by using a damp cloth.

This is where it gets fun but it’s also the most labor intensive.

This is a close up after I finished it off with a mixture of clear and dark wax.

Yahoo!!!  Beautiful and the stain is nowhere to be found!!!
Next, I moved into the living room.  

Randal (man of the house) prefers dark, rich colors so I wanted to bring out the colors in the brick.  I used multiple layers, first Kansas Wheat, then Vintage White and finally Vermont Slate.  After distressed with  several damp cloths, I used a mixture of clear and dark wax to seal and protect.

Oh…and this would be my Supervisor for the job!  Isn’t she the cutest?  Her name is Dalis and she is such a happy baby.  She’s waving to you all, that’s why her hands are blurry!  I think I’m just going to have to schedule some play dates now that work is finished.

It really makes a statement in the room now!  It’s my favorite out of the three!
Next comes the family room fireplace.  This one ends up being Randal’s favorite!

The base color was already a nice color it just didn’t stand out, so I suggested just using dark wax to accent and give it depth.

This was actually more difficult than I thought it would be. The details on the front of this fireplace were so intricate and deep that it was hard to get the wax into every nook and cranny.  Now it’s a focal point in the room instead of just blending into the wall.  By the time I took these pictures, it was pitch black outside so these were the only two pictures that turned out.  Megan (sweet lady of the house) is going to send my some more photos and I’ll add them into this post.

This very special family of three know me so well; they surprised me with a BONUS…gift certificates to Starbucks!  LOVE it (and them)!!!  Thanks guys!!!

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My Funky Little Side Tables

Here’s a style I don’t normally go for… but, I just thought they would be really fun to paint with all their detail.    I decided to use French Grey as a base and then layered it with CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Paint Vintage White.  I highly distressed to bring out all the detail and then brushed on a coat of clear and dark wax mixture for aging.  I thought the pulls were really ugly in their original state so I opted to use the same treatment on them as well.  I LOVE them now!


And there you have it!!!  So glad you stopped by to take a look.  I’m going to work on my next post right now because I’m so excited to show you all the great things we brought home with us…(five pick-up loads)!   Total craziness, I know!!!  Hope you have an AWESOME week!

Switching Places

It’s been a little while since I made the bench that sits at the end of our bed.  We have really come to rely on it; to sit and put on our shoes or even just to place all our accent pillows on it when we go to bed.  A couple of weeks ago, I picked up another bench that I thought would be perfect to redo and place on one side of our dining room farmhouse table.  Once I got it home and set it up to the table, I realized it just wasn’t a good fit. So I painted it, reupholstered it and switched it out with the original bed bench.  I think it is actually going to work out better.  I can slide the bench from the bedroom completely under the table if I need the space since our dining room/kitchen area is quite challenged.  Here’s a few photos along with all the details of what materials I used.

 For the seat; I used a drop cloth my husband purchased at Home Depot for another project.  I still have lots of material left for more projects.  For approximately $6.00, it’s an inexpensive way to reupholster with very durable fabric.
 I really piled on the layers here with CeCe Caldwell’s Chalk Paint.  The original color of the bench was yellow.  I first painted a layer of  Chestnut Brown, then Vintage White and finally Kansas Wheat.  I distressed the entire surface by rubbing it with a damp cloth to expose all the layers, even some of the yellow.  The final step was to wax.  I used a combination of clear and aging wax for just the right effect.

 And here’s a shot of the original bench.  I’m not sure I would have chosen these exact finishes for the dining room but it’s a comfortable, well padded bench and it works!  Now to find the chairs I want for the other side of the table.  (Smiles)