Our Newest Fixer Upper

Our new home and largest “fixer-upper” we’ve ever tackled is waiting for us to arrive in Tyler Texas!  We are almost completely packed and just waiting for the truck to arrive next week.  We plan to start our 4 day journey to Tyler one week from today!  Our hope is to make Tyler our “forever” place to live!  We are looking forward to planting roots, making new friends and enjoying the beautiful Rose Capital of the United States.  My hubs has already completely his real estate classes online and is ready to take his final exams once we arrive.  (This is the 4th time he’s taken these classes and exams so he just sales right through it all.Cropped exteriorHere she is!  We’ve got almost 3000 sq. ft. to play with on the interior and almost 1/2 acre of exterior landscaping plus the house to update.  We are happy that it has a brand new roof but everything else must be touched.  We’ll be painting the brick and shutters once the new windows have been installed.  Unfortunately the bay windows have rotted out over the years.  If the front door is solid wood, I’m hoping to re-finish it by sanding it down and staining.  Fingers crossed!!!  The front door is flanked by side panels with out-dated wainscoting.  I am picturing board and batten here, but I’ll do a little sketching first before making a final decision.  I know I want the house painted white with black or stained wood shutters.  We are having a new white shop built (already been ordered) to the right and back of the house so I want the two to match.  I’ll accent both with black light fixtures and match carriage style garage doors.eclectic-garageI don’t have an exact photo of our new shop but here’s a similar look of what I’m going for.  Ours will be 30′ x 40′ with two 10′ wide garage doors.  Oh my goodness, this will be more room than we’ve had in a long time to use as a work space.  I’ll be reopening The Sign Factory on etsy and reopening the Vintage Street Designs Shop filled with (mostly) farmhouse home decor.  croppedWe desperately looked for an old farmhouse on acreage but just couldn’t find exactly what we wanted, so we plan to stay here for a couple of years while we get settled in our new surroundings and look for our forever home.Kitchen croppedI’ll show you one photo right now of the inside.  This was taken during an estate sale.  The original owners had this house custom built in 1962.  Their son sold it to us.  The kitchen will be completely renovated, starting with removing the wall that divides the kitchen with the family room.  This area will be replaced with a large island.  Both the sink and and the dishwasher will remain in the same location to reduce costs.  The pantry will also be relocated.  It’s a small kitchen in comparison to the overall square footage of the house, so every inch will count while redesigning this space.  I hope to build out the wall behind the refrigerator a bit to allow more counter space between the oven and the refrigerator as they sit now.  We may even move the door that leads to the garage and have an entry through the laundry room.  To be determined!!!  I will take loads of before photos as soon as we arrive in Tyler before we get started on the demo.  The house is empty now so we’ll have more of a clear view.croppedIt’s going to be hard to say goodbye to my parents (aren’t they cute?) and all the rest of our family and friends who live in Spokane WA and Coeur d’ Alene ID, but we’ll be back we’re excited about the future and we’ll definitely be back for visits.  I’m thankful for the 3 years I’ve been able to spend here and I’ll cherish all the special moments we’ve had.  I grew up here but moved away at age 19, so this has been a real treat!!!  Seasons keep changing…and for us, it seems more than most sometimes.  But, I’m looking forward to working full-time with my hubs again and that just wasn’t possible to do here.  God continues to watch over us wherever we live and we count our blessings everyday!  Lots more posts to come as soon as we get to Tyler.  There will be an overwhelming amount of DIY projects to share with ya’ll (speaking as a Texan already) and so many changes happening with our house, our business and us personally.  Stay tuned as we begin this new chapter!

Blessings ~ Judy

Farmhouse Dreams

As I mentioned in my last post, we are dreaming of a farmhouse in our near future.  Did you know that only 2% of the population who sets goals actually write these goals down?  And…those are the people who usually achieve their goals.  My hubs just heard this statistic this week.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it does make sense.  I know if you write something down, it mentally instills it into your brain and your more apt to retain it!  So, I printed out a goal planner from Dave Ramsey’s site yesterday and we’re going to fill it out together tonight.  Well, I already got a little bit of head start, but I wrote my thoughts down in pencil in case something needs to be changed.  Combined with prayer, planning and dreaming, I think our goals can come true.  We know plans can change, especially if you live in our family.  Haha!!!  We believe God answers prayer and wants us to have our heart’s desire.  However, sometimes He answers prayers that takes us in a different direction.  We’ll see what 2017 brings!  Either way, we rest in His capable hands!54f8ff85d62e126287df94debd78724a


I thought I would share with you just a few of my favorite farmhouse inspirations I’ve been swooning over!  Keep in mind that my hubs would be happy if we just keep our house to a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1200 sq. ft.  I’ll be pushing for at-least a 1500 sq. ft with 3 bedrooms.  We DO agree on what we want for a workshop/barn though.  It would be fun to have acreage but honestly, as long as there is enough room for a work space we’d be happy!  I LOVE the looks of this exterior.  Clean lines painted all white with accents of black!2686 PRESENTATION FLOOR PLAN-Floor PlanThis is the interior floor plan.  Obviously it would have to be redrawn and condensed down a bit.  I can see exactly how I can do that.  I’ve printed out the plan so I can play around with it and see how much sq. footage I can take away without affecting the design.  Oh…I really hope I can keep that pantry in the plan.  LOVE the window!new size


Another sweet white farmhouse that was featured in Country Living Magazine.  A front porch is a must for both my husband and I.  I really like the large wood double door entry.  This house just speaks “Welcome” to me!kitchen picThey continued with hints of stained wood accents on the inside as well.  It really warms up the space.  I would have fun decorating this kitchen for sure!  I’m pretty sure our antique farm table would look really good in the dining nook too!living roomCan we say “shiplap”?  They opted to surround the fireplace with shiplap similar to what I just did in our Twin Lakes Spec House.mls3Which farmhouse elevation is your favorite?  I would love to have a metal roof but in parent’s previous home, my cell phone and the internet didn’t work so good.  I’d have to a little more checking into that before I would make that kind of commitment.  Does anyone else have a metal roof?  Do you have problems with getting online?

New Bedding Inspiration

It’s that time again!  Time for a re-fresh in our master bedroom.  We left Arizona in 2014 and I had purchased our bedding at Stein Mart while living there.  We still love it, but after all our moves and many washings…it’s looking a bit tired.  Not that anyone tell at just a glance, but we can.  I have the option of purchasing the same quilt and shams from Stein Mart online inexpensively or going with something different.  My hubs and I still want to stick with whites and creams.  It gives the most versatility with adding accents from season to season.  As you know, we are still in search of our forever destination and home to set down roots (before we get much older preferable).  We are SO ready to get back into a shop where we can create once again and open back up our online sign factory as well as implement our new expansion ideas.  We look forward to what 2017 will bring!Master-Bedroom-30This photo was taken of our bedroom right after we purchased the bedding in AZ.  I miss our little desert cottage.  You can see more of this room here.

536393a8cc5b44bb656eb791e5252dd5 (1)I really love the skirting on this bed and all the layering.  It just looks warm and cozy!


a9aadc28970f3ef9d885703f64480908Again, I think it’s the layering that appeals to me with this bedroom plus all the textures and patterns.


33e9af620176cd229583f7ce5c12f4cbGotta say…the ceiling and chandelier mostly catch my eye in this space!  We are hoping to find an old farmhouse to remodel or build a new “old” farmhouse on acreage.  It’s our newest dream and goal that we’re working and planning for.  Here’s to dreams coming true in the new year!!!  This is something we’ve been praying about for quite sometime.  It’s difficult to be torn between making another move away from family and pursuing our dream for the lifestyle we desire.  If we move, there will always be an added expense for traveling and I need to feel at peace with leaving my parents in their new home at the “Adult Family Home”.  I know they are well taken care of and their space is beautiful.  They are fed delicious meals everyday and have 24 hour staff on hand if needed.  But, that being said, they are still having a difficult time settling into the fact that they are no longer mobile.  They are used to going out everyday, even if it’s just to Costco for a Mocha Freeze.  They enjoy being on the move!


3eda1ad1c071bf18c058b4823ad07268I’m not sure if I can handle all the wrinkles in this inspiration but I still really love this look!  Maybe for a guest room in our future “farmhouse”!  Wouldn’t this be a fun way to welcome our guests?  Full of fluffy pillows with a vintage flair!  Would love to hear what you think?  Which inspiration is your favorite or do you prefer what we have now?


I would also like to hear what you think regarding moving from my parents to pursue our future goals???  It’s a hard one, but my hubs has been so great to come back to help them out and live through 3 more seasons of snow (which he dreads every year).  Love my family so, so much and wish we all could live somewhere warm together!  But, they enjoy living in the Northwest and experiencing the 4 seasons of the year.  We long to be back where it is warm year-round.

Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

This Christmas is especially hard because we are living in limbo right now.  All our decorations a buried deep inside our storage unit and it would be just too time consuming and difficult to reach them.  Therefore, it looks like our tiny little apartment won’t be looking too festive this year.  We woke up this morning and my husband says “lets go for a drive”.  I knew he had something up his sleeve, but I didn’t ask any questions.  We didn’t drive very far when he stopped the truck and grabbed a pallet board that was sitting next to a dumpster.  We headed back home and he immediately started tearing it apart.  It wasn’t long before he shared what he was doing.  He was going to make us a Christmas Tree!!!  What a SWEET guy I have!!!Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (4)First things first…make a mess!  Here’s the hubs ripping all the boards apart.Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (5)Next, he pounds out all the nails and figures out how he wants to layout the tree.  We choose a thick, thin, thick wood pattern.Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (6)He then cut out the boards to the width we wanted, starting with a 20″, then 18″, 16″, 14″, 12″, 10″, 8″, 6″ and finally a 4″.  We also cut out (2) 8″ boards and (2) 5.5″ boards for the base.

Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (7)We laid it all out on the floor first to make sure the end result would work.
Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (8) Dave placed to thin boards out vertically, leaving a 9″ trunk.  Later to flip the boards over to the back to screw into place.Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (15)We moved to the work bench and used a 1.5″ block to separate each plank of wood evenly.  The side of each plank I wanted to show was placed face down on the work bench.Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (9)Measured to make sure it there was an inch indentation on each side as we moved up the line.Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (10)Then screwed each one into place.Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (12)Yep…this is the look we were going for!Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (13)Dave then attached the 8″ base boards to each side.Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (14)Then came the 5.5″ boards.  Yeah!!!  It’s built!!!  He then handed the torch to me!Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (18)With some leftover white paint we already had in the garage, a brush and a couple of paper towels, I was ready to do a little white washing.Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (19)Just dip the end of the brush into the can of paint, dab it on the paper towel and brush away.  That’s all there is to it!

Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (21)While it was drying, we hit the after Thanksgiving sales to see what we could come up with to decorate our little tree.Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (2)And here it is…Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (24)All dressed with mini white lights and sparkling pine cones.  We used skinny white nails to hang each pine cone so they blend into the background.Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (3)

Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (25)

Pallet Christmas Tree 2016   Vintage Street Designs (23)It feels more like the Holiday Season already!!!    It was a fun project to do together and the weather was so beautiful today.  Perfect way to start off our weekend!

Wood Pallet – FREE * Pine Cone Ornaments – K-Mart * Mini White Lights – Target

The Hanging Of Barn Doors

Well, this was another first for us!  I knew right away that I wanted to incorporate barn doors into the house plans of the new spec house I was building but we’d never hung them before so this was all new territory.  I did my research, measured and planned for additional support inside the walls as I redesigned the house plans in the early stages of the build job.  Can I just say…best laid plans do NOT always turn out.  But in the end, the barn doors turned out absolutely beautiful and I’m SO happy with them!!!  20161016_094551

Behind the sheet rock I had the framer install extra wood support across the entire top of the door opening.  This prevented us from trying to locate studs to install the track for the barn doors.  Most tracks come with pre-drilled holes for installation and we didn’t want to have to drill new holes where the studs would be located.

barn doors to master suite

This is the entrance into the master suite.  What I didn’t realize was that my framer took the liberty of raising the doorway by two inches.  It was a sad day when I realized my custom barn doors we had created were not tall enough.  My hubs and I had doctored up some plain solid wood doors into these super cute “barn door style” doors, but they were the standard 24″ x 80″ and we now needed 84″ tall doors.  Total Bummer!!!20160906_124539

We didn’t have the time or energy to recreate these doors so I ordered new craftsman style doors from Home Depot.  They could get them to me quicker than the lumber company I used for the rest of my interior doors.  Oh, and at a better price!!!  Thank goodness!!!  The 80″ doors will be on sale as soon I get them listed on craigslist.20161016_094817Because we thought ahead to add bracing in the walls for the track, we didn’t have to add bracing on the outside of the wall.  The problem is…the bolts that came with the track were too long and would scrape the trim if we used them.  Off to Home Depot we went and found shorter bolts.  Of-course they don’t come in black, so I’ll be painting them today and you’ll never know.  It’s an easy fix!  If you were adding barn doors to an existing home, you would just add a 1″ x 6″ or 1″ x 8″ support to screw the track into.  Painted the same color as the wall, it would fit right in.  I had to do this treatment in the laundry room for the shelving and it looks great!

20161016_094624Such a grand entrance into the master suite!  How fun is this?  I can just imagine opening these doors to gorgeous furnishings and linens.  A cozy good nights sleep in this lovely space for sure!

20161016_094551So what do you think?  Would you put barn doors into your own house?  I would do it again, even with all the problems we endured.  We learned so much that next time I’m sure it would be a breeze!  The good news is…my measurements for the width of the opening and the double doors was spot on.  When they shut, there is no reveal into the master bedroom and they open to the exact width of the opening.  YAY!!!

Here are the sources for the entire space:

Barn Warehouse Pendants - I spray painted them black.

Barn Doors – Home Depot Solid Core Interior 24″ x 84″ 3 Panel Door.  I couldn’t find this size online but you can order them in the door department.

Barn Door Track

Barn Door Pulls


Twin Lakes Craftsman Cottage Tour

I’m super excited to share that the Twin Lakes Craftsman Cottage is 98% finished.  I’m only waiting on a couple of special orders to come in and be installed but other than that…it’s DONE!!!  Before I began this journey of building my first spec house all by myself (without the hubs as my full-time partner in this venture), I thought I could document each step, take pictures and blog about it.  Silly Me!!!  I didn’t have a spare moment.  I have been SO busy, overwhelmed at times and SO tired by the time I get home every night.  It has been an experience I will likely never forget!!!  I learned so much through all the ups and downs of the building process.  I can’t even count how many homes I have designed and/or staged, but to actually build from the ground up is a whole other story!  Now that it’s finished, I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Hope you enjoy the tour!mls25I chose tones of gray for the body of the house with white trim and a black front door.  I’ll share the exact colors in a future post.  The roof is charcoal and words cannot express how much I love the carriage garage doors!  They are the icing on the cake!!!mls12Let’s enter through the front door.  Your eye is immediately drawn to the beautiful Bentley Smoke laminate flooring and the gorgeous fireplace.  I used Hardie Plank Siding as shiplap on the fireplace.  I had to use a product that was fireproof and I had plenty left over from the exterior siding.  It turned out exactly as I had it imagined in my head.  My husband was the installer of this master piece including the mantel.  He is my hero!!!mls4


mls13I have to say, the kitchen is my favorite space!  I had the most fun shopping for the lighting and other finishes for this room.  The biggest challenge was getting everything wired, plumbed and centered exactly where I wanted them to be during the construction phase. mls1The pendant lights came from Wayfair and the swing arm sconces from Amazon.  20160909_151046The little white cake plate I picked up at Home Goods and the white pitcher came from Target.20160911_122311I quickly made this sign the night before the first Open House last weekend to fill the empty space on the wall.  My french inspired bottle drying rack would look awesome here but I didn’t think I should make big holes in the shiplap.  This sign hangs on little nails that fit in the space between the boards.  No one will ever know!!!20160910_133607Always need to have cookies at an Open House right?  The top cookies are pumpkin with chocolate chips.  I have to admit, I’ve tried them and they are yummy!!!
mls16The apron front sink is to die for.  I wish I was moving in just for this sink!!!  Can’t wait to put one in my own house someday.mls20My electrician is extremely proud of himself as he centered up the dining room chandelier with the window as well as the barn lights in the mud room.  I stressed to him how important this task was to me.  He did a GREAT job!mls30I’m still waiting for the new barn doors to come in.  For some reason, the framer decided to frame the opening 2″ taller than the rest of the doorways so the barn doors we made won’t fit.  I ordered new 84″ tall craftsman style doors from Home Depot and they should arrive in a couple of weeks.  Hmmm…should I paint them white or black?mls28And this is the master bedroom.  I carried the laminate flooring into this space.  A king size bed could easily fit in here facing the view of the golf course.mls22Nothing missed in the master bath.  It features a dual vanity, granite counter top, tile flooring with separate tub and shower.mls21This was the BIG splurge for this space.  Funny how a 6′ tub is about $600 less than a 5′ tub.  Of course I needed the latter.  It was worth it, don’t you think?20160909_150843OK, now lets make a switch to the opposite side of the house.  Here’s a peek into the laundry room.  You can walk straight through from the garage to the hallway/kitchen.  My husband made another one of his amazing rustic sink bases and I purchased the sink online from Lowes.  He also made and installed the open shelving.  The large 24″ floor tiles are from Panhandle Carpet One in CDA.  They had them on special months ago and I had them hold ‘em for me.  My brother and I installed these.  I hired out for the rest of the house.  I love to tile, but there are just not enough hours in a day to do everything I want to do.mls7The guest bath is a small space with a big impact!  The vanity is from Wayfair and the mirror is from Lowes.  I chose a porcelain tile with the look of marble for the flooring.mls27So there you have it!  Several months of blood, sweat and tears has come to an end.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely!  But, I need a rest and a contract on this one first! Hint, hint, smile, grin!

I’ll share more later but for now…it’s time for a sweet vacation with my hubs!!!

Twin Lakes Project Update

You guys…I am SO tired every night, I just collapse into bed.  The events of everyday keep me hopping with our spec home in Rathdrum, ID.  But I must say, I’m excited to be at his stage now.  Tape and texture of the interior is happening this week and then we’ll be ready for painting, cabinets and tiling of the bathrooms next week.  Also, the driveway gets poured this Friday and the exterior painting and front porch columns will be completed.  It’s been a labor of blood, sweat and tears (OK… maybe not blood or tears, but definitely a few days of sweat!).Listing pic 1Thought I would also share some of the beautiful accents I found.  I shopped my heart out for just the right pieces to make this house a home for the new owners.carriage style garage doorsAnd here’s the new garage doors!  The shadows tonight were very prominent.  The best time for photos are early afternoon since the home faces west.  Perfect for shaded dinner parties in the backyard.great roomA totally open concept with living, dining and kitchen.  I can just visualize friends and family gathering around the center island.fireplaceMight not look like much yet, but I can’t wait until this fireplace is finished.dining roomThe dining room will feature the 6 arm black iron chandelier leading into the flex room/mud room/butler’s pantry.kitchen with islandKitchen will boast stainless appliances including a gas range and decorative hood.  Corner pantry, white shaker cabinets, custom open shelving, farmhouse sink, granite counter top, subway tile, shiplap walls and so much more.  cabinet picHere’s another peek at what’s to come in the kitchen!hallway to two bedrooms, bath and laundryHallway leads to two bedrooms, guest bath and laundry room.  The laundry room will have washer/dryer hookup and a very special custom make sink.flex roomEnter into the flex room and see straight out to the backyard and golf course through a full glass atrium door.  This room will have wall to wall shiplap and a pair of ceiling barn lights.master bedroom enteranceTo the right, you’ll enter the master suite through one-of-a-kind barn doors.viewThe view off the back patio from one angle.  Obviously, our landscaping hasn’t been done yet.  But look how nice the neighbors yard and the golf coarse looks!backyardHere’s the other side.  I LOVE east facing backyards.  Sunshine in the mornings and then in the heat of the day there is plenty of shade for continued enjoyment.front elevationOh, and don’t forget that golf memberships come with the house along with a private community beach on water, boat launch, club house, heated pool and tennis courts!!!

Lots more updates to come so keep checking back!  Hope your week is filled with blessings!

Until next time…

What A Life!

Isn’t life crazy wonderful?  I have been beyond busy with the sell of our home, moving into a temporary apartment, my two online stores and building a spec house completely by myself without my husband acting as my full-time partner.  We have been in real estate since 1997 as agents, flipping homes and builders.  He is doing so well as a Business Specialist with Wells Fargo, but I do miss being with him during the day.  Last week I made the decision to place my stores on vacation for awhile.  I quickly found out that I can’t manage two full-time careers at the same time.  You usually can’t build during the winter months in the northwest, so maybe I can open my stores during that time of the year.  I thought it would be fun to give a preliminary tour of the house I’m building in Twin Lakes Village.  It’s a golf community in Rathdrum, Idaho full of amenities.  Golf memberships, private lake front beach, boat launch, tennis courts and a swimming pool just to name a few.  All included with the purchase of this home!  How cool is that?20160601_153727The roof was just finished on Tuesday.  The rough plumbing was installed and now the excavator will be coming in to prep for the concrete in the garage so all the rough-ins can get done.  Then the more exciting things will happen, siding, painting, sheet rock inside, etc…20160601_153749Lots of good things are going to happen quickly now that will make some major changes.  I just picked out all the cultured stone for the garage and two more columns on the front porch will be added.  The columns will be boxed out 12″ x 12″ wrapped and trimmed with siding.

20160601_153921Enter into the living room with a grand fireplace.  I know, it doesn’t look so grand yet…but it will!!!20160601_155453


Kitchen will be wrapped with white shaker style cabinets and granite counter top.  You will also be seeing white subway tile and shiplap.20160601_155423The flex room leads to the master bedroom and to the backyard.  There will be a full glass atrium door for lots of light.  This room could be used as a mud room, butler’s pantry or overflow from the dining room for those grand parties!20160601_155431



The entire house is just 1476 sq. ft. but it’s going to be packed with gorgeous features.  This is the master bathroom featuring a free standing tub and  a 4 ft shower with floor to ceiling subway tile and frame-less glass shower door.20160601_155533That’s it for now but I’ll be back with more very soon!!!  Hope you are having a fabulous weekend and enjoying the sunshine!


Our House Is Sold

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (4)Homeless once again!!!  After 5 showings and 3 offers, we are under contract on our cute Coeur d’ Alene cottage!  I’m sad to see it go but I’m excited about the future!Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (2)I know the new owners are going to LOVE living here.  Not only is this house adorable, it is also located in a great neighborhood surrounded by awesome neighbors!  We are so close to shopping, entertainment and of-course, the beautiful Coeur d’ Alene lake!Spring 2016 Front Porch (5)If all goes according to plan, we’ll be moving “somewhere” next month after the closing of this house.  I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about going “Tiny” for awhile.  Surely there would be someone close by that would like to rent a little spot of their land to us for awhile so we could park a tiny house.  I think it would be fun for a short period of time while we’re building spec homes and searching for our own perfect place to buy or build.barn-wood-tiny-house-1-7-in-category-home-ideasOK…so maybe NOT this tiny!!!  HahaTiny House Houston16But maybe something like this???IMG_4455+2I could live like this, right?  Anyway, I’m not so sure I’ve convinced my hubby though.  We’ll see what happens!

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (13)Good bye my sweet “Oak Harbor Cottage”!  It’s been dreamy while it lasted and you will be missed!

Oak Harbor Cottage Final Tour

Yes, we finally got all the painting done inside our little cottage and placed it on the market!  We already have our first offer but we’ll see what the weekend brings. I thought it would be fun to give you a final tour but also a couple of little tips that I do to make our homes look pretty and ready for showings.Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (2)The weather is changing just in time.  I was able to spruce up the window box with a few colorful flowers in addition to the greens.  Spring 2016 Front Porch (3)Redecorating the front porch for Spring makes a welcoming invitation to come on in and take a look.Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (43)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (46)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (47)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (48)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (13)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (50)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (3)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (51)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (53)I spent a few minutes reorganizing our pantry to make it presentable.  You know everyone will open this door and take a peek.Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (58)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (57)I always turn on all the lights in the house and turn on the battery operated candles.  It adds a cozy, soft glow.

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (62)We rented a storage unit for all our excess “stuff” and only kept what I needed to stage our home with.Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (6)The master bath is small, so keeping it clean and tidy is the key.

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (35)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (36)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (9)Guest bathroomOak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (37)This bathroom doesn’t get used so I like to play around with decorative towels.  Here I used wash cloths folded accordion style wrapped in hand towels.  Makes a sweet statement without spending any additional money on decorations.Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (38)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (39)I even fold the toilet paper to give a hotel/spa like feel.  (OK, that looks like dust on the holder, but I promise you it’s not!)Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (44)Craft room/3rd bedroomOak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (40)Office/bedroomOak Harbor Cottage For Sale - Final Tour (41)

Oak Harbor Cottage For Sale (11)Last but not least, the garage!  We added a sink and painted the floors grey.  Just one can of paint finishes a two car garage.  An inexpensive way to beautify a garage!

Spring 2016 Front Porch Decorating

Spring 2016 Front Porch (3)What a gorgeous Sunday morning and first day of Spring!  I was inspired to finish decorating our front porch and get it ready to greet all our potential buyers as our house goes on the market this coming week.  Eeks!!!  So much to do and so little time.  Wednesday is my deadline for our little cottage to be completely staged to sell.  I leave for Austin on Thursday for a very special wedding.  My hubs plans to sell the house while I’m gone.  Do you think he can do it?Spring 2016 Front Porch (2)

Spring 2016 Front Porch (6)

Spring 2016 Front Porch (8)Who wouldn’t want to read a few good magazines on a day like today?

Spring 2016 Front Porch (9)Out came my rabbit painting for the season.  I love the rustic, personal touch it brings!

Spring 2016 Front Porch (4)

Spring 2016 Front Porch (5)Since my sweet, sweet mom bought me another pair of rain boots for Christmas, I decided to add this pair to the front porch decor.  I stuffed on boot with paper to hold the spray of flower tight.

Spring 2016 Front Porch (1)I’m so happy this DIY Wreath made it through the winter stored away in the garage!  It still looks as good as it did the day I made it for our Craftsman Cottage (our last house).

Spring 2016 Front Porch (10)Wish us luck in the sell of this cute “Oak Harbor Cottage”.  We closed on our building lot Friday so this one NEEDS to sell.

Happy Spring!!!

Building A Spec House

Cottage Elevations (1)If you’ve been following along for awhile, you know that my hubs and I love to flip homes.  Lately, we’ve been unable to secure any new fixer uppers so we’ve decided to explore the possibility of building a spec home (or a new home for us and sell the one we’re in that we’ve just finished updating).  We’ve found a lot we’d like to build on and I just picked up some plans today from a local architect.Cottage Elevations (2)I love the 1400 sq. ft. cottage plans but the elevation needs some sprucing up.  So, I thought I would drive around our neighborhood this afternoon and take a few pictures for inspiration.  I would LOVE to hear your feedback.  What do you think of these cedar posts?  Our plan has three posts in the front.Cottage Elevations (3)

Cottage Elevations (5)This is pretty similar to our plan only with a three car garage.  This house has the contrast of board & batten and lap siding.  I was thinking I would like to paint our house grey with white trim and bright contrasting front door (yellow or aqua).Cottage Elevations (7)This one is also similar to our plan which includes the third car garage.  I like the shake on the upper gable and the board & batten on the front gable.  I think I would like the garage doors to be the color of the trim or house with cottage style windowsFront ElevationThis is a home we remodeled years ago and turned it into a commercial real estate office.  I like the shape of these front columns and again, the mix of siding.  We should know in the next couple of days whether or not we’ll be moving forward with this new build.  I’m EXCITED!!!  I sure hope all the numbers work out in our favor ’cause this what we truly enjoy doing!  Getting to choose every little design element that goes into a house from the ground up just makes my heart beat a little bit faster!!!  I’ll keep you all posted on what develops!

Bunnies Have Hopped Back In

I am so ready for Spring!  The last couple of days here in Idaho have been absolutely beautiful.  Warm and sunny, can’t ask for anything more!  I’ve added a few bright pillows to our front patio bench and awaiting for the time when I can go buy some pretty flowers and fill some pots to scatter around.  Until then, I’m lightening up inside the house starting with my bunnies.DSC_9304This little bunny has been with me for many, many years.  I can’t believe it has survived all our moves around the United States.  I’m so very thankful.DSC_9311I LOVE filling its basket with wrapped candies for the season.  Sometimes it sits next to a chair and sometimes its a greeter at the front door.DSC_9308


DSC_9305My only problem is staying away from the candy and saving it for guests.DSC_9314I also brought out the set of bunny bookends to our entry table, along with some Spring Peanut M&M’s.  (I did sample of few of these today…shhh don’t tell anyone!)DSC_9312Hope you are enjoying beautiful weather as well.  Have a blessed weekend!!!

Trip to Waco Part 2

I’m back today to share part 2 of our trip to Waco.  If you missed part 1, you can see it here.  After experiencing Magnolia Market, we definitely wanted to stop by Harp Design Co. too.  So Saturday morning this was first on our agenda.  We actually pulled up a few minutes before they opened but Kristen, the storefront manager was so sweet and opened it up for us.  It’s a cute little shop and I recognized some pieces from Fixer Upper right away.  I just couldn’t leave without a couple of Clint’s turned candlesticks. Candlesticks - Harp Design Co.SourceWaco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (45)As you can see in the background, the Harp’s house that was renovated on an episode of Fixer Upper.  It sits next door to the shop.Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (47)They now use this as their offices.

Have you heard that they’ve filmed a pilot for their own HGTV show?  Sure hope it works out for them!!!  Can’t wait to see it!Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (55)Our next stop was Spice Village.  It’s located right downtown and filled with loads of treasures from different vendors.  Isn’t this staircase the coolest?Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (49)

Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (52)

Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (53)There was definitely love in the air for all things vintage, handmade, apparel and home decor!!!

By this time, my hubs was starting to feel a little achy and had a headache.  He never gets sick so this was quite unusual.Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (57)We took a break for a bite to eat.  This is some Texas size toast!!!  But Dave just kept feeling worse as the day went on.  He didn’t want to quit though so just powered through it, hoping whatever he was feeling would go away.Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (63)I got a message on FB from Junque in the Trunk to see if we were going to stop by there too.  And we were so glad we did.Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (62)

Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (60)

Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (61)Their shop has also been featured on Fixer Upper.  Joanna purchased a dresser here for one of the homes and had it turned into a vanity by adding a sink.Fixer UpperAs we were driving around Waco taking in all the sights, we just happened upon this beauty.  You can spot one of the Gaines homes immediately.  We were just checking out a neighborhood by the lake when we saw it.  This house was just from a few weeks ago…The Modern Farmhouse!!!Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (1)Then it was back to the hotel room for us.  Dave went to bed and I walked next door for dinner.  This was so suppose to be our Valentine’s Night Out for a fancy dinner.  Poor guy!  He felt bad and I felt bad for him.  He was now suffering with a fever, chills and coughing.  It was definitely the dreaded flu!

The next day was Sunday and we had to fly home.  We drove into Austin, returned our rental car and waited to catch our flight.  By this time, I wasn’t feeling so hot.  I was having different symptoms however.  I was feeling nauseous. Not a good thing right before boarding a long flight home.  Needless to say, the flight was miserable and yes, my greatest fear came true…I had to use the little white bag located in the seat back pocket. SO awful!!!  (This may have too much information to share, sorry!)  Our travel time was 8 loooooooong hours, changing planes in Oakland, CA.  We’re not even sure how we made it home.  But thanking God for making a way!

Dave has not been back to work yet.  We are both still weak.  I thought I was getting better yesterday and then had a relapse.  Now I have congestion and coughing too.  We both went to Urgent Care this morning and got prescriptions.   No more fevers, so we’re not suppose to be contagious.  Dave is going to try and go back to work tomorrow, even if it’s just for a half day.  I’m falling behind on my orders now with The Sign Factory but I just don’t have any strength to move about.  We’ve both been surviving on chicken soup, jello and Gatorade.  The Flu is NO fun!  Ugh!

So there you have it!  The good, bad and the ugly!  Hope you can make it to Waco someday soon, if you haven’t already, minus the ugly sickness part!  You would love the shops we visited.  I know there is much more to see but our time was limited this trip.Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (2)Hope you enjoyed all the pictures from Part 1 & Part 2 of our trip.  Thought I’d end with this one.  Our first night we got some GREAT frozen custard at Katie’s!  Like my hubs says “we always break for custard!”

Waco Texas, Magnolia Market & Harp Design Co.

I’m sharing all the good, bad and the ugly with y’all today!  Our little trip started last Thursday.  We were excited to catch the plane for Waco with much anticipation for finding rental homes to invest in.  You see, we have a small investment group and it is our job to find all the homes, fix them up and get them ready to rent.  After arriving in Waco, we found our hotel and settled in.  (Bonus…we met a really sweet couple from Ohio ~ Bob & Linda.  It was fun connecting with them each day to swap stories.)  On Friday morning we met our Real Estate Agent bright and early as we began our tour of 18 homes that we had previously targeted to see.  Our agent was awesome, but unfortunately the houses…not so much!  We only found one that we would even consider which I named “The Magnolia Tree” house, and one is not enough to adventure to Waco.  However, I’m sure if we lived there and/or had a higher budget for each purchase we could have found plenty.Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (4)Just in case you are wondering, this little cutie was just $47,000 with the original hardwood floors.  However, the kitchen was a complete gut.  The refrigerator is currently sitting in the dining room.  And we would have had to add a laundry room plus all new plumbing.   I wish we could have found more like this one.  We were a little disappointed but decided to make the best of our trip! Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (7) I’m sure you know what that means…yep, we found our way to Magnolia Market “The Silos”.Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (31)Can you guess what’s in the bag?  Or, who I got my iced coffee from that I’m holding in my hand?

(Not sure what my hair was doing in this photo.  I think God was giving me a halo! Haha!!!)


You got it!  I just had to get a #shiplap t-shirt for fun!!!  These two were no where to be seen, but they had some awfully nice employees that were eager to help and very friendly!Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (9)Here’s just a few pictures of what you see inside.Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (10)

Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (14)

Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (13)

Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (11)

Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (17)

Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (12)It’s a happening place!  Chip & Joanna have done an amazing job.  It was a wonderful experience and I’m so happy for them!Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (23)So…back to the COFFEE I’m holding in my hand in a previous photo, it was made by Common Grounds (one of the food trucks they have on the premises.)  Do you remember the cute couple from one of the episodes of Fixer Upper?  Well, they don’t run the food truck but we did get to visit with a couple of young men attending Baylor University who work for them.  Great guys and we wish them all the best in the coming future!Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (22)Outside there were lots of families playing games and enjoying the day!Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (24)More food trucks!Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (30)

Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (26)The Garden!Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (27)A mini replica of the original Magnolia Shop!Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (38)As we were leaving, we noticed the door was open to the Magnolia Flour that will be opening soon. Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (36)Of-course my husband had to peek in.  You just know it’s going to be beautiful once it’s all completed!!! Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (40)There was so much to take in.  I’m so glad we got the chance to stop by.  I think I’ll make this a two part series since there are so many pictures involved.  I’ll be back with more of our trip which includes Harp Design Co. and Junque In The Trunck!  Plus…what happen to us on our second day in Waco!

See you soon!