Tiny Floor Plan

Wow, we are only 2 days into this week and it’s flying by.  My hubs and I have spent many hours in the car looking at properties for clients and keeping an eye out for land or a house for us.  We just signed a six month lease at the apartment complex and neither one of us want to stay here any longer than that.  We are anxious to get into a house we can call home for awhile.  We LOVE flipping houses but would really like to NOT flip the home we’re living in for awhile.  We’d like to stay put for a change and see what that feels like.  Haha!!!

Here’s a project we’ve already started working on.  We own a rental property on some acreage and we’d like to build 3 more rentals on the vacant land.  We have a designer working on the floor plan right now.  Our thought is to duplicate the floor plan 3 x’s but with a different elevation.  It will keep our costs down.  This is a tiny plan but totally efficient with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with a 2 car garage.  Once we get the final plan back, we’ll submit for septic approval.  This is all we need for the county to sign off on the project.  Fingers crossed!!!Dixie Floor PlanHere is the original floor plan my husband found while browsing houseplans.com.  It looks good but I thought it could use a little tweaking.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions.  I’m always open to hear more thoughts and ideas.

All 3 houses will be “builder grade” so I’ll have to be creative with paint color, counter tops and flooring.  I’m hoping to add-in at least 1 accent wall of texture and a pretty chandelier in each dining room.

1.  The little wall separating the dining from the garage needs to go.  I’ve asked the a door be added flush to the back garage wall.   This will give more dining space.

2.  I also think a slider in the dining room makes more sense than windows and a door, again provided more space.

3.  In the master bath we’ll add a second sink.

4.  The Opt. Basement Stairs will turn into a furnace space or it will be included into the laundry area.  I’m leaving that up to the designer, whatever works best.

5.  We’ll remove one of the linen closets in the hallway for more sq. ft. in the guest bath.  This will allow the sink to move and add a tub.

6.  9′ ceilings throughout.

7.  For at least 2 of the houses we will remove the window seat in the front bedroom.

Have I missed anything?  Keep in mind that this floor plan is only about 1000 sq ft.  It’s small but it will be cute and functional.  Each home comes with a 1/2 acre in the country to roam.  Dixie Exterior PlanThis is the exterior.  We will change it up quite a bit.  We want to simplify it with straight lines.  No hip roof and square posts.  I would like each house to look unique and more of a farmhouse style.  The existing house that sits on the property now is a red cottage/cabin, so definitely want to keep that country feel.  I think the exterior will be the biggest challenge.  Hopefully our designer will be able to help me out with that.Red CabinHere’s a snap shot of the red cottage.  We’ll be adding a few upgrades to this little cutie as time goes on.

8851dfc35b1efde83bd9b105461ab86dSomething like this for new builds?

25630ge_1487104332Or like this?

There is no way to know if this plan of ours will work without going through all these steps first.  Luckily, we found a designer who has a pretty quick turn-a-round, easy to work with and will help with submitting the plans.  We’ll just have to wait and see!  As soon as we get the green light…I’m ready to start picking out all the interiors while my hubs starts the building process!

In the meantime, I’m ready for tonight’s premier of the last season of Fixer Upper!!!  I’ll be sad to see it go, but if I ever need a quick fix I can just drive down to Waco.  We only live about 2 1/2 hours away.  It’s a FUN place to visit.  The Silos and other great shops to see, plus some really good restaurants.

The Farmhouse and Other Stuff

It’s so hard to be patient when waiting on news!  Our hands are tied until the appraisal comes in on our current home that’s under contract.  The closing date is coming up really quick and the appraisal is the only thing that’s hanging in the wind.  We made the offer on the little farmhouse.  (Still trying to come up with its official name.)  And… we need a temporary home while we completely renovate the farmhouse from top to bottom.  We have reserved an apartment as a backup plan but we’d like to actually stay on the property.  We’ve looked at a couple of tiny house shells that could be an option.  Our electrician drove out with us to take a look and he can easily hook us up for electricity.  Our plumber confirmed the same thing.  We don’t want to purchase anything yet though until we close on our current home.  If we decide to go tiny, we’ll probably just stay in a hotel for a few weeks or rent an RV while we quickly finish the interior.  Once the remodel is done on the farmhouse, we’ll turn the tiny house into our office/guest cottage!  Whew!!!  Are you still with me???  Sounds like a lot of work huh?zmetalbarnThis is one of the tiny houses we’re looking at.  However, we’d go with the treated, painted siding instead of metal.  I know I’ll be painting the farmhouse white, so I’d do the same with this.  I’m sketching out interior plans for either a 12′ x 24′ or 12′ x 30.  We’re also looking at a barn style with stairs to a loft, but it costs quite a bit more and we really don’t need that much space.  If we had the time we’d built it ourselves.  I think that would be fun.  But, I’m pretty sure we have enough on our plate as it is!!!  Haha!Wolf Lane FarmhouseHere’s another view of the farmhouse.  I was talking with the current owner while we were there, so this is the only shot I got.  From this view, the only thing that will be left is the chimney!  We talked with a foundation expert and he suggested that we have concrete pads poured and poles placed under the house every 6 ft.  They can jack-up the areas that are sagging so the floor will be level and the whole house will be secure.  Then we’ll put new siding on to finish it off.  This is the “not so fun” part of the renovating process!

Hopefully everything will continue to run smooth and all the closings will happen as planned so we can move forward in this next venture!!!  I continue to pray for wisdom in the decisions that are before us and thank Him for each opportunity!  Giving God the glory in all things!!!

Until next time…

Final Rooms of Our Home Tour

The only rooms left to show you in “The Brick House on Pecan Drive” are the office and craft room.  Both of these spaces just needed new flooring, paint and trim.  By far, these were the easiest rooms to renovate in this house.  We kept the shutters for all the windows and just gave them a fresh coat of white paint.  We had to do a little sheet rock repair and then painted the walls a light gray, just as we did throughout the rest of the house.office before 1This red, white and blue carpeted room is located off the hallway from the kitchen.  It has its own bathroom so it could easily be used as a second master bedroom or mother-in-law suite.  This was the first room we renovated before we moved in.  We stayed in a hotel for a week when we got to Tyler.  We lived in this space through most of the remodel before turning into our office.DSC_9854OK, just for the record…my hubs took this photo.  I would have removed all the paperwork on our desks before taking this shot. Haha!  But this is how it looks in real life!  We never got around to hanging pictures on the walls, but the new owner can now have clean walls without holes to cover up.  It’s all good!!!20171028_155433The closet on the right had a built-in desk with all kinds of funky wiring all over the place.  We cleaned it all out and secured all the wires so it would be safe.  I did like the added storage shelves though, so we kept them.20171028_155513We replaced the louvered closet doors with brand new bi-fold doors and painted them white to match the trim.20171028_155602This door leads to the bathroom AKA “The Blue Bathroom”.  Now renovated of-coarse!  You can see it here!  We set up our TV in the room since this is where we spend most of our time.  We found the old metal sewing machine base at Canton First Monday Trade Days and then Dave just quickly added a wood top to it.  We like it ’cause it doesn’t take up much space.  I think we’ll probably replace the top later with 2″ thick wood and finish it off with a rich stain.  He just used some scrap wood we already had on-hand for this one.craft room beforeThis would be the craft room!  It’s meant for a bedroom located between the guest bathroom and the master bedroom.DSC_9719There is a door that leads to the hallways where you will find the guest bathroom, another bedroom and if you make a left, you’ll find the entryway to the house.  The door to the left, takes you out to the family room and/or the master bedroom.  This would make a GREAT nursery.craft room 1This is what the space looks like now!!!DSC_9820


craft room 2Like I was saying, these two rooms were pretty straight forward.  Nothing fancy, but boy what a change!  The joys of walking completely through the house now with your shoes off!!!  We couldn’t do that for months.  It’s never easy to remodel while you are living in the midst of it all.  But for this one, it was a necessity.  It was definitely a CRAZY 5 months!  It’s still kind of hard to believe that we’re getting ready to pack up and move already.  Pods are being delivered next week for us to start loading them up.

NEWS FLASH!!!  We decided to forgo building a new house and made an offer on the little farmhouse on acreage.  After several counter offers, we came to an agreement!  As long as our house closes as scheduled, then it will be full speed ahead!  Oh my goodness, this is going to be a whole new experience for us!  What a wild adventure!!!  We have found an apartment to move into not far from the farm during the remodel.  There is nothing that can be saved other than the studs (we hope)!!!  Right now the entire house is just sitting on 4×4′s and some other logs and sticks.  Eeks!  We will have the house lifted and new foundation constructed.  I DO love the style of the house so it’s going to be exciting to see the changes unfold!  I’ll be taking you along with us every step of the way!  We signed a 6 month lease on the apartment, but I hope it won’t take that long.  I want to come up with a really sweet name for our farmhouse, so if you have any cool ideas…. let me know!!!Farmhouse ExteriorWe will be heading out to the farm soon to take more photos and get measurements so I’ll be sharing lots more with you before too long.  I don’t know why I didn’t take pictures when I was out there the first time.  I guess there was too many things to look at and too much dreaming going on.  Haha!

Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend!!!


  • Flooring:  Home Depot
  • Wall Color:  SW Repose Gray
  • Trim Color:  SW Extra White
  • Closet Doors:  Home Depot
  • 3 Tier Metal Organizer:  Ikea
  • Interior Doors:  Home Depot
  • Large Wood Framed Wall Mirror:  Hobby Lobby

Blue Bathroom Gets a Makeover

Blue Bath 1Since we purchased The Brick House on Pecan Drive, this has been known as the “blue bathroom”.  The tile, floor and walls were all blue.  Even the plantation shutters on the window were painted blue.  This was going to be our bathroom while we renovated the rest of the house so we had to do something quick to make it livable!Blue Bath 4And in-case you were wandering, YES the shower tile matched the rest of the room!  So this is what we tackled first.  We wanted to move out of a hotel room and into the house.after 4We called Miracle Method here in Tyler and they came to the rescue.  We had them clean and spray the shower all white.  WOW… I can see how they came up with that name!  How awesome does this look???  We’ve had a tub painted before, but this was a first for a shower!  LOVE!!!Blue Bath 3All these before photos I’m showing you is how we first saw the house when we arrived in Tyler and were handed the keys to the house.  So gross!  I couldn’t wait to change out all the toilets in the house.  I have a serious thing about this!!!  I’m sure you know what I mean!after 5The area was a little tight with the elongated toilet before, so I opted for a smaller round one when we replaced it.  It not only lends more space, it’s cute too!!!Blue Bath 5I decided we should keep this cabinet but it needed new paint and new knobs.after 8I went with light gray paint and crystal knobs.  All the drawers and doors are in excellent shape so we lucked out there!after 3Close-up of the knob.  I purchased these at Hobby Lobby at 50% off.  They go on-sale every other week!after 6The counter top was ordered to size from Home Depot.  However, they forgot the finished edge on this side the first time so they had re-do.  This delayed our project, but we had plenty other things to do while we waited.after 10We used left over subway tile from the kitchen for the back splash.  The cabinet sits low so I ordered a 5 inch deep sink.  It’s the perfect size now!after 9I kept the decorating accents to a minimum in here.  Just wanted the space to feel light and airy.  I sell the flower holder in my online shop but I’m currently sold out of the soap dish.   The pair really good together.  Hopefully I’ll be able to restock soon!after7While I was out-of-town for a family wedding, my husband installed the flooring.  We just LOVE luxury vinyl plank flooring.  You don’t have to worry about water at all.  I asked all of my social media friends what color I should go with.  This really dark color or a distressed white.  Majority ruled and I went with what you chose!  It really grounds the space.  I’m glad this was the winner!!!  Side note:  Luxury vinyl can be installed right over an existing floor including tile!  No mess!  Yeah!!!


  • Interlocking Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (Noble Oak Model#446128):  Home Depot
  • Formica Counter Top Custom Order (White Bardiglio Scovato Finish #9306-34):  Home Depot
  • Sink:  Wayfair
  • Faucet:  Wayfair
  • Wall Paint:  SW Repose Gray
  • Trim Paint & Wainscoting:  SW Extra White
  • Cabinet Paint:  SW Repose Gray
  • Flower Holder:  Vintage Street Designs
  • Gray Towels:  Walmart

Master Bath Reveal

before 6OK, there is no pretty way to show or describe these “before” photos of the pre-demolition of the master bath.  I guess if you LOVE pink and you like to fit into really tight spaces, then this would have been the bathroom of your dreams! Haha!  I’m not sure we would have bought this house if there wouldn’t have been potential room to expand.before 5Oh ya, largest tub ever and the bugs liked it too!  If you could have seen my face.  Lets just say CRINGE comes to mind!before 7So this is the wall that had to come down in order to enlarge the bathroom.  And the same treatment happened here like it happened in the guest bathroom.  A hammer to the mirror until it shattered into pieces!  You have to improvise when you don’t have help.  I’m not strong enough to help carry a huge mirror like this, so my hubby just does what it takes to get the job done!20171023_162650The entire bathroom was just about taken down to the studs and the concrete slab had to be jack hammered to move all the plumbing.  We hired a professional plumber for this.  We moved the doorway down to allow for a better layout of the bathroom.  I probably changed my mind 10 times before I settled on exactly where I wanted everything to be placed without moving the placement of the toilet.  We didn’t want to move that unless we absolutely had to.20170605_110405The wall coming down between the bathroom and the second walk-in closet in the master.

20171023_162155We had to pour new concrete where it was tore up and level it before we could lay the new tile floor.  We also had to frame in a shower.  That actually was the easiest part of the whole bathroom I think.  We also hired professionals to come in to sheet rock and texture.   We tackled all the tile installation and Dave built the custom vanity.  I wanted double sinks but it had be a custom build due to the size.  It was more important to me to fit in tub than to have a large vanity.20171023_162135Again, we were able to salvage the plantation shutters in the room with a fresh coat of white paint.  We painted the walls light gray and all the new trim white.  We custom cut all the base boards because no one carries it in our area like they have everywhere else we’ve lived.  I guess no other homeowner or builder uses it here (or they go to Dallas for it).  Remember how tight the space was before?  We almost have a dance floor now!20171023_162252Yeah!!!  Here’s my free-standing tub!  It’s a bath of luxury for-sure.  However, call us crazy…but we’ve decided not to use this bathtub or this room at all since the house sold so quickly.  We thought it would be nice for the new homeowners to be the first to use the shower, sinks and this gorgeous tub.  So although we moved into the master bedroom, we are still using the guest bath as our main bathroom.20171006_171200We picked up this little stool in Canton at First Monday Trade Days.  Dave chopped off the legs so it would be shorter and I painted it with different layers of chalk paint.Shower DoorAll the tile for this space came from The Tile Shop here in Tyler.  They were so helpful in gathering up everything I needed to complete this project.  They also gave me the name of great guy who stopped by and put in the shower floor before we started tiling.  The most exciting day for us was when we got to hang the shower door.  It meant we were done with this job, but also because look at this door…it is SO COOL!!!  It folds in and swings in or out of the shower.  The price was right too.  The spec house I built in Coeur d’ Alene just before we moved here, I paid $1400 for the glass shower door.  We got this one for just over $300.00 online.  Whoohoo!!!20171023_162346Don’t tell my hubs, but I didn’t catch him in time to stop him from using white caulking around the edge of the sinks.  I always use clear so it’s not noticeable.  I don’t want him to think I’m picking on him.  Haha.  I did let him know to use clear from now on though.  Oh well, live and learn.  At-least he made very straight lines!!!  I LOVE how the vanity turned out.  And the towel holders are perfection!!!20171023_162406The mirrors were cut down to size from the large makeup vanity that was originally in the master bedroom.  This was free and saved us a good chunk of change!  That’s always a good thing when you’re in the middle of remodeling.20171023_162224I’ll list as many sources as I can below.

Blessings ~ Judy


  • Tile:  The Tile Shop
  • Sinks: Wayfair
  • Sink Faucets:  Wayfair
  • Wall Mounted Tub Faucet:  Wayfair
  • Shower Faucet Trim Kit:  Wayfair
  • Towels:  Walmart
  • Lighting:  Amazon
  • Toilet:  Home Depot
  • Chrome Towel Wall Hooks:  Home Depot
  • Free Standing Tub:  Home Depot
  • Wall Paint:  SW Repose Gray
  • Trim Paint:  SW Extra White
  • Shower Door:  Amazon

Master Bedroom Retreat

20171023_162650The Master Retreat…FINALLY!!!  After sleeping in two other bedrooms of this house, we’ve finally moved into the master bedroom!  Although as you know, it will be short lived since the our home is under contract and will be closing in just a few weeks.

This was really an exciting adventure to transform this space.  The original layout included two walk-in closets and a tiny master bath.  You will see in the following “before” photos what it used to look like.  Enjoy the tour!!!before 1The doors you see here are the his & her’s walk-in closets.  When we demoed this room, we saved the shutters to put back once we gave them a fresh coat of white paint.before 3We knocked down the wall between the closet on the left and the existing bathroom to enlarge the bathroom.20171023_162106While the bathroom was open to the studs, we moved the opening and added a barn door built my hubs.  The reclaimed barn wood came from the cabin we deconstructed at Spirit Lake in Idaho.  I SO wish I could take it with me.  We have more of the wood but I’m not sure we have enough to make another barn door.before 2The previous owner had a built-in vanity in the bedroom.  I can understand why, since the bathroom was so small.  What do think of those wall sconces???  We saved the mirror and re-purposed it for the bathroom by having it cut down to make two smaller mirrors over the vanity sinks.  The glass company did it for FREE.  How awesome is that!!!20171006_170846This is what that corner looks like now without the built-in.  It would also make a great place for a comfy chair for a reading nook or in my case, a place to look at decorating magazines, house plans and dream!

20171006_170857See, I already have my stack of magazines ready to go!!!  Haha!

20171023_162633Another view of the room which leads back out to the rest of the house or to the patio.20171006_170633

20171023_162601So, when it came time to decorate the master I had to do a little shopping.  I needed a large area rug on a very slim budget.  Luckily we have the At Home store in Tyler and I picked up this rug for about $100.00.  I needed new bedding but since we weren’t going to be staying in this house I wasn’t sure what I really wanted.  So, I just went back to Stein Mart and purchased another white coverlet like what I had bought from there before and new pillow shams.  I traced out the headboard and my husband built it.  I painted it white and sanded it back for some distressing.20171006_170722I got on a pillow kick, and made a bunch of pillows to display around the house before we listed it.  It was so fun and I can’t wait to make more.  I always use Ikea pillow forms.  They are so plump and fill the cases so perfectly.  FYI:  I make my pillow covers 1″ smaller than the pillow form.20171006_170756Here’s another closeup view of the rug.  It still hasn’t laid down completely flat yet but it’s almost there.  When we pack up to move we’ll roll it up differently and that should help.20171023_162045It’s so nice to have the laminate flooring continue into the master.  We painted the walls a light gray and trim in bright white.  Sources and colors are listed below for the entire room.  If  you ever have any questions, I’m happy to help and share information.

Today I was working for a new client who owns a very large historical home.  It’s over double the size of our house but just a few blocks away and in similar condition to this one when we first bought it.  I sat down with a kitchen designer this morning to draw up a rendering for a new kitchen and also picked out new flooring for the entire house.  My hubs and I also met with a painter to paint the interior and exterior of the over 6000 sq. ft. home.  This will be an exciting challenge for staging it to sell.  I’ll bring y’all along with us on this journey if they agree to all our plans!


  • Area Rug:  At Home Store
  • Laminate Flooring:  Sam’s Club
  • Barn Door:  DIY
  • Headboard:  DIY
  • Bench:  Previously Owned
  • Bedding:  Stein Mart
  • Pillows:  DIY
  • Interior Doors:  Home Depot
  • Dresser:  Vintage
  • Side Table:  Vintage
  • Table Lamp:  Vintage
  • Black Ceiling Fan:  Home Depot Online
  • Rise and Shine Sign:  The Sign Factory (Vintage Street Designs)
  • Barn Door Hardware:  Amazon
  • Black & White Rain Boots:  Costco
  • Wall Paint:  SW Repose Gray
  • Trim Paint:  SW Extra White

Love and Laundry

Laundry 2Lets talk about the love of doing laundry.  I have to admit that my hubby does the vast majority of the laundry in our household.  But, the trade off is… he doesn’t clean toilets.  I’m in-charge of that duty.  So the chores are divided up equally!  However, on the occasion when I do attempt laundry, it’s much nicer to go into a clean, bright and pretty laundry room.  A space where you don’t mind hanging out in.  Am I right?Before Demo 4Here’s a good “before” photo of what the room looked like when we got our hands on it.  It’s a fairly large space.  My first thought was to build a bench for this little nook but that quickly changed when we decided to steel space from the laundry room and build a pantry in the kitchen.  I still wanted to do something though to make the room feel more inviting so we made it into a feature wall by adding shiplap!Demo 2For awhile we had a quick pass through from the kitchen to the laundry.  It was kinda convenient but it didn’t last long. Before Demo 1One thing this place doesn’t lack is storage!  I have cabinets that have nothing in them,
which is WAY better than the opposite of having not enough storage!Laundry 1We carried the same laminate flooring on into the laundry room that we installed throughout the rest of the house.  The walls, trim and cabinets were painted with SW Extra White.  Since oil based paint was previously used on the cabinets, I first painted a layer of chalk paint on them so the new paint would adhere.   This is a trick I use a lot if I want to paint something with regular acrylic paint, a layer of chalk paint first keeps me from frustration later.Before Demo 2You can’t really tell by the photo but this sink basin was really low, even for me.  Our plumber even said it was affecting the water flow because pipes couldn’t be installed properly.20171021_025853So out came the old cabinet and my husband built a new base to carry the vintage sink we brought with us to Texas.  This is another piece I will be a bit sad to leave behind.  It also came out of the Spirit Lake, Idaho cabin we deconstructed before moving.  There are a few flaws but overall it’s a beautiful and very heavy duty sink.  It was used as the kitchen sink in the cabin.BasketI went on the hunt for a large basket to not only be useful but hide the piping.  Next to it sits our laundry basket.  I thought it would also be cute to make a curtain out of a drop cloth.  I may do that in a future flip.

Before Demo 3

Demo 3We also removed the cabinets directly above the sink to open it up and leave a spot for decorating.  A large mirror, wreath or open shelves would look lovely here.


20171021_025751I made this sign a couple of years ago for our little Coeur d’ Alene Cottage.  I’m so happy it survived the move!  Ideally you would want to hang something a little larger here like I mentioned above, but I had totally run out of wall decor by the time I went to decorate this room.  Just another reason to be thankful this sign survived.


Laundry 3And there it is… another tour has come to an end.  We’ll move back over to the other side of the house next time for the master suite reveal.  Drastic measures had to be taken in that space and a whole wall came tumbling down.  (It was a good thing!!!)

Have a fabulous weekend!!!


  • Paint:  SW Extra White
  • Basket:  At Home Store
  • Chevron Rug:  Hobby Lobby
  • Sign Wall Art:  Vintage Street Designs (The Sign Factory)
  • Wall Hooks:  Vintage Street Designs
  • Sink:  Vintage
  • Sink Base:  DIY
  • Stain:  Dark Walnet
  • Faucet:  Home Depot
  • Hanging basket:  A gift
  • Silk Flowers:  Hobby Lobby
  • Stool: Previously owned, painted fresh with chalk paint
  • Closet Doors:  Home Depot
  • Washer & Dryer:  Fred’s Appliances, Spokane Valley WA.
  • Shiplap:  Home Depot

Black and White Guest Bathroom

Before 1Are you ready for this?  Put your boots and gloves on before entering.  Oh, and probably nose plugs!  I know it’s going to be hard for you to believe, but this by far my most favorite room in the house!  Hopefully by the time you get done with this tour, you’ll see why!Before 3The is the hall bathroom located between two bedrooms and the one that most guests would use.  For some reason, the original owners covered up the the white 4 inch floor tile with this lovely blue carpet. Before 4It has an interesting layout.  The toilet has its own little space but does not have a privacy door.  We thought we might change it but then it kind of grew on us so we decided to keep the layout as-is and just chose to build new shelves.Before 2The only thing we wanted to save in this room was the tub.  It’s a porcelain tub and in really good shape.  But everything else, not so much!!!Guest Bath Demo 1We hired our neighbor’s son next door to help Dave rip out all the tile.  Eeks, what a mess!Guest Bath Demo 2The vanity was built onsite when the house was built.  When we removed it, we discovered this 2 inch hole.  We’ve never seen anything like this before in any of our flips over the years.  Oh my goodness…more work.  We had to mix cement and fill the hole before we could lay new tile.  Ugh!!!Guest Bath Demo 3This is how NOT to remove a wall mirror!  Haha!  Dave stood in the hallway and threw a hammer at it.  It took a couple of throws before it finally shattered.  He’s a little bit crazy when it comes to demo!Guest Bath Demo 5All cleaned up and ready for concrete!Guest Bath Demo 6We took out the upper soffit above the tub and vanity so we had to stamp and paint the ceiling to cover up the bare spots in the ceiling.Guest Bath Demo 4New water proof sheet rock was installed.Guest Bath Demo 7Next, we started tiling with white subway tile.Guest Bath Demo 8It took a few days because I only wanted to go up so high to let the rows dry before stacking more tiles on.  Others go all the way up in one day, but I didn’t want to take any chances.Guest Bath Demo 9I picked out this tile at The Tile Shop here in Tyler.  I was SO excited to find an affordable tile for the floor that looked like the stylish cement tiles.Guest Bath Demo 10My sweet husband quickly mastered the art of cutting tile.  He had never tiled before.  I’ve always done the tiling, thanks to my brother who taught me.  During the process while working with the mortar on this project, I learned that my skin was irritated by it and that my tiling days were over.  I was so sad.  I loved the fact that I could tile and save SO much money on the homes we renovate.  No more!  All large jobs will now have to be hired out.  Oh well, less work for me right!!!  I mean, lets look at the positive side!!!Guest Bath Demo 11

Guest Bath Demo 12Next came the shiplap walls.  Lets brighten this place up!!!Canton FindWe have been making shopping trips over to Canton Trade Days once a month (every month) since we’ve moved to Tyler.  So fun!!!  Anyway, we found this dresser there to turn into a vanity for this bathroom reno.  We picked it up for $100.  Huge savings compared to the vanities this size I was considering.  All smiles on our faces this day!!!Guest Bath Demo 13Here’s Dave cutting the hole for the sink.  I was a bit nervous!Vanity PaintedOnce the hole was cut, I repainted it white and the top black.  I then put several coats of poly on the top to secure the finish.Guest Bath Reveal 12The sink was purchased at Lowes.  It’s called Anna White Farmhouse Sink.  The faucet was just happened to be on a close-out sale at the same time!  Yeah!!!Guest Bath Reveal 11Now you can officially Be Our Guest!  Welcome!Guest Bath Reveal 1

Guest Bath Reveal 2

Guest Bath Reveal 4

Guest Bath Reveal 7

Guest Bath Reveal 8I just added a few decorative touches to the shelves and added a basket to hold extra tissue.   When looking for an inexpensive way to add a little extra something special when decorating, roll up some old sheet music or book pages with twine.  Easy and pretty with a vintage flavor!

Guest Bath Reveal 9

Guest Bath Reveal 10This old wood ladder was also a find in Canton.  We bought it for $12 and then my hubs split it in half.  So really we got two for $12.  Ya can’t beat that!!!  The other side found a home in the master bath.  I’ll be taking you there shortly.

Guest Bath Reveal 5

Guest Bath Reveal 6Well that’s it my sweet friends!  We’ve come to the end of this tour.  What do you think?  Can you see why this has ended up being the most favorite room of the house?  Every time I walk in, it just makes me happy!

Guest Bedroom Final Reveal

3Our guest room was a really fun space to re-do.  We actually moved into this room for a couple of months while our master bath was getting renovated.  I think I just need to show you the before photos so you can see how much we had to do to bring it to its current state.before 1This room needed a lot of LOVE as you can clearly see.  Wall to wall nasty blue carpeting, pink walls and ugly wallpaper adorned this space.  Everything needed to go, including the windows and trim.paintingFirst, we had new windows installed and painted, then added the laminate flooring that matched the rest of the house. New TrimNext, we added all new shaker style trim.ShiplapTo cover up the ugly wallpaper, we added a feature wall of shiplap.  The room is large so we had budgeted about $150 for this treatment but it actually cost approximately $175.  We weren’t too far off.2I asked my hubs if he could build a window seat for storage and a great place just to sit.  He had never built one before but instantly said “yes IF I draw up some plans of exactly what I wanted”.  Easy, since I love to decorate with baskets I knew I just wanted it all open.  It was a bit tricky figuring out the angles and how I wanted the corners finished off, but other then that the build went quite smooth.  Remember, we’re dealing with un-square walls built in the 60′s.  With every turn is another challenge.  The good news is… it came out exactly how I had envisioned it!  Yeah!!!  6I found new bedding, but otherwise used what we already owned to decorate this room.  As always with every project we do, when it comes time for the finishing touches, the decorating budget gets cut.  When I go shopping, I have to pray for miracles to happen!!!7


4The other side of the walk-in closet is identical to this one.  There are built-in shoe racks and upper shelves.  I staged the closet with dresses and shoes I rarely wear and made it a little more feminine.   Of-course, using a black and white theme!9

Bedroom Reveal 1It was so nice to get a room on this side of the house complete, which meant we could finally stop camping out in our office/4th bedroom and we were starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.  In the next post, I’ll be showing you my favorite space in the whole house.  Look for it tomorrow!!!


  • Bedding:  Stein Mart
  • Black & White Pillows:  Ikea
  • Galvanized Tray:  Vintage Street Designs  (Online shop will be re-opened soon)
  • Baskets:  At Home Store
  • Shiplap:  Home Depot
  • Trim:  Home Depot  (We cut to size ourselves)
  • Window Coverings:  Home Depot
  • Dress Form:  Pottery Barn (I picked it up second hand at Furniture Affair in Phoenix)
  • Metal Deer Head Wall Mount:  Decor Steals
  • Cotton Wreath:  Vintage Street Designs

Dark to White Family Room Reveal

Happy Friday!!!  Do you follow me on Facebook and Instagram?  Did you see my second BIG reveal yesterday afternoon?  Can you even believe our house is already under contract after just being on the market for a few hours?  A lovely family of 6 will be moving in next month.  4 little ones will be running through and around this very special house.  Super excited for them!

I thought we would move on in and take a tour of the family room today.  We have now made a complete circle from the entryway, through the living and dining room, into the kitchen and to this beautiful space.  The family/great room is lined with wall to wall dark paneling, built-in book shelves with loads of storage and a wet bar including mini fridge and wine cooler.

5The minute I saw this room, I knew it had to be painted all white and accented with black.  It’s the last room to be renovated because we used it as our workshop as we worked on the rest of the house over the past several months.  The choice of brick in this house is interesting.  They used several different styles inside and out, and they don’t necessarily blend.  So choosing to paint was a really good option to blend and make every space cohesive. painting

great rm 6Pretty in white!  When it came to time to actually paint this room, my hubs and I were about wore out.  So we decided to hire outside help.  The painter used oil base paint to adhere to the paneling.  Whoa, did that ever stink up the house.  It took several days so it could fully dry between coats and there were SO many cabinet doors to paint as well.  It was such a relief to finally have it finished and I could start moving in furniture.1

great rm 7The wire mesh on the end cabinet doors we breaking apart so we decided to just leave them off and just keep all the upper shelves open.  The center cabinet with glass doors has an interior light to really showcase special treasures.great rm 2OK, so here’s the scoop on the furniture for this room.  I basically didn’t have any!  We made a visit to Ikea in Frisco TX to purchase the Ektorp white slip covered sofa and a pair of wicker chairs.  We came home with the beige slip cover and 2 black chairs.  How did this happen you ask?  I took my husband with me – nuff said!!!  It just so happens you can save money by going beige verses white.  This is not what I had envisioned for this room, but it still works.  (Please excuse the wrinkles, I haven’t got around to steaming the cover yet).Great rm 1These chairs are surprisingly very comfortable.  When we were discussing what way to go while standing in Ikea, Dave said to me “you’re the designer, if you go with the beige sofa and black chairs, isn’t it your job to make it all coordinate together?  My response was “yes, but do you have to make my job more difficult? LOL  Luckily I was able to find this rug (which I am absolutely in love with by the way) and already owned the material I made the accent pillows out of.Great rm 8The coffee table was a $10 find at a garage sale.  I just painted it white and then took an electric hand sander to it for major distressing!6The wet bar had an old ice maker that needed removed but there was nice mini fridge we were able to keep.  We just wanted to move it over so it wasn’t the focal point.barWe bought a wine cooler to replace the ice maker and moved the fridge over.  We were also able to keep the sink and faucet.  It just needed a thorough scrubbing.  We removed the upper cabinet doors for open shelving and demoed the counter top and back splash.  Dave added shiplap to the wall and we ordered in a new black counter top.  He also spray painted all the hardware black.9Aren’t these handles cool?  So chunky!  I love them in black against the freshly white painted doors. 20170620_135421

20170620_142700I wanted to give this wine holder a good base coat before it was professionally sprayed.  I could just imagine all the major running that could potentially happen trying to reach all the little nooks and crannies. bar 2

great rm 3

great rm 5Just a few touches of Fall in this room too.

afterJust the exterior doors alone in this house kept me very busy hand painting all those grids.  But I LOVE the look and every door is still very solid.  Each door has a screen door I had to paint as well.  We only had to replace one screen out of 5.  Not bad!

We used SW7006 Extra White oil base paint for this room.  Sherwin Williams was very helpful when we needed advise regarding all this paneling.  But, I really, really hope we never have to use it again on a project.  The smell is NASTY!

Until next time… hope you have a GREAT weekend planned.  Today we’re heading to a local Vintage Barn Sale.  I’ll try to take some pictures to share!

Kitchen Renovation Reveal

k1 beforeOh my goodness you guys, for a 3000 sq. ft. house this kitchen was truly just an after thought.  It was SO underwhelming when we first walked into this space.  Not to mention the dingy vinyl flooring and outdated wallpaper.  We lived here for about 3 months without a kitchen, going out to eat and/or using our faithful BBQ on the back patio.  We are meeting with an Architect this week to see about possibly building our next home (much smaller than this one) to live in while we continue to flip other houses.  We have lived through so many construction zones that we’re ready to just retreat at the end of the day to a home that doesn’t need any work.  Yeah!!!  We LOVE what we do, we just don’t want to live in it while we do it!!! Haha!!!k3 beforeHere’s a view of the other side.  There was no counter space at all next to the stove.  That had to be really inconvenient while cooking in this kitchen over the years.k5 beforeReally take not of this wall.  Basically just a walking path to the “mother-in-law” suit/4th bedroom, 3rd bathroom and laundry.  We made a drastic change here!k7 before  swing doorThe swing door leads to the formal dining room.  Some people in the area have kept these doors for nostalgia but they have more ornate hardware and prettier doors.  I felt it was more important to remove it to add more light into the kitchen and for better flow.  I don’t like to be closed off in any room.  The more open the better!!!kitchen rightWhoa… this what I’m talking about!  Open, bright and clean kitchen with loads of storage and counter space!  White shaker style cabinetry reaching to the ceiling.  Brand new stainless steel appliances including an apron sink.  Large subway tile back splash and granite counter top. We continued with the same laminate flooring through the kitchen which ground the space.Kitchen 6On this side of the kitchen, we removed the large cabinet to the right of the stove and added prep space on either side.  You can see here how removing the swing door already adds so much more light into the kitchen from the large bay window in the dining room.Kitchen 1We covered up the wall paper by adding new custom wood trim work throughout the entire kitchen.  A fairly simple DIY project, just takes time.   We also removed the ceiling fan and had our electrician add can lights with bright white light bulbs.  WOW…what a difference!!!kitchen leftMy hubs built the range hood.  I was really excited about this.  It adds another custom eliminate to the room and also another place to DECORATE!  A great spot for a wreath, sign, picture, holiday decor, etc… or just leave it plain.  You can’t go wrong!  We discovered during demo that that there was a gas line behind the original electric oven.  We quickly canceled our order for an electric range and purchased a gas range!  What a GREAT find!!!message boardSo…this little snack shack was tricky.  When we ordered the end cabinet, it was suppose to come uncut (meaning, no pre-hole cut for the microwave).  Unfortunately, the notes were never read.  It came with a giant hole big enough for a built-in oven.  We had to figure out a way to fill the gap and make it truly one-of-a-kind.  I came up with the message board idea and the hubs got busy to make it happen!  He amazes me every day with his talents!Kitchen 5A little touch of Fall.  But, we’re having a hard time staying away for the M&M’s.  We are already on our second bag. Haha!dave building pantryRemember the blank wall leading to the hallway? Well, the laundry room in this house is huge so we thought why not steal a little space out of it and build a true pantry for the kitchen!20170513_152443Here’s Dave framing up the new wall in the laundry room.  Originally my plan was to put a built-in bench in this nook, but a pantry is a better use of this space.20170515_145946We used shiplap on both sides of the new wall.Kitchen NookAnd here it is today!  The vintage door came out of a cabin we deconstructed on Spirit Lake in Idaho.  I just thorough cleaned and waxed the door before we hung it.  I’m happy it found a new home, but sad that I’ll be leaving it behind.  We removed the old chandelier and added this wooden industrial candle ceiling pendant light with rustic metal finishes I found on Amazon.  The table was another DIY project.  We picked up the base for just $20.  Built the round table top and then painted and distressed the entire thing.  The chairs were found at a local vintage retail shop ranging from $15 – $20 each.  I only repainted the one on the left because it was bright red.  I used layers of chalk paint in brown, off white and gray, then wet distressed it.  You can still see bits of red in a couple of spots if you look closely. doorI added the “Pantry” sign at the last minute before listing our house.  I’m hiding all the food items on the lower shelves and just displaying the pretty items where you can see through the window.  Smiles!!!kitchen lThere is so much more I could tell you about just in the kitchen are alone, but I have to cut it off somewhere.  I’ll come back in another post to give more details and sources soon!!!

OK…so what do you think?  Did we do good?  Stay tuned for another room and tour tomorrow!!!

Living and Dining Room Reveal

Here we are on Day 3 of our fully remodeled fixer upper tour on Pecan Drive!  Today is the big reveal of the formal living and dining room.  This area was probably the most damaged.  The original owners had this house built back in the early 60′s but then never touched it again.  There is something to say about maintenance and how important it is, especially when living in a climate like Texas!  But on the bright side, if they would have kept up with the house and repairs we wouldn’t have been able to purchase it at such a great price!  Several people have told us that they either showed the house to clients or looked at it themselves but were afraid of all the work that needed to be done.  We’re the kind of crazy people who take on challenges like this.  Sometimes I think we need our heads examined.  Haha!Living 5Before photo of living room as you enter from the foyer.  The house had been sitting for several months unoccupied.lv1And here’s what it looks like today!Living 4We ripped out the nasty old carpet, took off all the trim and replaced the windows.  The beautiful plant sitting on the floor was given to us by another sweet neighbor welcoming us to the neighborhood.  I tried my best to keep it alive through all the construction but the poor thing didn’t make it.  Sad face!!!Living 3Another view before the demo began.lv3The finished product!  Ya know, I thought I had a lot of stuff to fill and stage a house until I started decorating this one.  I quickly ran out of furniture and home decor.  Luckily we now live near Canton and we get to go to Trade Days every month.  It has been a lifesaver (FUN too)!!!crown moldingThe crown molding in this space is SO pretty!  Definitely a wonderful feature and draws the eye up.lv4

sofaOur $10 trunk made the trip with us once again.  But last week we added some feet that we picked up in Canton for just $2 each.  Gave it a little lift.  We store all our table games in it.  My husband and I play all the time.  Does your family like to play games?  Mr. A and I are very competitive.  All in good fun of-coarse!

Dining 5Hope you are wearing your sun glasses!  These walls in the dining room were hot pink.Dining 6There was wood rot under the windows from rain over the years.  It was pretty disgusting and we were very anxious to get it all cleaned up, add the new windows and get a tight seal on it.water damage

laminate flooringOnce the new windows were installed, we continued laying the laminate flooring into this area of the house.  It was so nice to be able to walk from room to room on a clean new floor.wainscotingNext, we added the decorative wainscoting.  I kept with the theme of crisp bright white and light gray walls.  We found a great deal on the flooring at Sam’s Club.  It was being discontinued so we over bought to make sure we would have enough.  I think we ended up returning just two boxes.  We kept one box for the new home owners any case anything should happen in the future they’ll have replacements.dining 4We removed the swing door between the kitchen and dining room to open it up and shed more light into the kitchen.  It just makes more sense now and has a much better flow.  dining 5I was going to keep all the decor neutral since we were listing the house but…I just couldn’t help myself.  I had to bring out the fall decor and even add some new things too.Dining 1

dining 3Out with the old chandelier and in with the new.  It looks like a simple light fixture but it took us quite awhile to assemble it.  But it was worth it.  I LOVE it!!!dining 6Final photo of the dining room with a sneak peek into the brand new kitchen.  Maybe we’ll go there tomorrow as the tour continues!

Side note… something really exciting has happened.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share the news with y’all very soon!!!


  • Curtains: Ikea
  • Shades: Home Depot
  • Laminate Flooring: Sam’s Club
  • Floor Lamp: Vintage Street Designs
  • Candle Holders: Vintage Street Designs
  • End Table: Vintage Find
  • Living room floor rug: preowned
  • Dining room sisal rug: West Elm
  • Chandelier: Amazon
  • Wall paint color: SW7015 Repose Gray
  • Trim color: SW7006 Extra White

The Home Tour Continues

Are you ready for an AMAZING transformation?  I couldn’t wait to dig into the entryway of this house.  I was SO ready to give it a face lift and make it bright and inviting.  Well, you’ll see why once you take a look at the before photos.Entry 1BeforeEntry 6After

Right away when we entered this home we immediately nicknamed it “the house of doors”.  Just wait for it…Entry 4There were bi-fold doors leading from the entryway into every room, including the hallway to the bedrooms.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  We also noticed there was wallpaper everywhere throughout the house that would have to be addressed.  My wheels were spinning!!!

entry 4We really wanted to preserve the character of the house while updating it.  We kept the brick flooring, crown molding and the light fixture (I just up-cycled it by spray painting it black). gold fixture

black light fixture

workWe covered up all the wallpaper by installing bright white shiplap.  We also changed out the flat panel closet door and added new trim.  Our intentions were to paint or possibly German Smear the bricks, but once the walls were done we kind of like the reddish brick color.  It’s not in perfect condition but it’s unique and it’s prevalent to this neighborhood.  Our neighbors have brick flooring in their homes too.  We just have it here in the entryway and in the family room.  The rest of the house got new laminate flooring.Entry 8You can see how the brick carries you into the next living space.  I love how you can see straight through to the back patio.  Entry9

entry 5We searched high and low for a small entry table but couldn’t find exactly what we wanted so I asked the hubs to just build one.  It’s very sturdy but only held up by two screws, so if the new home owner want it removed it will be easy to do.Entry10I’ve been going crazy with making me pillows to stage around the house.  (In all my spare time of-coarse. Haha)  I thought this pillow was fitting to greet all potential buyers.  We are in Texas now ya know!!!

We found out that our neighborhood has already been surveyed to be annexed into the Tyler Azalea Historic District.  We live right across the street from it now but it is in the same subdivision.  My husband talked with the city this morning and said we could apply now for the plaque to hang since this house is over 50 years old.  She said they are just waiting for a few more houses to turn 50 before following through with the annexation process.  Very cool!!!

The Brick House on Pecan Drive is officially listed on the market as of this morning!  Whoohoo!!!  My hubby’s new Remax Tyler real estate signs just got delivered so he can put one up in the front yard.

Make sure and stop back by tomorrow for a visit.  We’ll be touring the formal living and dining room!  You’ll see how it transformed from hot pink walls, leaky windows and wood rot… to a bright, clean and beautiful space you want to spend time in!


  • Wall color:  SW7006 Extra White
  • Front door color:  SW7069 Iron Ore
  • Shiplap: Home Depot
  • Closet Door: Home Depot
  • Pumpkin: Hobby Lobby
  • Pillow: DIY
  • Candle Sticks: Harp Design Co.
  • Wreath: Vintage Street Designs
  • Basket: Vintage Street Designs
  • Lantern Chandelier color: Rustoleum Black Spray Paint
  • Ceramic Garden Bench: TJ Maxx

The Brick House on Pecan Drive

Lets get this party started!!!  I have lots of before and after photos to share with you this week of The Brick House on Pecan Drive!  It’s super exciting to be done with this project and we are SO ready to get it on the market.  It has been a long and extremely busy time for us these past 5 months since we’ve moved to Tyler.  What a GREAT town and we LOVE Texas (except for the lizards and big bugs, I’m not a fan. lol)!  Anyway, I’m thinking I should start with the exterior of this sprawling ranch style home.  It’s almost 3000 sq. ft. and has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, formal living and dining, eat-in kitchen and a huge great room with a fireplace.  Located in a beautiful neighborhood nestled in a cul de sac and sitting on almost 3/4 of an acre in town.  This was our biggest fixer-upper to date.  Whew!!!  We did it!!!Before Photo of ExteriorThis is what the house looked like when we purchased it.  The one really good thing it had going for it is the fact that the roof had just been replaced.  That was a major plus!Exterior beforeWe immediately removed several of the overgrown shrubs so the house was no longer hidden.Truck got stuckHere is where we had a slight delay.  Haha!  There had been quite a bit of rain and our truck got stuck in the front yard while removing the shrubs with a chain.  Luckily our really nice and helpful neighbor came to our rescue and pulled us out.  There is always something!!!Front Door beforeI’ve got to say, I really hoped that we could rescue this front door but it was in too bad of shape.  Broken and warped glass plus wood rot.  It would have cost way more money to have it restored than to just purchase a brand new door, which was recommended by the professional I talked to.  Bummer!  We also knew that we needed to update the paneled walls to something more current and the whole house needed a fresh coat of paint.New ExteriorI chose SW 7018 Dovetail for the exterior paint on the body and the trim is SW Extra White.  All exterior doors and shutters were painted with SW 7069 Iron Ore.  We now have the brightest house on the block and I love it!  The brick was a yellowy color and the trim was salmon.  Not my taste at all.  A very important detail and probably the most expensive part of this reno was replacing all the windows.  This home was built in the early 60′s and hadn’t been touched since.  We kept some of the mature landscaping because buyers are looking for this when purchasing an older home. new front doorWe ordered our new front door from Home Depot.  It came unfinished so I could paint it to match the rest of the house.  It’s solid wood and was the most cost effective door I could find that had a window.  There were some big ticket items that came up during this renovation so I really had to watch the budget.  As it is, we went way over anyway.  There are just some things you have to take care of no matter what the cost when working on these older homes.Garage ViewHere’s a view of the garage side of the house.  The garage door is new too.  We ordered it from Overhead Garage Door Co.  Extremely happy with it!  (Please ignore the garbage can I forgot to hide before taking photos.  Oops!)backyardThe backyard is large enough to add an additional garage, shop and/or pool.  The skies the limit here!  Needless to say, we had to buy a riding lawn more for this yard.  I’ll show you more of the back patio in a later post so not to get too carried away on this post.

Side note:  Hoping you don’t notice but… the chimney did not get painted and I’m pretty sad about that.  My hubs spray painted the gray around the base of the house and then we decided to hire a painter to finish up the trim and the back patio area.  When we hired him, I specifically asked if he would be able to paint the chimney.  His response was “YES”.  Long story short, when it came time to get up on the roof he got scared.  To be honest, I was scared for him.  He was a really nice man, but I think this job calls for a TEAM of experts.  So, he took a reduction in pay but it has still left us with an unpainted chimney.  Ugh!  It’s always difficult when moving to a new area and finding all new subcontractors.  We’re thankful for all of the great ones we have connected with though, such as our plumber, electrician, tile installer, etc…  Can’t wait to bring them all back to work with us on our next project!

Close upHope you enjoyed the first of many tours of The Brick House on Pecan Drive.  I’ll be inviting you inside for the next tour and we’ll just work our way through the entire house.  This is where you’re REALLY going to see a transformation and I can’t wait to share it all with you!!!


I’ve Named Our House

Hey there,  it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to post on my website and I’m happy to be back and really writing again!  First, we made the long trip from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to Tyler Texas.  Second, it took awhile as always with a move, to get internet hooked up.  Third, we’ve been extremely busy remodeling our new house.  We wasted no time to just dive right in.  It was in much worse shape than what we first thought.  We are having to touch every square inch of this almost 3000 sq. ft. house.  Yikes!  I’m excited about all the changes being made and I’m anxious to share each space with you.  Originally we planned to live here for a couple of years while we set up shop here in Tyler.  However, this is WAY more square footage then what we want to take care of.  So, we’ve decided to flip this house and either build or find a much smaller home that we don’t have to spend so much time on and just enjoy more free time doing things we like to do.

I love naming each house we live in and this one is no different.  I landed on “The Brick House On Pecan Drive”.  It’s a little long, but every time I thought about it I just kept coming back to this stately title.  Most houses in Texas are built with brick so the only thing that makes ours different is adding that it’s on Pecan Drive and it’s OURS!

Since we’ve been in Tyler, my hubs passed his tests for his Texas Real Estate License.  This is his third state he’s been licensed in and he’s really tired of taking the same classes over and over again.  We’ve never moved to state yet where they will honor the previous state’s licensing.  Once again, he took one for the team and got it done!  I’m so proud of him!!!  We’ve begun our search for other flippers and SO anxious to build our business up together here.  In fact, we have gone under contract to purchase a small horse property.  We are actually going to keep this one as a rental income property. (More on that later.)

OK, on to the good stuff.  Let’s show you a glimpse of what’s been happening here.

Guest Bath Original PicHere is an original photo of the guest bath as seen on the MLS.  This home was built by the Murphy family of Murphy Jewelers.  This photo was taken during the estate sale prior to us purchasing the home.  Blue carpet had been added over the white tile flooring.

Guest Bath DemoAnd here we are on demo day!!!  Do you see the hole in the floor on the right?  The vanity had been built onsite and for some reason they didn’t fill in the concrete flooring.  We found this later in other rooms as well. Ugh!!!  So…we had to pour new concrete before we could do anything else.Choosing Floor TileI was super excited to find this affordable tile at The Tile Shop in Tyler.  Mary has been such a dream to work with.  Ask for her if you are ever in need of some pretty tile!

Subway Tile Guest BathThe only thing we saved in this bathroom was the tub.  It’s a beast and still in great shape!  My hubs taught himself how to cut tile while I did the tiling.  This is a shot prior to grouting.

Canton FindWe only live about 45 minutes from Canton where they hold a vintage market the first weekend of every month.  We haven’t missed one since we moved here.  So fun!  We found this dresser for our guest bath vanity.  We made a better deal with the vendor since we didn’t want the rest of the bedroom set or the mirror.  They were very nice and accommodating.Vainty Sink CutSo thankful to have such a handy husband.  Here he is cutting out the hole for the sink.  He also had to modify the center top drawer and re-do the plumbing.

Flooring and vanityIt took a lot of shiplap from Home Depot to cover up all that busy wallpaper but it was a great solution and design wise, it didn’t hurt my feelings.  It’s exactly the look I was going for and wanted for this space!
Vanity PaintedI repainted the vanity white so it didn’t look quite so rustic and painted the top black with several layers of poly.  I don’t think I had the poly on for this photo.

almost finishedAlmost finished!

Guest Bath Is FinishedAnd it’s done!!!  More finished photos to come soon!  We are currently working on the master bath but for the time being, we have moved into the guest room and using this bathroom.

It’s been crazy living through such a huge remodel.  We were just saying today how grateful we are that we managed to do it all and still at the end of the day…we love each other!  We have always worked better together than apart, but we’ve never tackled such a big job while living in it.  We hope to never do it again.  We’re tired.  Haha!