The Blue Cottage

OK…so I’m calling this little gem “The Blue Cottage” for obvious reasons!  Haha!  It’s always astounding what paint can do, isn’t it?  We helped our client/friend purchase this cutie for a rental property.  In fact, he’s never even seen it other than photos I’ve sent him.  Eeks!!!  When my husband and I go searching for homes whether it’s for us or clients, I am constantly asking myself “would I or could I live here?”  If the answer is “no”, then what would it take to make it livable and feel like home, or do we just need to pass?  The Blue Cottage passed the test!  Some homes need a lot of love, while others just need a little kiss! Here’s a “before” photo with mustard yellow accents!  NOT a good look!And here is today!!!  AMAZING!!!  No more yellow, just fresh, clean, white paint!

I also ran around the house and touched up some blue paint too!  It’s not perfect, but no house ever is!

As you can see in this photo, there are a couple of corbels.  On the other side of the porch, they were missing.  So I just asked my hubs to remove them before we painted!  We also noticed that the light fixture was broken.  It probably could have been repaired, but to be on the safe side, we just bought a new one to match the back porch light.

By removing the corbels on the left it not only modernized the look, it also made the front porch appear to be larger and more inviting.  I picked out a small white lantern style light fixture.  You can find it here!

Tomorrow, The Blue Cottage gets a professional cleaning and brand new stainless appliances and then she’ll be available for rent and we’ll be on to the next!!!  Honestly, I would just LOVE to purchase this entire block of cutie patooties!  Hey… a girl can dream, right???  It’s only money, or in our case…a lack there of!  Haha!!!

So, what do think of this mini makeover?  Not bad, huh?  I can’t wait to see what lucky family gets to live in The Blue Cottage!

White Outdoor Wall Lantern

White paint is Behr Ultra Exterior Semi-Gloss Standard White Base paint.  I added no tinting.

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  1. What a change! Good job. Love that you took off the corbels. Have you considered a larger scale light by the front door? I have noticed larger lights when old ones are replaced on our block and am considering same.

    • Thanks Deb! Yes, I LOVE larger lights but for this one…it wasn’t in the budget! Besides painting, lighting can really make a statement and change the whole look of a house inside and out! Hope you find the perfect light for your entrance! ♥

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Agree about larger light on front porch and love house/cottage without that awful mustard yellow, yuk. Looks so clean and tidy now, appealing. Good job kids. What’s next?
    Happy week

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