Tiny House Facts to Know

Did you know that according to a 2017 Community Preference Survey, six out of ten people said they would spend more (17% “a lot more” and 43% “a little more”) to live in a community where they could walk to parks, shops and restaurants?  More than half said they would prefer to live in a house with a small yard versus a similar house with a large yard if it enabled them to walk to more places.  More than half also said they would prefer to live in an apartment or townhouse rather than a detached house if it meant an easy walk to places they need to go and a shorter commute to work.

Several cities across America are now allowing homeowners to add a second dwelling on the their property with-in the city limits to provide additional living for condensed areas.  The technical term for this second dwelling is called “Accessory Dwelling Units” or ADU.  I LOVE this concept, if done right.  I’m happy to see these cities get involved and create incentives for homeowners to do this, but also have certain obtainable regulations to not hurt the value of neighboring homes.


I just heard the term “Granny Flat” for the first time last week while watching a design show.  Then I read this article about ADUs and the author called these dwellings “Granny Flats”.  Isn’t this a cute name?

So it got me thinking, how many names can I come up with for these “tiny houses”?6af09c840e77735694c05bb3d9bdaf5d

So here’s a few:

Tiny House

Granny Flat

She Shed

Man Cave

Mother-in-law Quarters

Guest House

Guest Cottage


Bunk House

 Casita 4b38175b13bd6a0a5cd2d0cb188cdc21--house-pools-pool-houses

What other names have you heard to add to this list?casita-house-small-floor-plans-contemporary-small-house-designs-home_ideasThey come in all shapes, sizes and styles.  But whatever it may be, wouldn’t it be fun to have one on your property?  Even if it’s just for out-of-town visitors, where they can feel at home and relaxed in their own private oasis.  If we decide to stay for any length of time in our new farmhouse we’re remodeling right now, we’d love to build a guest cottage on our property.  It would be SO fun, especially since our house is small.  It could also act as our art studio.  (So who am I kidding?  It would be my She Shed.)  Time and place for a “Girl’s Weekend”!!!  Woot, woot!!!

*Source for this information came from On Common Ground publication by the Community and Political Affairs decision of the National Association of Realtors.

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