Farmhouse Lighting and More

This has been an absolute crazy couple of days!  It’s been too long since I’ve done physical labor, obviously!!!  I can hardly walk!  Haha!  I just took a long hot bath and I told my husband I needed about 20 ice packs now to wrap around my whole body!  Yesterday was clean-up day at the farmhouse.  We stacked piles of scraps in the yard.  Some will be burned and others will make a trip to the dump.  Today I painted shutters and iron railings for a client.  So now my upper body hurts too!  Eeks!!!  I seriously need to squeeze in time once the farmhouse remodel is finished to start working out again.  I’ve just never been a fan of workouts, but this is ridiculous! (Laughing and crying at the same time.)

On a happy note: two of these beauties arrived on my doorstep this evening!  If you following me on Instagram, you’ll know that I was having a difficult time choosing the perfect pendant lights to hang over our kitchen island at Acorn Country Farmhouse!  Well, because of the super, duper high ceilings…I need a really long electrical cord.  So, instead of spending another 20 hours searching, I decided to order the traditional farmhouse barn pendant lights in matte black.  They come with 10′ of cord so it should be enough.  Also, they are so inexpensive that my hubby said I can always change them out later for something more decorative if I’m not 100% happy with them once they’re up.  I just had something else in mind, but couldn’t quite find it.  The good thing is though, these won’t compete with our dining room chandelier or the swing arm wall sconces I’m installing.  You’ll be able to see them all at one time.  I think it will look good!!!  FYI:  I couldn’t find anywhere in the description what color the underneath portion of this barn light was.  I’ve seen them black, white, silver or gold.  I’m so thankful they are white.  I’ve heard this makes the light shine brighter!  Yeah!!!I love how these barn lights look in this all white kitchen!  Photo Source:  DecorPad

I’ve had this chandelier since the last Dallas Market I attended.  Actually, I have several.  Shhhh!  Actually, I’ll not only be hanging one in our dining room, but I also plan on using a few of them for our Dixie Court Project (4 new rental homes).  Even though I didn’t get them from Amazon, I did find them there as well.  You can get one here.

Here’s a beautiful example of how gorgeous this chandy is from The Modest Farmhouse!

These are the wall sconces I plan to hang on either side of our fireplace.  I’ve ordered them before for our spec house in Twin Lakes Village.   I LOVED them!  FYI:  they are difficult to install due to the small base.  The electrical hole has to be cut exactly to the size of the electrical box.  My electrician didn’t like me very much the day he had to install these.  Oops!  Now that we know this, I don’t think it will be a problem.  I would never try to install them over tile though.

You can see more photos of the Twin Lakes Craftsman Cottage here!

So other than some recessed lighting, that’s all my picks for our open concept living, dining and kitchen!  I want the entire space to feel as spacious as possible with a clean bright white farmhouse simplicity!  This way, I can accent with any color scheme at anytime!  Oh my gosh, I can’t wait!!! ♥♥♥

Last but not least, two other very important items showed up this week.  We ordered a tankless hot water heater which can mount right outside in the back.  This was such an important part of my design due to the fact that we only have 1150 sq. ft. to work with.  The old water heater was in the laundry room and it just took up so much valuable space.  We need all the storage we can get!  It cost a few extra dollars, but it will be way more efficient and will pay off in the end.  The other important item that arrived was our electric fireplace insert.  We were going to go with a gas insert, but honestly, we needed to save some money.  Switching to an electric insert saved about $1500 on the budget.  WOW, that’s a huge savings, right?  And lets face it, we’ll never use the fireplace here in Texas.  It’s mostly for looks so I can decorate the mantel!!!  (Smiles)

Electric Fireplace Insert

Tankless Propane Water Heater

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