Choosing An Exterior White Paint Color

Today I needed to narrow down what shade of “white” paint color I wanted to use for the exterior of our new farmhouse.  I used SW Extra White for the trim on our last house and it was REALLY bright!  I loved it, but I was thinking for this house I might want to tone it down just a bit.  So, I spent a little time investigating some other white farmhouses online that have caught my eye.  It was quickly clear to me that I was drawn to either SW Pure White or SW Alabaster White.  Here, let me show you and then you decide!SW Alabaster White

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles


SW Alabaster White

Y’all know who this belongs to!  Magnolia Farm

SW Pure White

How gorgeous is this Tennessee Farmhouse?  You’ve got to go check out what this family did during the framing stage of their house.  It will surely warm your ♥, like it did mine!!!

SW Pure White

This has always been one of my favorites!  Brittany, AKA Duchess of York has done an amazing job with this Southern Living Sugarberry Cottage Floor Plan.  Isn’t it just the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen?  I took the inspirations for our future screened-in porch from this plan.  I can’t wait to enjoy an iced coffee while my hubs drinks sweet tea out on our porch someday soon!

So after looking at these two different shades of white, what one would you choose?  Would you paint the base and trim the same color?  My husband votes for Alabaster White on the base and Pure White for the trim.  I was leaning more towards it all being the same.  Regardless, one or both of these colors are the WINNER!!!

Acorn Country Farmhouse

And this is our little farmhouse in it’s remodeling stage!  It’s really coming to life now, don’t ya think?  This is what she looked like today.  Our subs were working hard to get her buttoned up before the rain comes.  Do you see the clouds rolling in?

All the porch posts in this photo are just temporary supports.  The big cedar posts laying on the ground will soon be installed.  I originally planned to paint the posts white, but all the guys on the job (including my husband) begged me not to.  And honestly, I think the farmhouse would look great either way.  So…I’m going natural!!!  Hey, if I don’t like it once they’re up…I know where the paint is and I know how to use a paint brush.  Ha,ha!!!  I picked up a sample of mahogany today to see what stain I will want to use on our front door when it arrives.  If I’m leaving the cedar posts as-is, I will want the front door to blend.  I’ll be doing a little testing this next week to see!

There is still a large dormer to be built on the roof.  The framers are working tomorrow too, so we’ll see how much they get done!

I just heard that we should go check out Gladwater, TX tomorrow.  I guess it has some great antique stores.  It’s only about a 40 minute drive north of here, so it should be a fun day!  Somehow I got my weekends confused, and Canton Trade Days isn’t until next weekend.  Needless to say, we didn’t go today.  Good thing we figured it out before we drove all the way there.  If we don’t find a vintage door for our pantry tomorrow, we’ll go to Canton next week.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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