Best Kitchen Farmhouse Finds on Amazon

Best Kitchen Farmhouse Finds on AmazonWe are creeping up on the weekend already.  Whoohoo!  The days are just flying by as I’m trying to gather ideas for our new farmhouse kitchen.  Did you see my post on Instagram or Facebook?  I’ve named the farmhouse!!!  We’re calling it the “Acorn Country Farmhouse”.  Thanks to all of you who helped with the name.  It was narrowed down to 2 (Acorn Country Farmhouse or Texas Country Farmhouse) and I just couldn’t make up my mind, so I called my daughter Jill to make the final decision.  She said “Texas” was too normal and obvious.  [laugh]!  We have a HUGE acorn tree (short for oak tree with acorns…haha) on our property as well as some smaller ones, so it makes sense.  Plus, who doesn’t love to decorate with acorns in the Fall?  I’ve always been a big fan of acorns.  I have everything from acorn decorative napkins, napkin rings, candles, to a giant rustic acorn I use just for decorating.  Friends and family have had fun giving me these gifts over the years.  I’ve given myself a few too!  So it just seemed fitting to go with “Acorn Country Farmhouse”.  Do you like it?

OK , now for some other FUN news.  I’m excited to announce, you will now be able to shop my blog, Instagram and Facebook posts.  {Smiles}  My hope is that this will be helpful to all who are curious where I find the best deals for our flips, our personal homes (plural, because we are constantly on the move) and just home decor items in general.  I know when I’m reading posts from others, I want to be in-the-know!

All you need to do is just [click] on each individual item below using my affiliate links.  It’s that simple!





 I have SO many decisions to make over the next couple of weeks.  Everything needs to get ordered and shipped so it will be here when we’re ready for installation.  I love the look of the vintage inspired faucet and this farmhouse sink is reversible, how cool is that?  I’ve been dreaming of this Bread Box since the moment I laid eyes on it a couple of years ago.  Amazon has it for the best price I’ve seen yet, plus free shipping!  And the list goes on.  Love it all!!!

Well, I’m glad I have some idea of what I’ll be ordering soon.  I have purchased sinks, faucets, lighting and many other items from Amazon for our past projects and have always been extremely happy!  It’s always like Christmas or my birthday when each box arrives at my door step!

To see our most recent “Fixer Upper” project and a few products we ordered through Amazon you can find it here!

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