Apron Sink verses Undermount Sink

OK you guys, I know you are going to be shocked by what I am about to tell you!  I have read and read and read many reviews regarding apron/farmhouse sinks!  I have installed these sinks in houses we’ve built and/or remodeled, but have really only used one.  The one I got to use was in our last flip and it was a stainless steel apron sink as shown above.  I loved it, but my hubs didn’t enjoy wiping the sink down after every time it got used to keep the water spots at a minimum.  So, I thought I would absolutely be ordering a white apron sink for the Acorn Country Farmhouse. You can see more photos of this Farmhouse Sink here.

I mean, there wasn’t even a thought in my head to do otherwise!  Until…I started reading random reviews from other homeowners who are unhappy with theirs.  Some have cracked, scratched and stained.  They have said there is constant care needed to keep them looking bright, shiny and clean.  Ugh!  I don’t have time to worry about my kitchen sink, nor do I want to.  That being said, I started to second guess my initial decision.  So although I can’t believe I am telling you this right now, I changed my mind.  Earlier this week I ordered an undermount sink.

  I chose the Elkay Quartz Greystone (GS) Classic.

We’ve had quartz sinks before and we were extremely happy with them.  They come in SO many different colors, they are super durable and easy to take care of.


The Greystone is a light grey with a little sparkle.  As shown below↓

It will look beautiful sitting under the white/grey quartz or honed marble counter top I’m considering for the island.  Oh my gosh, I warned you that it was going to be shocking news!  An added bonus though – this decision saved us over $500.  However, money had nothing to do with this decision (not that I don’t have to watch our pennies) but usually when I change my mind it means more money, not less. Haha!  As you can imagine, my “micro manager” husband was elated by this design decision.Here’s a photo of a single sink, same size as the double.

If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know what tight budgets my husbands puts me on when designing and furnishing our homes.  I always take it as a challenge to really dig deep to find the best deals.  It’s not that I won’t try to do the same with the Acorn Country Farmhouse, but there are a few things that I’m not compromising on this time.  I’ve already given him cause for three panic attaches so far. {Laughing} 1. The 12/12 roof pitch I chose for the design of the house.  2. The cost of the black exterior windows.  3. The cost of the wood front door I picked out.  Now that those items have been dealt with, there shouldn’t be anymore BIG surprises for him.  Whew!

So what do you think of my sink choice?  Do you think I made the right choice or are you disappointed that I’m not getting a Farmhouse Sink?  It’s taking me awhile to get used to the idea.  When you have something pictured in your mind, it can be difficult to make such a drastic change.  Either way, our new kitchen is going to look beautiful.  Now I just need to focus on the next decision I have to make…{Lighting}.





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  1. Love your choice. Or stainless sink is a pain. Will look awesome with the light counter!

    • Thank you! I think so too! I actually loved our stainless steel sink, but then again who am I kidding…I’m usually not the one standing in front of the sink! LOL I am spoiled rotten by my hubs. Even when I try to do the dishes, he stops me. 🙂 The sink actually looks lighter in person than it does on the computer screen. I can’t wait until we’re to that point in the construction! It will mean we’re near the end and creeping up to our move-in day!!!

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