Acorn Country Farmhouse Building Update

It’s so exciting to see the process happening out at the Acorn Country Farmhouse right now.  Every day I can see such huge changes.  The above photo is what our little slice of East Texas looked like when we bought it.  Can you see the BIG oak tree on the left side of the shop?  It is LOADED with acorns.  They are so loud when they fall and hit the metal roof of the shop.  Haha.  Hence the name “Acorn Country Farmhouse”!

Here’a a closeup of the rectangle that sits in the middle of 2 acres!

And here’s what that box looked like when the roof started coming down.Rear Exterior
Roof is GONE!I spent time drawing up a plan for a new exterior as well as a new interior floor plan.  I gave my drawing to our architect, and he took it from there.  Goal:  A pretty white farmhouse with an upper dormer and wraparound front porch.Back and side view.  The kitchen, living and dining will be a vaulted ceiling and the rest of the interior will be a 10′ ceiling.  The original wall were at 8′ so the entire perimeter had to be raised.Once the siding started to be removed, we discovered it had no barrier between the studs and the lap siding.  We quickly called in for more material to be delivered and here’s our sweet framer installing it all at no extra cost.  (Guess who’s getting a big, fat bonus when his job is complete?)

We were out at the property this morning and he was just about finished with this step and plans to work through the weekend on the front porch.  The roof gets covered on Monday and then he will build out the dormer above the living room windows and front door.  Yeah!!!  It feels like we’re constructing a little doll house and I’m having the best time seeing it all come together!

Stay tuned…more updates will be coming your way soon with lots more photos!

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