Buying a Farmhouse

I feel like we’ve kind of been all over the place lately.  I’m sorry if I have confused anyone.  Haha.  Life just seems to always take unexpected twists and turns.  The Brick House on Pecan Drive closed and the new happy owners have moved in.  We were planning to purchase a Farmhouse on 7 acres but it fell through, so we had to start our search over again.  We have temporarily moved into a 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment and placed most of our belongings into storage.  The same thing happened to us last year, but this time I brought a lot of our Christmas decorations with us so I could still fill our little place with some Christmas cheer!Living roomLiving Room

Lucky for us, new laminate flooring had just been installed.  We’re the first to use them.

23561447_1679045628782137_8360922289736245535_nI purchased this pillow from Pottery Barn after Christmas last year.  I was excited to get the chance to use it this season.23621375_1681783361841697_6642039370105423840_nWe didn’t bring our big tree, so I found this slim one at Target.  Somehow a few other items made it into my cart.  How did that happen???20171117_065727Most of the ornaments we already owned but I got the new buffalo plaid ribbon and garland from Dillards, plus the black ornaments from Magnolia’s Hearth and Hand.20171208_124833I found the plaid table runner and white wood bead garland at Kirklands to dress up our antique farm table to match the Christmas tree.New FarmhouseNow for the BEST news!!!  We have found another piece of property and we close on it next week!  Yeah!!!  It’s a little house with approximately 1000 sq. ft. on 2 acres.  It already has a shop on the property for us to work out of which will come in very handy.  We have plans to build another larger one as soon as possible.  But first, we have to address the house.  We are meeting our Architect on-site after Christmas to go over all the plans.  We will be gutting the entire structure down to the studs and foundation.  We will be tearing off the roof as well.  It needs to be raised.  We have plans to add a full wrap-around front porch and hopefully we’ll be able to screen-in part of it on the side of the house.  If not right away, later when time and money permit.

We signed a 6 month lease here at the apartment complex.  We have 5 months to go and I think it will probably take about that long to remodel our new farmhouse.  It’s only about 20 minutes from the apartment so it will be a convenient commute.Possible Farmhouse Exterior RemodelThis is my inspiration for the renovation, minus the garage.  My sweet hubs is just leaving it entirely up to me.  Once the Architect and I have it all planned out, he’ll take over and get it built.  20171209_132752I’ve been having fun doodling out some ideas.  By drawing out a front porch and raising the roof line, it will give the house some much needed interest and dimension.

20171209_144028I have actually already made some changes since I drew up this floor plan.  I’m going to have a sliding barn door entering into the office instead of french doors that would take up to much real estate.  So I won’t have a closet barn door in the office now, I’ll just have a regular door.  I think I’m going to remove the 2 windows in the kitchen too.  I need the space for storage.  I’ll have a glass door entering from the side of the house that will bring in light as well as the windows and door from the living room.  I’ve also added a window to the laundry room.  My drawing is not quite to scale, but it’s close.  I ran out of paper for the back 2 bedrooms. Haha.  I know there is a 36″ vanity in the master bath right now.  So we won’t have room for two sinks, but since it’s just the two of us we’ll probably each take a bathroom.  Why not?  I already know I’ll be using the other closets in the house for overflow.  The master closet is tiny just like the house!

If we can, I want to vault the living room and kitchen with beams.  The rest of the house will have 9 ft. ceilings.  I’m SO excited to talk again with Architect to see what we can do and what ideas he comes up with.

We plan to stay in this house for at-least 2 – 3 years!  It just depends on what the future brings.  We’ve never lived out in the country before, so we have no idea if we’ll even like it.  One thing we know for sure,  we’re going to LOVE having the space to work.  The existing shop is about the size of a 2 car garage, perfect for wood working.  The new shop/barn will be much larger to accommodate our on-line business “The Sign Factory”, shipping materials, painting and photography.

Oh…and did I mention my hubs wants Chickens?  Another first, for both of us!

So much to do, but it will be another memorable journey together no doubt!!!

Thanks for joining in with us as we enter into this new experience of tiny farm life!


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  1. JaneEllen says:

    Can see I must have missed at least couple posts since last one I read. Was sick over Christmas and New Years so wasn’t doing much.
    Don’t know how old you two are, ready for country life? Thought I was a city girl but moving out onto 20 acres close to lake shore and mountains all around sure changed me into country girl at 52 in MT. Since then we’ve lived on 1 1/2 acres in KY and now we have 1/2 acre in western CO. We’re in our later 70’s now so1//2 acre easier to take care of.. We’ve had chickens for 4 yrs.
    When we left San Diego area after living there for 21 yrs. and moving to MT, it was quite a change but I loved the space and privacy we had all round us, the incredible scenery, people seemed to like us for who we are, not what we drove, or house we lived in. So. Californians are not favored there as they bring their money and cause land/real estate prices to rise along with having attitudes.I loved it so much and would go back if we could have what we’d had then. Our two youngest kids live here, Our daughter/family moved here in 2004 so they could buy a house and youngest son was transferred here in 93′ from S.D.
    We loved our place in KY but weather there was terrible for my health so after 5 yrs. decided to leave. Still miss our great house and land. Now Mr. Furry says we’re too old to move any more. Our son bought our place in KY first, completely redid house inside and out, built wonderful big front porch and garage for us then sold to us for $55,000. You can’t buy much here for that amount if anything.
    Loved all those great farmhouse goodies you featured. Will keep checking your store for things I don’t think I can love without, lol. Happy New Year and hope everything works out as you plan. Look forward to seeing things progress.

    • So sorry you were sick over the holidays. Glad to have you back! 🙂 You have definitely moved around like us. I’m sure this farmhouse on 2 acres will not be our forever home, but I’m sure looking forward to settling in for awhile (I hope). We’re only about 20 minutes from town and 3 minutes from Lake Tyler, so it’s not too far. Yeah!!! Lots of changes to the house will be happening quickly now so keep watching! Enjoy your weekend and Happy New Year!!! ~ Judy

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