Cozy Christmas Master Bedroom

20171127_102606As soon as I found out we would be moving again into a tiny apartment while we looked for another house, I was determined to bring as much of our Christmas decorations with us as possible.  Last year the same thing happened to us.  Our house sold and we had to rent through the holidays.  All our decorations were in storage, too buried to get out.  I vowed that would never happen again!  Seriously, if I could have got away with it I would have brought even more. Ho Ho Ho20171127_103005I love the rustic headboard we made because I can nail or screw into it and not worry about making a mark.  It’s already covered with blemishes.20171127_102855I brought a few extra pillow forms and my sewing machine with me so I could make Christmas pillows but honestly, I’m not sure I’m going to have time to get to that.  We are so busy looking for a new home, building up my husband’s real estate venture here in Tyler and trying to build 3 new rental properties.  But that’s OK, I think I have enough pillows for now!20171127_102641This little beauty always adds such sparkle to any space!  I usually hang an ornament from an antler and put a wreath around its neck, but I ran out of wreaths.  “Sad face!”  As for the ornament,  I kind of forgot.  All excess decor has already been taken to storage.  I still LOVE it as-is!20171127_102553I’m super excited, I just ordered a new sheet set from Target online.  Great deal.  We love their sheets and how they fit.  The vintage black styled set we have on our bed have been great, but I like the creamy colored set that’s on its way!  I brought back our Turkish area rug for the apartment life.  It’s only 5′ x 7′ and fits better in the space than the new larger rug I had purchased for staging the home we just sold.20171127_102618This sign is such a great reminder every morning of the wonderful God we serve!20171127_102625I added a little white pom pom garland for a festive look.

Tip:  I always keep the extra sprigs that fall off garland, sprays, etc… and slip them in wherever I can as a filler.

20171127_102630Mr. & Mrs Snow  (Us in a few years.)  Can’t you just see them strolling down the city sidewalks dressed in holiday style?


20171127_102923I have had my live wreaths for about 4 years now.  They still look so fresh, even though I forget to water them ALL THE TIME!

20171127_102952I have a really large basket sitting on the floor where I’m standing taking this photo.  It’s where I place all the pillows at night.  It’s kind of a game we play and if I don’t get to them first, they end of on the floor or all piled up on my side.  I may even find them spread out all over the apartment.  This is what I have to deal with on a daily basis!  Haha!!!  I LOVE my hubs!  He’s always making me laugh!

So happy you came on this little tour of our Cozy Christmas Bedroom!  I hope you received some inspiration for decorating your own bedroom.  Deck the Halls with maybe some Silver Bells, jingling all the way!!!

I have added a source list below for many of the items you see in these photos.

Blessings ~ Judy


  • Cream Throw:  Home Goods
  • White Coverlet and Shams:  Stein Mart
  • Taupe  Coverlet:  Stein Mart
  • Inspirational Word Pillows:  Vintage Street Designs
  • Taupe Decorative Pillows:  Stein Mart
  • Vintage Black Sheets:  Target
  • Table Top Tree:  Target
  • Galvanized Tray:  Vintage Street Designs
  • Bed Skirt:  Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Ceramic Vases:  Pottery Barn
  • Metallic Gold Deer Wall Art:  Home Goods

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  1. Love your head board. Fun to be able to pound nails in if you feel like it. Hubs made me a garden gate few years ago to keep me from pounding in anymore than necessary in walls, good luck dear. Just asked him if he wants me to decorate our head board, very emphatic no. Love your apartment bedroom, looking really good.
    Have great week

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