The Home Tour Continues

Are you ready for an AMAZING transformation?  I couldn’t wait to dig into the entryway of this house.  I was SO ready to give it a face lift and make it bright and inviting.  Well, you’ll see why once you take a look at the before photos.Entry 1BeforeEntry 6After

Right away when we entered this home we immediately nicknamed it “the house of doors”.  Just wait for it…Entry 4There were bi-fold doors leading from the entryway into every room, including the hallway to the bedrooms.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  We also noticed there was wallpaper everywhere throughout the house that would have to be addressed.  My wheels were spinning!!!

entry 4We really wanted to preserve the character of the house while updating it.  We kept the brick flooring, crown molding and the light fixture (I just up-cycled it by spray painting it black). gold fixture

black light fixture

workWe covered up all the wallpaper by installing bright white shiplap.  We also changed out the flat panel closet door and added new trim.  Our intentions were to paint or possibly German Smear the bricks, but once the walls were done we kind of like the reddish brick color.  It’s not in perfect condition but it’s unique and it’s prevalent to this neighborhood.  Our neighbors have brick flooring in their homes too.  We just have it here in the entryway and in the family room.  The rest of the house got new laminate flooring.Entry 8You can see how the brick carries you into the next living space.  I love how you can see straight through to the back patio.  Entry9

entry 5We searched high and low for a small entry table but couldn’t find exactly what we wanted so I asked the hubs to just build one.  It’s very sturdy but only held up by two screws, so if the new home owner want it removed it will be easy to do.Entry10I’ve been going crazy with making me pillows to stage around the house.  (In all my spare time of-coarse. Haha)  I thought this pillow was fitting to greet all potential buyers.  We are in Texas now ya know!!!

We found out that our neighborhood has already been surveyed to be annexed into the Tyler Azalea Historic District.  We live right across the street from it now but it is in the same subdivision.  My husband talked with the city this morning and said we could apply now for the plaque to hang since this house is over 50 years old.  She said they are just waiting for a few more houses to turn 50 before following through with the annexation process.  Very cool!!!

The Brick House on Pecan Drive is officially listed on the market as of this morning!  Whoohoo!!!  My hubby’s new Remax Tyler real estate signs just got delivered so he can put one up in the front yard.

Make sure and stop back by tomorrow for a visit.  We’ll be touring the formal living and dining room!  You’ll see how it transformed from hot pink walls, leaky windows and wood rot… to a bright, clean and beautiful space you want to spend time in!


  • Wall color:  SW7006 Extra White
  • Front door color:  SW7069 Iron Ore
  • Shiplap: Home Depot
  • Closet Door: Home Depot
  • Pumpkin: Hobby Lobby
  • Pillow: DIY
  • Candle Sticks: Harp Design Co.
  • Wreath: Vintage Street Designs
  • Basket: Vintage Street Designs
  • Lantern Chandelier color: Rustoleum Black Spray Paint
  • Ceramic Garden Bench: TJ Maxx

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  1. JaneEllen says:

    When I got an email over weekend about brick house on Pecan drive wasn’t sure who blogger was, now I am, sorry about that.
    You two sure get around, can’t keep track of where you’ve been when you’re off to somewhere else to flip a house. Didn’t you start out in AZ? House looks like a really nice one, look forward to seeing what it’s like after you rehab it. Never fails to amaze how a house can change so drastically until talented flippers do their magic on it. Guess that’s what you two are doing these days. How do you like flipping houses? Will you stay in Tyler to do more houses? Will have to look in Atlas to see where Tyler is.
    My oldest son did house flipping for couple years in San Diego, has been long time since he’s done that. Got married, moved to KY for 14 yrs where he built houses til lumber went up too much, got divorced, then moved back to San Diego, has really good job working for company who does complete redo’s for big properties, his experiences building and redoing houses has really come in handy. He bought house couple years ago now less than a mile from where we used to live in East county of San Diego, small world.
    Hope Tyler isn’t near where all the flooding was.
    Good luck to you both.
    Happy week

    • LOL…yes, we do get around! We have always loved Texas and when the opportunity arose to make a move, we did. Our plan is to stay in Tyler and make this our home base. (But, ya never know with us. Haha) My hubs got his real estate license here so we can continue to flip homes as well as help others find their dream homes! Tyler is far from where the flooding happened so we’re all good. Thanks so much. Have a wonderful week!!! 🙂

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