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It’s so hard to be patient when waiting on news!  Our hands are tied until the appraisal comes in on our current home that’s under contract.  The closing date is coming up really quick and the appraisal is the only thing that’s hanging in the wind.  We made the offer on the little farmhouse.  (Still trying to come up with its official name.)  And… we need a temporary home while we completely renovate the farmhouse from top to bottom.  We have reserved an apartment as a backup plan but we’d like to actually stay on the property.  We’ve looked at a couple of tiny house shells that could be an option.  Our electrician drove out with us to take a look and he can easily hook us up for electricity.  Our plumber confirmed the same thing.  We don’t want to purchase anything yet though until we close on our current home.  If we decide to go tiny, we’ll probably just stay in a hotel for a few weeks or rent an RV while we quickly finish the interior.  Once the remodel is done on the farmhouse, we’ll turn the tiny house into our office/guest cottage!  Whew!!!  Are you still with me???  Sounds like a lot of work huh?zmetalbarnThis is one of the tiny houses we’re looking at.  However, we’d go with the treated, painted siding instead of metal.  I know I’ll be painting the farmhouse white, so I’d do the same with this.  I’m sketching out interior plans for either a 12′ x 24′ or 12′ x 30.  We’re also looking at a barn style with stairs to a loft, but it costs quite a bit more and we really don’t need that much space.  If we had the time we’d built it ourselves.  I think that would be fun.  But, I’m pretty sure we have enough on our plate as it is!!!  Haha!Wolf Lane FarmhouseHere’s another view of the farmhouse.  I was talking with the current owner while we were there, so this is the only shot I got.  From this view, the only thing that will be left is the chimney!  We talked with a foundation expert and he suggested that we have concrete pads poured and poles placed under the house every 6 ft.  They can jack-up the areas that are sagging so the floor will be level and the whole house will be secure.  Then we’ll put new siding on to finish it off.  This is the “not so fun” part of the renovating process!

Hopefully everything will continue to run smooth and all the closings will happen as planned so we can move forward in this next venture!!!  I continue to pray for wisdom in the decisions that are before us and thank Him for each opportunity!  Giving God the glory in all things!!!

Until next time…

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  1. You might call it “The Little Farmhouse.”

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Your farmhouse looks like what I had in mind when we moved to KY. Our son found a great place for us and completely redid house inside and out along with 1&1/2 acres. I still miss that house and property.Too bad couldn’t bring it here with us to CO, would have been perfect. Just wrong climate for me. Your house will be great knowing what you two can do. Good luck for all to go as hoped.

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