Master Bedroom Retreat

20171023_162650The Master Retreat…FINALLY!!!  After sleeping in two other bedrooms of this house, we’ve finally moved into the master bedroom!  Although as you know, it will be short lived since the our home is under contract and will be closing in just a few weeks.

This was really an exciting adventure to transform this space.  The original layout included two walk-in closets and a tiny master bath.  You will see in the following “before” photos what it used to look like.  Enjoy the tour!!!before 1The doors you see here are the his & her’s walk-in closets.  When we demoed this room, we saved the shutters to put back once we gave them a fresh coat of white paint.before 3We knocked down the wall between the closet on the left and the existing bathroom to enlarge the bathroom.20171023_162106While the bathroom was open to the studs, we moved the opening and added a barn door built my hubs.  The reclaimed barn wood came from the cabin we deconstructed at Spirit Lake in Idaho.  I SO wish I could take it with me.  We have more of the wood but I’m not sure we have enough to make another barn door.before 2The previous owner had a built-in vanity in the bedroom.  I can understand why, since the bathroom was so small.  What do think of those wall sconces???  We saved the mirror and re-purposed it for the bathroom by having it cut down to make two smaller mirrors over the vanity sinks.  The glass company did it for FREE.  How awesome is that!!!20171006_170846This is what that corner looks like now without the built-in.  It would also make a great place for a comfy chair for a reading nook or in my case, a place to look at decorating magazines, house plans and dream!

20171006_170857See, I already have my stack of magazines ready to go!!!  Haha!

20171023_162633Another view of the room which leads back out to the rest of the house or to the patio.20171006_170633

20171023_162601So, when it came time to decorate the master I had to do a little shopping.  I needed a large area rug on a very slim budget.  Luckily we have the At Home store in Tyler and I picked up this rug for about $100.00.  I needed new bedding but since we weren’t going to be staying in this house I wasn’t sure what I really wanted.  So, I just went back to Stein Mart and purchased another white coverlet like what I had bought from there before and new pillow shams.  I traced out the headboard and my husband built it.  I painted it white and sanded it back for some distressing.20171006_170722I got on a pillow kick, and made a bunch of pillows to display around the house before we listed it.  It was so fun and I can’t wait to make more.  I always use Ikea pillow forms.  They are so plump and fill the cases so perfectly.  FYI:  I make my pillow covers 1″ smaller than the pillow form.20171006_170756Here’s another closeup view of the rug.  It still hasn’t laid down completely flat yet but it’s almost there.  When we pack up to move we’ll roll it up differently and that should help.20171023_162045It’s so nice to have the laminate flooring continue into the master.  We painted the walls a light gray and trim in bright white.  Sources and colors are listed below for the entire room.  If  you ever have any questions, I’m happy to help and share information.

Today I was working for a new client who owns a very large historical home.  It’s over double the size of our house but just a few blocks away and in similar condition to this one when we first bought it.  I sat down with a kitchen designer this morning to draw up a rendering for a new kitchen and also picked out new flooring for the entire house.  My hubs and I also met with a painter to paint the interior and exterior of the over 6000 sq. ft. home.  This will be an exciting challenge for staging it to sell.  I’ll bring y’all along with us on this journey if they agree to all our plans!


  • Area Rug:  At Home Store
  • Laminate Flooring:  Sam’s Club
  • Barn Door:  DIY
  • Headboard:  DIY
  • Bench:  Previously Owned
  • Bedding:  Stein Mart
  • Pillows:  DIY
  • Interior Doors:  Home Depot
  • Dresser:  Vintage
  • Side Table:  Vintage
  • Table Lamp:  Vintage
  • Black Ceiling Fan:  Home Depot Online
  • Rise and Shine Sign:  The Sign Factory (Vintage Street Designs)
  • Barn Door Hardware:  Amazon
  • Black & White Rain Boots:  Costco
  • Wall Paint:  SW Repose Gray
  • Trim Paint:  SW Extra White

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  1. Edna Roque says:

    So far I have liked what you have chosen to do,but who would buy a house with only one small walk in closet? Obviously it sold so some one out there most not have clothes after paying however much you asked, but seriously this room was a disappointment for me. It felt like you were out of gas and just stopped working. I’m not saying you didn’t work I’m just so let down. No one lives in a bathroom but a closet in a 3000 Sq ft home is just as important. I ecpected this room to blow me away and it was a big let down. Sorry but I would think that you would want an honest opinion. I wouldn’t have purchased it, in fact it is one of the first things I want to see in the house. I can live with old cabinets in the kitchen or all the many changes you made like with making the laundry room smaller those things make sense,although I would never have put that much effort into such a small pantry,and I’m going with what you decided to post. It looks small. But it’s a pantry. Anyway I’m just expecting a big finish and this was not a big finish it was an after thought. I’m glad that you sold it though and can’t wait to see what you do next. I do like your style and clean bright rooms in this house. By clean I mean right on the dot.

    • Hi Edna…I didn’t realize I missed your comment and just now approved it to be seen on my blog. I understand what you’re saying and how you’re questioning a few of my decisions. After looking back at my photos, I wish I would have taken an after shot of the closet once we re-organized it. It actually wrapped all the way around with shelving and hangers, including shoe racks. My hubs and I had more than enough room. Also, the room itself is so big that you can have really large dressers or a reading nook if you wanted. For me, a large bathroom is more important. I am a “bath girl”. I LOVE taking long baths at night. Believe me, everything I do is not an after thought. I spend many hours planning out my spaces. Not everyone will agree with me all the time, that’s OK. I welcome all feedback. Thank you for your honesty and thank you so much for following along on our crazy adventures. I can’t wait to see what you think of our tiny farmhouse we’re renovating now. Happy New Year! ~ Judy

  2. What is the size of your rug?

  3. Hi,
    WOW!! I love the look! It’s beautiful and gives me so many ideas. We’re in a rental and the landlord has given us permission to paint, etc. He’s planning on putting in new windows next spring so I’m not sure if I should paint now or wait until the windows are in. The problem with waiting is there’s so much to do to this house to bring it up to date as it’s stuck in the 70/80’s and I’m afraid I’ll be so ill then I won’t be able to do anything. I have to have my knees replaced and the surgery could happen next summer if all goes right. Plus I have fibromyalgia and it’s always a tough thing to plan things around. The other thing with me at least starting some stuff now is I can have the ceilings cleaned of popcorn and ready for the new light fixture. We have a friend who’s an electrician and has been hired by our landlord to bring a few issues up to date and corrected of problems (like the bedroom light turns itself on and off by itself and is sitting by the wall where the window is instead of the center of the room). The electrical we believe was done by the landlord when he and his family lived here. Now getting back to things, there is so much to do, there’s projects for us for all the time we plan on living here. But hey then it’ll be up to date and look awesome I hope! Wish me luck, and sorry I rambled on.

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