Master Bath Reveal

before 6OK, there is no pretty way to show or describe these “before” photos of the pre-demolition of the master bath.  I guess if you LOVE pink and you like to fit into really tight spaces, then this would have been the bathroom of your dreams! Haha!  I’m not sure we would have bought this house if there wouldn’t have been potential room to expand.before 5Oh ya, largest tub ever and the bugs liked it too!  If you could have seen my face.  Lets just say CRINGE comes to mind!before 7So this is the wall that had to come down in order to enlarge the bathroom.  And the same treatment happened here like it happened in the guest bathroom.  A hammer to the mirror until it shattered into pieces!  You have to improvise when you don’t have help.  I’m not strong enough to help carry a huge mirror like this, so my hubby just does what it takes to get the job done!20171023_162650The entire bathroom was just about taken down to the studs and the concrete slab had to be jack hammered to move all the plumbing.  We hired a professional plumber for this.  We moved the doorway down to allow for a better layout of the bathroom.  I probably changed my mind 10 times before I settled on exactly where I wanted everything to be placed without moving the placement of the toilet.  We didn’t want to move that unless we absolutely had to.20170605_110405The wall coming down between the bathroom and the second walk-in closet in the master.

20171023_162155We had to pour new concrete where it was tore up and level it before we could lay the new tile floor.  We also had to frame in a shower.  That actually was the easiest part of the whole bathroom I think.  We also hired professionals to come in to sheet rock and texture.   We tackled all the tile installation and Dave built the custom vanity.  I wanted double sinks but it had be a custom build due to the size.  It was more important to me to fit in tub than to have a large vanity.20171023_162135Again, we were able to salvage the plantation shutters in the room with a fresh coat of white paint.  We painted the walls light gray and all the new trim white.  We custom cut all the base boards because no one carries it in our area like they have everywhere else we’ve lived.  I guess no other homeowner or builder uses it here (or they go to Dallas for it).  Remember how tight the space was before?  We almost have a dance floor now!20171023_162252Yeah!!!  Here’s my free-standing tub!  It’s a bath of luxury for-sure.  However, call us crazy…but we’ve decided not to use this bathtub or this room at all since the house sold so quickly.  We thought it would be nice for the new homeowners to be the first to use the shower, sinks and this gorgeous tub.  So although we moved into the master bedroom, we are still using the guest bath as our main bathroom.20171006_171200We picked up this little stool in Canton at First Monday Trade Days.  Dave chopped off the legs so it would be shorter and I painted it with different layers of chalk paint.Shower DoorAll the tile for this space came from The Tile Shop here in Tyler.  They were so helpful in gathering up everything I needed to complete this project.  They also gave me the name of great guy who stopped by and put in the shower floor before we started tiling.  The most exciting day for us was when we got to hang the shower door.  It meant we were done with this job, but also because look at this door…it is SO COOL!!!  It folds in and swings in or out of the shower.  The price was right too.  The spec house I built in Coeur d’ Alene just before we moved here, I paid $1400 for the glass shower door.  We got this one for just over $300.00 online.  Whoohoo!!!20171023_162346Don’t tell my hubs, but I didn’t catch him in time to stop him from using white caulking around the edge of the sinks.  I always use clear so it’s not noticeable.  I don’t want him to think I’m picking on him.  Haha.  I did let him know to use clear from now on though.  Oh well, live and learn.  At-least he made very straight lines!!!  I LOVE how the vanity turned out.  And the towel holders are perfection!!!20171023_162406The mirrors were cut down to size from the large makeup vanity that was originally in the master bedroom.  This was free and saved us a good chunk of change!  That’s always a good thing when you’re in the middle of remodeling.20171023_162224I’ll list as many sources as I can below.

Blessings ~ Judy


  • Tile:  The Tile Shop
  • Sinks: Wayfair
  • Sink Faucets:  Wayfair
  • Wall Mounted Tub Faucet:  Wayfair
  • Shower Faucet Trim Kit:  Wayfair
  • Towels:  Walmart
  • Lighting:  Amazon
  • Toilet:  Home Depot
  • Chrome Towel Wall Hooks:  Home Depot
  • Free Standing Tub:  Home Depot
  • Wall Paint:  SW Repose Gray
  • Trim Paint:  SW Extra White
  • Shower Door:  Amazon

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  1. Love how the room turned out. Please, could you mention where you were able to find the wonderful shower door? I know you said online, but where? Would you mind? Beautiful job.

    • Hey Sandi…I just added the link for the shower door up above under “sources”. I didn’t realize we actually ordered off Amazon. I also added in my post that it takes 2 strong guys or even 3 people to install. My hubs and I did it ourselves and it was extremely difficult because I really wasn’t much help in the muscle department. LOL Otherwise it would have been pretty easy to install. I highly recommend it!!! 🙂

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