Love and Laundry

Laundry 2Lets talk about the love of doing laundry.  I have to admit that my hubby does the vast majority of the laundry in our household.  But, the trade off is… he doesn’t clean toilets.  I’m in-charge of that duty.  So the chores are divided up equally!  However, on the occasion when I do attempt laundry, it’s much nicer to go into a clean, bright and pretty laundry room.  A space where you don’t mind hanging out in.  Am I right?Before Demo 4Here’s a good “before” photo of what the room looked like when we got our hands on it.  It’s a fairly large space.  My first thought was to build a bench for this little nook but that quickly changed when we decided to steel space from the laundry room and build a pantry in the kitchen.  I still wanted to do something though to make the room feel more inviting so we made it into a feature wall by adding shiplap!Demo 2For awhile we had a quick pass through from the kitchen to the laundry.  It was kinda convenient but it didn’t last long. Before Demo 1One thing this place doesn’t lack is storage!  I have cabinets that have nothing in them,
which is WAY better than the opposite of having not enough storage!Laundry 1We carried the same laminate flooring on into the laundry room that we installed throughout the rest of the house.  The walls, trim and cabinets were painted with SW Extra White.  Since oil based paint was previously used on the cabinets, I first painted a layer of chalk paint on them so the new paint would adhere.   This is a trick I use a lot if I want to paint something with regular acrylic paint, a layer of chalk paint first keeps me from frustration later.Before Demo 2You can’t really tell by the photo but this sink basin was really low, even for me.  Our plumber even said it was affecting the water flow because pipes couldn’t be installed properly.20171021_025853So out came the old cabinet and my husband built a new base to carry the vintage sink we brought with us to Texas.  This is another piece I will be a bit sad to leave behind.  It also came out of the Spirit Lake, Idaho cabin we deconstructed before moving.  There are a few flaws but overall it’s a beautiful and very heavy duty sink.  It was used as the kitchen sink in the cabin.BasketI went on the hunt for a large basket to not only be useful but hide the piping.  Next to it sits our laundry basket.  I thought it would also be cute to make a curtain out of a drop cloth.  I may do that in a future flip.

Before Demo 3

Demo 3We also removed the cabinets directly above the sink to open it up and leave a spot for decorating.  A large mirror, wreath or open shelves would look lovely here.


20171021_025751I made this sign a couple of years ago for our little Coeur d’ Alene Cottage.  I’m so happy it survived the move!  Ideally you would want to hang something a little larger here like I mentioned above, but I had totally run out of wall decor by the time I went to decorate this room.  Just another reason to be thankful this sign survived.


Laundry 3And there it is… another tour has come to an end.  We’ll move back over to the other side of the house next time for the master suite reveal.  Drastic measures had to be taken in that space and a whole wall came tumbling down.  (It was a good thing!!!)

Have a fabulous weekend!!!


  • Paint:  SW Extra White
  • Basket:  At Home Store
  • Chevron Rug:  Hobby Lobby
  • Sign Wall Art:  Vintage Street Designs (The Sign Factory)
  • Wall Hooks:  Vintage Street Designs
  • Sink:  Vintage
  • Sink Base:  DIY
  • Stain:  Dark Walnet
  • Faucet:  Home Depot
  • Hanging basket:  A gift
  • Silk Flowers:  Hobby Lobby
  • Stool: Previously owned, painted fresh with chalk paint
  • Closet Doors:  Home Depot
  • Washer & Dryer:  Fred’s Appliances, Spokane Valley WA.
  • Shiplap:  Home Depot

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