Guest Bedroom Final Reveal

3Our guest room was a really fun space to re-do.  We actually moved into this room for a couple of months while our master bath was getting renovated.  I think I just need to show you the before photos so you can see how much we had to do to bring it to its current state.before 1This room needed a lot of LOVE as you can clearly see.  Wall to wall nasty blue carpeting, pink walls and ugly wallpaper adorned this space.  Everything needed to go, including the windows and trim.paintingFirst, we had new windows installed and painted, then added the laminate flooring that matched the rest of the house. New TrimNext, we added all new shaker style trim.ShiplapTo cover up the ugly wallpaper, we added a feature wall of shiplap.  The room is large so we had budgeted about $150 for this treatment but it actually cost approximately $175.  We weren’t too far off.2I asked my hubs if he could build a window seat for storage and a great place just to sit.  He had never built one before but instantly said “yes IF I draw up some plans of exactly what I wanted”.  Easy, since I love to decorate with baskets I knew I just wanted it all open.  It was a bit tricky figuring out the angles and how I wanted the corners finished off, but other then that the build went quite smooth.  Remember, we’re dealing with un-square walls built in the 60’s.  With every turn is another challenge.  The good news is… it came out exactly how I had envisioned it!  Yeah!!!  6I found new bedding, but otherwise used what we already owned to decorate this room.  As always with every project we do, when it comes time for the finishing touches, the decorating budget gets cut.  When I go shopping, I have to pray for miracles to happen!!!7


4The other side of the walk-in closet is identical to this one.  There are built-in shoe racks and upper shelves.  I staged the closet with dresses and shoes I rarely wear and made it a little more feminine.   Of-course, using a black and white theme!9

Bedroom Reveal 1It was so nice to get a room on this side of the house complete, which meant we could finally stop camping out in our office/4th bedroom and we were starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.  In the next post, I’ll be showing you my favorite space in the whole house.  Look for it tomorrow!!!


  • Bedding:  Stein Mart
  • Black & White Pillows:  Ikea
  • Galvanized Tray:  Vintage Street Designs  (Online shop will be re-opened soon)
  • Baskets:  At Home Store
  • Shiplap:  Home Depot
  • Trim:  Home Depot  (We cut to size ourselves)
  • Window Coverings:  Home Depot
  • Dress Form:  Pottery Barn (I picked it up second hand at Furniture Affair in Phoenix)
  • Metal Deer Head Wall Mount:  Decor Steals
  • Cotton Wreath:  Vintage Street Designs

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  1. JaneEllen says:

    You two have got the touch, no wonder the house sold so quickly. That room is wonderful, just loved it, looks so cozy and comfy. Love that bed.
    Love that window seat with storage beneath, have always wanted one but think since we’re in our last house for us will have to stay a wish. Mr. Furry says we’re too old to move anymore so my gypsy soul will have to content itself, drats. I would move back to MT if we could have what we had when we lived there. Still miss MT and our 20 acres on big lake with mountains all around..
    When I had my knees replaced the surgeon and I would always talk about MT, about 3 yrs.ago I found out he went to MT around Bozeman to live and practice medicine. As they say MT is the last best place. After all the places we’ve lived I have to agree. Something about it just touched my soul.
    Have wonderfulweek

    • Thanks so much for all your sweet compliments! I’m thinking I have a bit of a gypsy soul as well. We are always on the move. 🙂 Sounds like you’ve lived in some beautiful places too. Some of those places just seem to settle in your heart as favorites. I know exactly how you fell. Blessings ~ Judy

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