Final Rooms of Our Home Tour

The only rooms left to show you in “The Brick House on Pecan Drive” are the office and craft room.  Both of these spaces just needed new flooring, paint and trim.  By far, these were the easiest rooms to renovate in this house.  We kept the shutters for all the windows and just gave them a fresh coat of white paint.  We had to do a little sheet rock repair and then painted the walls a light gray, just as we did throughout the rest of the before 1This red, white and blue carpeted room is located off the hallway from the kitchen.  It has its own bathroom so it could easily be used as a second master bedroom or mother-in-law suite.  This was the first room we renovated before we moved in.  We stayed in a hotel for a week when we got to Tyler.  We lived in this space through most of the remodel before turning into our office.DSC_9854OK, just for the record…my hubs took this photo.  I would have removed all the paperwork on our desks before taking this shot. Haha!  But this is how it looks in real life!  We never got around to hanging pictures on the walls, but the new owner can now have clean walls without holes to cover up.  It’s all good!!!20171028_155433The closet on the right had a built-in desk with all kinds of funky wiring all over the place.  We cleaned it all out and secured all the wires so it would be safe.  I did like the added storage shelves though, so we kept them.20171028_155513We replaced the louvered closet doors with brand new bi-fold doors and painted them white to match the trim.20171028_155602This door leads to the bathroom AKA “The Blue Bathroom”.  Now renovated of-coarse!  You can see it here!  We set up our TV in the room since this is where we spend most of our time.  We found the old metal sewing machine base at Canton First Monday Trade Days and then Dave just quickly added a wood top to it.  We like it ’cause it doesn’t take up much space.  I think we’ll probably replace the top later with 2″ thick wood and finish it off with a rich stain.  He just used some scrap wood we already had on-hand for this one.craft room beforeThis would be the craft room!  It’s meant for a bedroom located between the guest bathroom and the master bedroom.DSC_9719There is a door that leads to the hallways where you will find the guest bathroom, another bedroom and if you make a left, you’ll find the entryway to the house.  The door to the left, takes you out to the family room and/or the master bedroom.  This would make a GREAT nursery.craft room 1This is what the space looks like now!!!DSC_9820


craft room 2Like I was saying, these two rooms were pretty straight forward.  Nothing fancy, but boy what a change!  The joys of walking completely through the house now with your shoes off!!!  We couldn’t do that for months.  It’s never easy to remodel while you are living in the midst of it all.  But for this one, it was a necessity.  It was definitely a CRAZY 5 months!  It’s still kind of hard to believe that we’re getting ready to pack up and move already.  Pods are being delivered next week for us to start loading them up.

NEWS FLASH!!!  We decided to forgo building a new house and made an offer on the little farmhouse on acreage.  After several counter offers, we came to an agreement!  As long as our house closes as scheduled, then it will be full speed ahead!  Oh my goodness, this is going to be a whole new experience for us!  What a wild adventure!!!  We have found an apartment to move into not far from the farm during the remodel.  There is nothing that can be saved other than the studs (we hope)!!!  Right now the entire house is just sitting on 4×4’s and some other logs and sticks.  Eeks!  We will have the house lifted and new foundation constructed.  I DO love the style of the house so it’s going to be exciting to see the changes unfold!  I’ll be taking you along with us every step of the way!  We signed a 6 month lease on the apartment, but I hope it won’t take that long.  I want to come up with a really sweet name for our farmhouse, so if you have any cool ideas…. let me know!!!Farmhouse ExteriorWe will be heading out to the farm soon to take more photos and get measurements so I’ll be sharing lots more with you before too long.  I don’t know why I didn’t take pictures when I was out there the first time.  I guess there was too many things to look at and too much dreaming going on.  Haha!

Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend!!!


  • Flooring:  Home Depot
  • Wall Color:  SW Repose Gray
  • Trim Color:  SW Extra White
  • Closet Doors:  Home Depot
  • 3 Tier Metal Organizer:  Ikea
  • Interior Doors:  Home Depot
  • Large Wood Framed Wall Mirror:  Hobby Lobby

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  1. Hi Again,

    Why not call it “Little House on the Farm”, a take off of the show “Little House on the Prairie” 😉 Plus the house on the outside gives the look of being small and you said it’s on a farm. How quaint! Suits it, doesn’t it?

    • Hey Kim…I LOVE your ideas! Unfortunately during the inspection period of the farm, we had to back out. There were some disputes over the lot lines and the septic was failing. Mainly due to the lot survey, we could no longer do what we had planned for the property so it didn’t make sense to purchase it. We were so disappointed. We’ve moved into an apartment and have started the search over again. 🙂 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  2. I’m back……

    I just thought of something in regards to the name of the house besides “Little House on the Farm” What about naming it after your favorite flower or plant, or even putting your surname first then acres or last name farm. Something like “Lavender Hills” or such. Do you see where I’m going? Try it on for size or even something to go with the color you plan on painting it on the outside.

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