Blue Bathroom Gets a Makeover

Blue Bath 1Since we purchased The Brick House on Pecan Drive, this has been known as the “blue bathroom”.  The tile, floor and walls were all blue.  Even the plantation shutters on the window were painted blue.  This was going to be our bathroom while we renovated the rest of the house so we had to do something quick to make it livable!Blue Bath 4And in-case you were wandering, YES the shower tile matched the rest of the room!  So this is what we tackled first.  We wanted to move out of a hotel room and into the house.after 4We called Miracle Method here in Tyler and they came to the rescue.  We had them clean and spray the shower all white.  WOW… I can see how they came up with that name!  How awesome does this look???  We’ve had a tub painted before, but this was a first for a shower!  LOVE!!!Blue Bath 3All these before photos I’m showing you is how we first saw the house when we arrived in Tyler and were handed the keys to the house.  So gross!  I couldn’t wait to change out all the toilets in the house.  I have a serious thing about this!!!  I’m sure you know what I mean!after 5The area was a little tight with the elongated toilet before, so I opted for a smaller round one when we replaced it.  It not only lends more space, it’s cute too!!!Blue Bath 5I decided we should keep this cabinet but it needed new paint and new knobs.after 8I went with light gray paint and crystal knobs.  All the drawers and doors are in excellent shape so we lucked out there!after 3Close-up of the knob.  I purchased these at Hobby Lobby at 50% off.  They go on-sale every other week!after 6The counter top was ordered to size from Home Depot.  However, they forgot the finished edge on this side the first time so they had re-do.  This delayed our project, but we had plenty other things to do while we waited.after 10We used left over subway tile from the kitchen for the back splash.  The cabinet sits low so I ordered a 5 inch deep sink.  It’s the perfect size now!after 9I kept the decorating accents to a minimum in here.  Just wanted the space to feel light and airy.  I sell the flower holder in my online shop but I’m currently sold out of the soap dish.   The pair really good together.  Hopefully I’ll be able to restock soon!after7While I was out-of-town for a family wedding, my husband installed the flooring.  We just LOVE luxury vinyl plank flooring.  You don’t have to worry about water at all.  I asked all of my social media friends what color I should go with.  This really dark color or a distressed white.  Majority ruled and I went with what you chose!  It really grounds the space.  I’m glad this was the winner!!!  Side note:  Luxury vinyl can be installed right over an existing floor including tile!  No mess!  Yeah!!!


  • Interlocking Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (Noble Oak Model#446128):  Home Depot
  • Formica Counter Top Custom Order (White Bardiglio Scovato Finish #9306-34):  Home Depot
  • Sink:  Wayfair
  • Faucet:  Wayfair
  • Wall Paint:  SW Repose Gray
  • Trim Paint & Wainscoting:  SW Extra White
  • Cabinet Paint:  SW Repose Gray
  • Flower Holder:  Vintage Street Designs
  • Gray Towels:  Walmart

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