Black and White Guest Bathroom

Before 1Are you ready for this?  Put your boots and gloves on before entering.  Oh, and probably nose plugs!  I know it’s going to be hard for you to believe, but this by far my most favorite room in the house!  Hopefully by the time you get done with this tour, you’ll see why!Before 3The is the hall bathroom located between two bedrooms and the one that most guests would use.  For some reason, the original owners covered up the the white 4 inch floor tile with this lovely blue carpet. Before 4It has an interesting layout.  The toilet has its own little space but does not have a privacy door.  We thought we might change it but then it kind of grew on us so we decided to keep the layout as-is and just chose to build new shelves.Before 2The only thing we wanted to save in this room was the tub.  It’s a porcelain tub and in really good shape.  But everything else, not so much!!!Guest Bath Demo 1We hired our neighbor’s son next door to help Dave rip out all the tile.  Eeks, what a mess!Guest Bath Demo 2The vanity was built onsite when the house was built.  When we removed it, we discovered this 2 inch hole.  We’ve never seen anything like this before in any of our flips over the years.  Oh my goodness…more work.  We had to mix cement and fill the hole before we could lay new tile.  Ugh!!!Guest Bath Demo 3This is how NOT to remove a wall mirror!  Haha!  Dave stood in the hallway and threw a hammer at it.  It took a couple of throws before it finally shattered.  He’s a little bit crazy when it comes to demo!Guest Bath Demo 5All cleaned up and ready for concrete!Guest Bath Demo 6We took out the upper soffit above the tub and vanity so we had to stamp and paint the ceiling to cover up the bare spots in the ceiling.Guest Bath Demo 4New water proof sheet rock was installed.Guest Bath Demo 7Next, we started tiling with white subway tile.Guest Bath Demo 8It took a few days because I only wanted to go up so high to let the rows dry before stacking more tiles on.  Others go all the way up in one day, but I didn’t want to take any chances.Guest Bath Demo 9I picked out this tile at The Tile Shop here in Tyler.  I was SO excited to find an affordable tile for the floor that looked like the stylish cement tiles.Guest Bath Demo 10My sweet husband quickly mastered the art of cutting tile.  He had never tiled before.  I’ve always done the tiling, thanks to my brother who taught me.  During the process while working with the mortar on this project, I learned that my skin was irritated by it and that my tiling days were over.  I was so sad.  I loved the fact that I could tile and save SO much money on the homes we renovate.  No more!  All large jobs will now have to be hired out.  Oh well, less work for me right!!!  I mean, lets look at the positive side!!!Guest Bath Demo 11

Guest Bath Demo 12Next came the shiplap walls.  Lets brighten this place up!!!Canton FindWe have been making shopping trips over to Canton Trade Days once a month (every month) since we’ve moved to Tyler.  So fun!!!  Anyway, we found this dresser there to turn into a vanity for this bathroom reno.  We picked it up for $100.  Huge savings compared to the vanities this size I was considering.  All smiles on our faces this day!!!Guest Bath Demo 13Here’s Dave cutting the hole for the sink.  I was a bit nervous!Vanity PaintedOnce the hole was cut, I repainted it white and the top black.  I then put several coats of poly on the top to secure the finish.Guest Bath Reveal 12The sink was purchased at Lowes.  It’s called Anna White Farmhouse Sink.  The faucet was just happened to be on a close-out sale at the same time!  Yeah!!!Guest Bath Reveal 11Now you can officially Be Our Guest!  Welcome!Guest Bath Reveal 1

Guest Bath Reveal 2

Guest Bath Reveal 4

Guest Bath Reveal 7

Guest Bath Reveal 8I just added a few decorative touches to the shelves and added a basket to hold extra tissue.   When looking for an inexpensive way to add a little extra something special when decorating, roll up some old sheet music or book pages with twine.  Easy and pretty with a vintage flavor!

Guest Bath Reveal 9

Guest Bath Reveal 10This old wood ladder was also a find in Canton.  We bought it for $12 and then my hubs split it in half.  So really we got two for $12.  Ya can’t beat that!!!  The other side found a home in the master bath.  I’ll be taking you there shortly.

Guest Bath Reveal 5

Guest Bath Reveal 6Well that’s it my sweet friends!  We’ve come to the end of this tour.  What do you think?  Can you see why this has ended up being the most favorite room of the house?  Every time I walk in, it just makes me happy!

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  1. Oh My Gorgeousness!!! I absolutely LOVE IT! Great job.

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Have got to love both bathrooms but master is a master piece. Love that vanity and sink, ah.So glad for you to find that wonderful dresser to use for vanity is so perfect got that room with that sink and faucet.
    We have a buffet in style would be perfect in our master bath but Mr.Furry says his remodeling days are over,phooey.
    Anyway, both bathrooms are incredible, would love them myself, who wouldn’t? That family is goimg to be so happy in that house.
    Don’t work too hard and try to enjoy rest of week

    • Awe, thank you for all your sweet compliments! I can see all the kiddos loving this house and all the space in it to run around. So fun!!!

  3. Your bathroom is absolutely stunning! I am in love with the black and white. Very sophisticate. The buffet turned vanity is charming. Wonderful job!

  4. Teri Randall says:

    How did you cut the corners of the shiplap? I would love this in my own bathroom when the time comes to remodel.

    • Hi Terry…we just made straight cuts and butted the shiplap up to each other, keeping it as square as possible. Then, we went back and added a strip of molding in every corner. We do this on inside and outside corners. It’s the easiest way to go about it and not have to worry about being absolutely perfect. Hope this helps! Have a great day!!!



  7. In a word…. Wow! You two did an amazing job!

  8. Kathy Isaacson says:

    We gutted and redid an OLD master bath last year. We didn’t do the work and finding capable, hardworking artisans is so difficult! I love what you did and love that you do projects together!

    • Thank you Kathy! I totally feel your pain. It is a difficult process. I’m glad we have found a couple of good ones to help us out on upcoming projects!!! 🙂

  9. Awesome Awesome Awesome Job!!! I love doing bathrooms. They have so much impact. You two are very talented. Great Job!! PS… I Love Shiplap!! Thanks for sharing

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