I’ve Named Our House

Hey there,  it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to post on my website and I’m happy to be back and really writing again!  First, we made the long trip from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to Tyler Texas.  Second, it took awhile as always with a move, to get internet hooked up.  Third, we’ve been extremely busy remodeling our new house.  We wasted no time to just dive right in.  It was in much worse shape than what we first thought.  We are having to touch every square inch of this almost 3000 sq. ft. house.  Yikes!  I’m excited about all the changes being made and I’m anxious to share each space with you.  Originally we planned to live here for a couple of years while we set up shop here in Tyler.  However, this is WAY more square footage then what we want to take care of.  So, we’ve decided to flip this house and either build or find a much smaller home that we don’t have to spend so much time on and just enjoy more free time doing things we like to do.

I love naming each house we live in and this one is no different.  I landed on “The Brick House On Pecan Drive”.  It’s a little long, but every time I thought about it I just kept coming back to this stately title.  Most houses in Texas are built with brick so the only thing that makes ours different is adding that it’s on Pecan Drive and it’s OURS!

Since we’ve been in Tyler, my hubs passed his tests for his Texas Real Estate License.  This is his third state he’s been licensed in and he’s really tired of taking the same classes over and over again.  We’ve never moved to state yet where they will honor the previous state’s licensing.  Once again, he took one for the team and got it done!  I’m so proud of him!!!  We’ve begun our search for other flippers and SO anxious to build our business up together here.  In fact, we have gone under contract to purchase a small horse property.  We are actually going to keep this one as a rental income property. (More on that later.)

OK, on to the good stuff.  Let’s show you a glimpse of what’s been happening here.

Guest Bath Original PicHere is an original photo of the guest bath as seen on the MLS.  This home was built by the Murphy family of Murphy Jewelers.  This photo was taken during the estate sale prior to us purchasing the home.  Blue carpet had been added over the white tile flooring.

Guest Bath DemoAnd here we are on demo day!!!  Do you see the hole in the floor on the right?  The vanity had been built onsite and for some reason they didn’t fill in the concrete flooring.  We found this later in other rooms as well. Ugh!!!  So…we had to pour new concrete before we could do anything else.Choosing Floor TileI was super excited to find this affordable tile at The Tile Shop in Tyler.  Mary has been such a dream to work with.  Ask for her if you are ever in need of some pretty tile!

Subway Tile Guest BathThe only thing we saved in this bathroom was the tub.  It’s a beast and still in great shape!  My hubs taught himself how to cut tile while I did the tiling.  This is a shot prior to grouting.

Canton FindWe only live about 45 minutes from Canton where they hold a vintage market the first weekend of every month.  We haven’t missed one since we moved here.  So fun!  We found this dresser for our guest bath vanity.  We made a better deal with the vendor since we didn’t want the rest of the bedroom set or the mirror.  They were very nice and accommodating.Vainty Sink CutSo thankful to have such a handy husband.  Here he is cutting out the hole for the sink.  He also had to modify the center top drawer and re-do the plumbing.

Flooring and vanityIt took a lot of shiplap from Home Depot to cover up all that busy wallpaper but it was a great solution and design wise, it didn’t hurt my feelings.  It’s exactly the look I was going for and wanted for this space!
Vanity PaintedI repainted the vanity white so it didn’t look quite so rustic and painted the top black with several layers of poly.  I don’t think I had the poly on for this photo.

almost finishedAlmost finished!

Guest Bath Is FinishedAnd it’s done!!!  More finished photos to come soon!  We are currently working on the master bath but for the time being, we have moved into the guest room and using this bathroom.

It’s been crazy living through such a huge remodel.  We were just saying today how grateful we are that we managed to do it all and still at the end of the day…we love each other!  We have always worked better together than apart, but we’ve never tackled such a big job while living in it.  We hope to never do it again.  We’re tired.  Haha!



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  1. So glad to see you back! I check from time to time and this time it paid off. 🙂 The bathroom looks fantastic. I love the tile and you did such a great job of painting the dresser/vanity that I thought the top was stone. Can’t wait to see more updates!

    • Thanks so much Mary! As you can see, I’m still struggling with my schedule. LOL However, the house is complete now and I’m working on the final tour with lots more before and after photos of each room. I’ll start posting all of them this coming week so you’ll have lots to look at! Yeah!!! I’m so glad you you keep checking in! 🙂

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