Our Newest Fixer Upper

Our new home and largest “fixer-upper” we’ve ever tackled is waiting for us to arrive in Tyler Texas!  We are almost completely packed and just waiting for the truck to arrive next week.  We plan to start our 4 day journey to Tyler one week from today!  Our hope is to make Tyler our “forever” place to live!  We are looking forward to planting roots, making new friends and enjoying the beautiful Rose Capital of the United States.  My hubs has already completely his real estate classes online and is ready to take his final exams once we arrive.  (This is the 4th time he’s taken these classes and exams so he just sales right through it all.Cropped exteriorHere she is!  We’ve got almost 3000 sq. ft. to play with on the interior and almost 1/2 acre of exterior landscaping plus the house to update.  We are happy that it has a brand new roof but everything else must be touched.  We’ll be painting the brick and shutters once the new windows have been installed.  Unfortunately the bay windows have rotted out over the years.  If the front door is solid wood, I’m hoping to re-finish it by sanding it down and staining.  Fingers crossed!!!  The front door is flanked by side panels with out-dated wainscoting.  I am picturing board and batten here, but I’ll do a little sketching first before making a final decision.  I know I want the house painted white with black or stained wood shutters.  We are having a new white shop built (already been ordered) to the right and back of the house so I want the two to match.  I’ll accent both with black light fixtures and match carriage style garage doors.eclectic-garageI don’t have an exact photo of our new shop but here’s a similar look of what I’m going for.  Ours will be 30′ x 40′ with two 10′ wide garage doors.  Oh my goodness, this will be more room than we’ve had in a long time to use as a work space.  I’ll be reopening The Sign Factory on etsy and reopening the Vintage Street Designs Shop filled with (mostly) farmhouse home decor.  croppedWe desperately looked for an old farmhouse on acreage but just couldn’t find exactly what we wanted, so we plan to stay here for a couple of years while we get settled in our new surroundings and look for our forever home.Kitchen croppedI’ll show you one photo right now of the inside.  This was taken during an estate sale.  The original owners had this house custom built in 1962.  Their son sold it to us.  The kitchen will be completely renovated, starting with removing the wall that divides the kitchen with the family room.  This area will be replaced with a large island.  Both the sink and and the dishwasher will remain in the same location to reduce costs.  The pantry will also be relocated.  It’s a small kitchen in comparison to the overall square footage of the house, so every inch will count while redesigning this space.  I hope to build out the wall behind the refrigerator a bit to allow more counter space between the oven and the refrigerator as they sit now.  We may even move the door that leads to the garage and have an entry through the laundry room.  To be determined!!!  I will take loads of before photos as soon as we arrive in Tyler before we get started on the demo.  The house is empty now so we’ll have more of a clear view.croppedIt’s going to be hard to say goodbye to my parents (aren’t they cute?) and all the rest of our family and friends who live in Spokane WA and Coeur d’ Alene ID, but we’ll be back we’re excited about the future and we’ll definitely be back for visits.  I’m thankful for the 3 years I’ve been able to spend here and I’ll cherish all the special moments we’ve had.  I grew up here but moved away at age 19, so this has been a real treat!!!  Seasons keep changing…and for us, it seems more than most sometimes.  But, I’m looking forward to working full-time with my hubs again and that just wasn’t possible to do here.  God continues to watch over us wherever we live and we count our blessings everyday!  Lots more posts to come as soon as we get to Tyler.  There will be an overwhelming amount of DIY projects to share with ya’ll (speaking as a Texan already) and so many changes happening with our house, our business and us personally.  Stay tuned as we begin this new chapter!

Blessings ~ Judy

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  1. Judy.
    I took a class from you in Glendale Arizona and have watched you move from Arizona to Washington. What made you decide to go to Tyler Texas? It is fun to see your new creations. I’ll be watching.

    • Hi Ann…so glad you are still following along! We have always loved Texas and Tyler is exceptionally beautiful. There are greater business opportunities awaiting us in Tyler and that’s why we made the decision to take this next leap of faith. I’m excited to have my hubs back working with me full-time and I’ll definitely keep you posted on our progress!!! 🙂

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