New Bedding Inspiration

It’s that time again!  Time for a re-fresh in our master bedroom.  We left Arizona in 2014 and I had purchased our bedding at Stein Mart while living there.  We still love it, but after all our moves and many washings…it’s looking a bit tired.  Not that anyone tell at just a glance, but we can.  I have the option of purchasing the same quilt and shams from Stein Mart online inexpensively or going with something different.  My hubs and I still want to stick with whites and creams.  It gives the most versatility with adding accents from season to season.  As you know, we are still in search of our forever destination and home to set down roots (before we get much older preferable).  We are SO ready to get back into a shop where we can create once again and open back up our online sign factory as well as implement our new expansion ideas.  We look forward to what 2017 will bring!Master-Bedroom-30This photo was taken of our bedroom right after we purchased the bedding in AZ.  I miss our little desert cottage.  You can see more of this room here.

536393a8cc5b44bb656eb791e5252dd5 (1)I really love the skirting on this bed and all the layering.  It just looks warm and cozy!


a9aadc28970f3ef9d885703f64480908Again, I think it’s the layering that appeals to me with this bedroom plus all the textures and patterns.


33e9af620176cd229583f7ce5c12f4cbGotta say…the ceiling and chandelier mostly catch my eye in this space!  We are hoping to find an old farmhouse to remodel or build a new “old” farmhouse on acreage.  It’s our newest dream and goal that we’re working and planning for.  Here’s to dreams coming true in the new year!!!  This is something we’ve been praying about for quite sometime.  It’s difficult to be torn between making another move away from family and pursuing our dream for the lifestyle we desire.  If we move, there will always be an added expense for traveling and I need to feel at peace with leaving my parents in their new home at the “Adult Family Home”.  I know they are well taken care of and their space is beautiful.  They are fed delicious meals everyday and have 24 hour staff on hand if needed.  But, that being said, they are still having a difficult time settling into the fact that they are no longer mobile.  They are used to going out everyday, even if it’s just to Costco for a Mocha Freeze.  They enjoy being on the move!


3eda1ad1c071bf18c058b4823ad07268I’m not sure if I can handle all the wrinkles in this inspiration but I still really love this look!  Maybe for a guest room in our future “farmhouse”!  Wouldn’t this be a fun way to welcome our guests?  Full of fluffy pillows with a vintage flair!  Would love to hear what you think?  Which inspiration is your favorite or do you prefer what we have now?


I would also like to hear what you think regarding moving from my parents to pursue our future goals???  It’s a hard one, but my hubs has been so great to come back to help them out and live through 3 more seasons of snow (which he dreads every year).  Love my family so, so much and wish we all could live somewhere warm together!  But, they enjoy living in the Northwest and experiencing the 4 seasons of the year.  We long to be back where it is warm year-round.

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