Farmhouse Dreams

As I mentioned in my last post, we are dreaming of a farmhouse in our near future.  Did you know that only 2% of the population who sets goals actually write these goals down?  And…those are the people who usually achieve their goals.  My hubs just heard this statistic this week.  I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it does make sense.  I know if you write something down, it mentally instills it into your brain and your more apt to retain it!  So, I printed out a goal planner from Dave Ramsey’s site yesterday and we’re going to fill it out together tonight.  Well, I already got a little bit of head start, but I wrote my thoughts down in pencil in case something needs to be changed.  Combined with prayer, planning and dreaming, I think our goals can come true.  We know plans can change, especially if you live in our family.  Haha!!!  We believe God answers prayer and wants us to have our heart’s desire.  However, sometimes He answers prayers that takes us in a different direction.  We’ll see what 2017 brings!  Either way, we rest in His capable hands!54f8ff85d62e126287df94debd78724a


I thought I would share with you just a few of my favorite farmhouse inspirations I’ve been swooning over!  Keep in mind that my hubs would be happy if we just keep our house to a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1200 sq. ft.  I’ll be pushing for at-least a 1500 sq. ft with 3 bedrooms.  We DO agree on what we want for a workshop/barn though.  It would be fun to have acreage but honestly, as long as there is enough room for a work space we’d be happy!  I LOVE the looks of this exterior.  Clean lines painted all white with accents of black!2686 PRESENTATION FLOOR PLAN-Floor PlanThis is the interior floor plan.  Obviously it would have to be redrawn and condensed down a bit.  I can see exactly how I can do that.  I’ve printed out the plan so I can play around with it and see how much sq. footage I can take away without affecting the design.  Oh…I really hope I can keep that pantry in the plan.  LOVE the window!new size


Another sweet white farmhouse that was featured in Country Living Magazine.  A front porch is a must for both my husband and I.  I really like the large wood double door entry.  This house just speaks “Welcome” to me!kitchen picThey continued with hints of stained wood accents on the inside as well.  It really warms up the space.  I would have fun decorating this kitchen for sure!  I’m pretty sure our antique farm table would look really good in the dining nook too!living roomCan we say “shiplap”?  They opted to surround the fireplace with shiplap similar to what I just did in our Twin Lakes Spec House.mls3Which farmhouse elevation is your favorite?  I would love to have a metal roof but in parent’s previous home, my cell phone and the internet didn’t work so good.  I’d have to a little more checking into that before I would make that kind of commitment.  Does anyone else have a metal roof?  Do you have problems with getting online?

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