The Hanging Of Barn Doors

Well, this was another first for us!  I knew right away that I wanted to incorporate barn doors into the house plans of the new spec house I was building but we’d never hung them before so this was all new territory.  I did my research, measured and planned for additional support inside the walls as I redesigned the house plans in the early stages of the build job.  Can I just say…best laid plans do NOT always turn out.  But in the end, the barn doors turned out absolutely beautiful and I’m SO happy with them!!!  20161016_094551

Behind the sheet rock I had the framer install extra wood support across the entire top of the door opening.  This prevented us from trying to locate studs to install the track for the barn doors.  Most tracks come with pre-drilled holes for installation and we didn’t want to have to drill new holes where the studs would be located.

barn doors to master suite

This is the entrance into the master suite.  What I didn’t realize was that my framer took the liberty of raising the doorway by two inches.  It was a sad day when I realized my custom barn doors we had created were not tall enough.  My hubs and I had doctored up some plain solid wood doors into these super cute “barn door style” doors, but they were the standard 24″ x 80″ and we now needed 84″ tall doors.  Total Bummer!!!20160906_124539

We didn’t have the time or energy to recreate these doors so I ordered new craftsman style doors from Home Depot.  They could get them to me quicker than the lumber company I used for the rest of my interior doors.  Oh, and at a better price!!!  Thank goodness!!!  The 80″ doors will be on sale as soon I get them listed on craigslist.20161016_094817Because we thought ahead to add bracing in the walls for the track, we didn’t have to add bracing on the outside of the wall.  The problem is…the bolts that came with the track were too long and would scrape the trim if we used them.  Off to Home Depot we went and found shorter bolts.  Of-course they don’t come in black, so I’ll be painting them today and you’ll never know.  It’s an easy fix!  If you were adding barn doors to an existing home, you would just add a 1″ x 6″ or 1″ x 8″ support to screw the track into.  Painted the same color as the wall, it would fit right in.  I had to do this treatment in the laundry room for the shelving and it looks great!

20161016_094624Such a grand entrance into the master suite!  How fun is this?  I can just imagine opening these doors to gorgeous furnishings and linens.  A cozy good nights sleep in this lovely space for sure!

20161016_094551So what do you think?  Would you put barn doors into your own house?  I would do it again, even with all the problems we endured.  We learned so much that next time I’m sure it would be a breeze!  The good news is…my measurements for the width of the opening and the double doors was spot on.  When they shut, there is no reveal into the master bedroom and they open to the exact width of the opening.  YAY!!!

Here are the sources for the entire space:

Barn Warehouse Pendants – I spray painted them black.

Barn Doors – Home Depot Solid Core Interior 24″ x 84″ 3 Panel Door.  I couldn’t find this size online but you can order them in the door department.

Barn Door Track

Barn Door Pulls


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