Spring 2016 Front Porch Decorating

Spring 2016 Front Porch (3)What a gorgeous Sunday morning and first day of Spring!  I was inspired to finish decorating our front porch and get it ready to greet all our potential buyers as our house goes on the market this coming week.  Eeks!!!  So much to do and so little time.  Wednesday is my deadline for our little cottage to be completely staged to sell.  I leave for Austin on Thursday for a very special wedding.  My hubs plans to sell the house while I’m gone.  Do you think he can do it?Spring 2016 Front Porch (2)

Spring 2016 Front Porch (6)

Spring 2016 Front Porch (8)Who wouldn’t want to read a few good magazines on a day like today?

Spring 2016 Front Porch (9)Out came my rabbit painting for the season.  I love the rustic, personal touch it brings!

Spring 2016 Front Porch (4)

Spring 2016 Front Porch (5)Since my sweet, sweet mom bought me another pair of rain boots for Christmas, I decided to add this pair to the front porch decor.  I stuffed on boot with paper to hold the spray of flower tight.

Spring 2016 Front Porch (1)I’m so happy this DIY Wreath made it through the winter stored away in the garage!  It still looks as good as it did the day I made it for our Craftsman Cottage (our last house).

Spring 2016 Front Porch (10)Wish us luck in the sell of this cute “Oak Harbor Cottage”.  We closed on our building lot Friday so this one NEEDS to sell.

Happy Spring!!!

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  1. So pretty!!!

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Love your porch, so cozy and welcoming. Your decorations are wonderful.
    Seems like every time I happen to get post from you moving is on your agenda or have recently moved. Worse than us.
    We moved quite often for few years but hubs tells me we’re too old now, he’s year younger than me. I would move back to MT again. Of all places have lived is still favorite, even over San Diego areas. Do you ever miss AZ?
    Good luck on selling your house, sure your hubs can sell it, why not?
    We’re going to oldest son’s wedding on June 25th., is his 2nd. one as well as his bride. She is 20 yrs. younger than him but he tells us he’s been looking for her all his life. So looking forward to meeting her and her two girls, 7 & 11. Son’s boys will be there also, they live in KY with their Mom .They are 18 and 20. If wasn’t for Facebook wouldn’t see them. Been about 6 yrs since they were here visiting.
    Have wonderful trip and happy Easter/week
    Hope wedding you attend will be lovely. Happy week

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