Building A Spec House

Cottage Elevations (1)If you’ve been following along for awhile, you know that my hubs and I love to flip homes.  Lately, we’ve been unable to secure any new fixer uppers so we’ve decided to explore the possibility of building a spec home (or a new home for us and sell the one we’re in that we’ve just finished updating).  We’ve found a lot we’d like to build on and I just picked up some plans today from a local architect.Cottage Elevations (2)I love the 1400 sq. ft. cottage plans but the elevation needs some sprucing up.  So, I thought I would drive around our neighborhood this afternoon and take a few pictures for inspiration.  I would LOVE to hear your feedback.  What do you think of these cedar posts?  Our plan has three posts in the front.Cottage Elevations (3)

Cottage Elevations (5)This is pretty similar to our plan only with a three car garage.  This house has the contrast of board & batten and lap siding.  I was thinking I would like to paint our house grey with white trim and bright contrasting front door (yellow or aqua).Cottage Elevations (7)This one is also similar to our plan which includes the third car garage.  I like the shake on the upper gable and the board & batten on the front gable.  I think I would like the garage doors to be the color of the trim or house with cottage style windowsFront ElevationThis is a home we remodeled years ago and turned it into a commercial real estate office.  I like the shape of these front columns and again, the mix of siding.  We should know in the next couple of days whether or not we’ll be moving forward with this new build.  I’m EXCITED!!!  I sure hope all the numbers work out in our favor ’cause this what we truly enjoy doing!  Getting to choose every little design element that goes into a house from the ground up just makes my heart beat a little bit faster!!!  I’ll keep you all posted on what develops!

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