Trip to Waco Part 2

I’m back today to share part 2 of our trip to Waco.  If you missed part 1, you can see it here.  After experiencing Magnolia Market, we definitely wanted to stop by Harp Design Co. too.  So Saturday morning this was first on our agenda.  We actually pulled up a few minutes before they opened but Kristen, the storefront manager was so sweet and opened it up for us.  It’s a cute little shop and I recognized some pieces from Fixer Upper right away.  I just couldn’t leave without a couple of Clint’s turned candlesticks. Candlesticks - Harp Design Co.SourceWaco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (45)As you can see in the background, the Harp’s house that was renovated on an episode of Fixer Upper.  It sits next door to the shop.Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (47)They now use this as their offices.

Have you heard that they’ve filmed a pilot for their own HGTV show?  Sure hope it works out for them!!!  Can’t wait to see it!Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (55)Our next stop was Spice Village.  It’s located right downtown and filled with loads of treasures from different vendors.  Isn’t this staircase the coolest?Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (49)

Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (52)

Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (53)There was definitely love in the air for all things vintage, handmade, apparel and home decor!!!

By this time, my hubs was starting to feel a little achy and had a headache.  He never gets sick so this was quite unusual.Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (57)We took a break for a bite to eat.  This is some Texas size toast!!!  But Dave just kept feeling worse as the day went on.  He didn’t want to quit though so just powered through it, hoping whatever he was feeling would go away.Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (63)I got a message on FB from Junque in the Trunk to see if we were going to stop by there too.  And we were so glad we did.Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (62)

Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (60)

Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (61)Their shop has also been featured on Fixer Upper.  Joanna purchased a dresser here for one of the homes and had it turned into a vanity by adding a sink.Fixer UpperAs we were driving around Waco taking in all the sights, we just happened upon this beauty.  You can spot one of the Gaines homes immediately.  We were just checking out a neighborhood by the lake when we saw it.  This house was just from a few weeks ago…The Modern Farmhouse!!!Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (1)Then it was back to the hotel room for us.  Dave went to bed and I walked next door for dinner.  This was so suppose to be our Valentine’s Night Out for a fancy dinner.  Poor guy!  He felt bad and I felt bad for him.  He was now suffering with a fever, chills and coughing.  It was definitely the dreaded flu!

The next day was Sunday and we had to fly home.  We drove into Austin, returned our rental car and waited to catch our flight.  By this time, I wasn’t feeling so hot.  I was having different symptoms however.  I was feeling nauseous. Not a good thing right before boarding a long flight home.  Needless to say, the flight was miserable and yes, my greatest fear came true…I had to use the little white bag located in the seat back pocket. SO awful!!!  (This may have too much information to share, sorry!)  Our travel time was 8 loooooooong hours, changing planes in Oakland, CA.  We’re not even sure how we made it home.  But thanking God for making a way!

Dave has not been back to work yet.  We are both still weak.  I thought I was getting better yesterday and then had a relapse.  Now I have congestion and coughing too.  We both went to Urgent Care this morning and got prescriptions.   No more fevers, so we’re not suppose to be contagious.  Dave is going to try and go back to work tomorrow, even if it’s just for a half day.  I’m falling behind on my orders now with The Sign Factory but I just don’t have any strength to move about.  We’ve both been surviving on chicken soup, jello and Gatorade.  The Flu is NO fun!  Ugh!

So there you have it!  The good, bad and the ugly!  Hope you can make it to Waco someday soon, if you haven’t already, minus the ugly sickness part!  You would love the shops we visited.  I know there is much more to see but our time was limited this trip.Waco TX, Magnolia Market, Harp Design Co (2)Hope you enjoyed all the pictures from Part 1 & Part 2 of our trip.  Thought I’d end with this one.  Our first night we got some GREAT frozen custard at Katie’s!  Like my hubs says “we always break for custard!”

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  1. Sounds like a great trip..except for the flu part! Hope you’re back on track soon. I would love to see the Silos some day. Thanks for the news about the pilot and I will watch for it.
    (I flew to Orlando recently and had the same thing happen to me. Will never eat red grapes again.)

    • Oh my goodness…glad you came through it OK. That’s how I feel about vegetable soup now! It’s the only thing I had in my stomach. Yuk!!! Have a GREAT day Debra! Blessings ~ Judy 🙂

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