Bunnies Have Hopped Back In

I am so ready for Spring!  The last couple of days here in Idaho have been absolutely beautiful.  Warm and sunny, can’t ask for anything more!  I’ve added a few bright pillows to our front patio bench and awaiting for the time when I can go buy some pretty flowers and fill some pots to scatter around.  Until then, I’m lightening up inside the house starting with my bunnies.DSC_9304This little bunny has been with me for many, many years.  I can’t believe it has survived all our moves around the United States.  I’m so very thankful.DSC_9311I LOVE filling its basket with wrapped candies for the season.  Sometimes it sits next to a chair and sometimes its a greeter at the front door.DSC_9308


DSC_9305My only problem is staying away from the candy and saving it for guests.DSC_9314I also brought out the set of bunny bookends to our entry table, along with some Spring Peanut M&M’s.  (I did sample of few of these today…shhh don’t tell anyone!)DSC_9312Hope you are enjoying beautiful weather as well.  Have a blessed weekend!!!

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