How To Brighten Up A Rainy Day

We woke up to rain this morning but that didn’t stop the excitement around here.  Today is the day for all the electrical to be upgraded in our new “100 year old” home.  I have already met the electricians and gone over all the plans one last time.  What a great group of guys!  Once they’re done, it will be safe to move in.  We should be able to start moving in this weekend (at-least all the boxes out of the garage)Huntwood Shaker Colonial White Maple CabinetsAfter spending numerous hours on a new kitchen design on a VERY tight budget, I finally made the plunge and ordered Huntwood Colonial White Shaker Style Maple Cabinets.  It will take 5 weeks before delivery but I couldn’t be happier with the final choice.l32afd144-m6oHere is what the kitchen looks like now.  It’s very clean but so outdated.  This home has never seen a dishwasher so it’s in for a BIG shock!  My copier is not hooked up yet or I would scan a copy of the new layout for you.  Basically, everything is on one wall right now so I’m moving the range around the corner to the right and making this kitchen into an L-shape.  We went with GE Pro Series for the appliance (they’re offering a huge rebate right now and every penny helps).  The refrigerator is going to stay in the same location, dishwasher will be to the left of the sink and next to that will be a built-in microwave.  Where the stove sits now will be a bank of drawers.  I’m having a hood placed over the new range with lower and upper cabinets on each side.  The wall you see in this photo will have open shelving (a DIY project).  Hope this all make sense!Colonial White Huntwood CabinetsHere’s another photo of the Huntwood cabinets I ordered.  Our hood looks really similar to the one in this kitchen only it’s just 30″ wide.20140825_164447Here’s another view of the kitchen which help visualize what I’m talking about.  The counter will wrap around the corner and the new range will be centered on the blank wall.20140825_164529The window next to the back door is lower than the counter top so the cabinets will stop about 27″ from that wall, a perfect spot for my stool!20140825_164612And now we’ve come full circle.  There is an opening that leads to the dining room, the door leads to the basement and on the other side of the refrigerator is the the hallway to the upstairs, living room, bath room and two bedrooms.

The wall on the left is approx. 4′ wide.  I’m going to be in search of a free standing hutch for more storage.  Because of the cut-out in this wall, the kitchen is not quite big enough for an island. 70e0aa5c1a6bfd16fe8e0590de995f57Something like this maybe?23a0cf18e5c0b688459ef2d7d313ff04Or like this?

Anyway…I still owe you a full tour but it was too dark and dreary today to take good pictures.  I even cleaned up the kitchen so you wouldn’t have to see the mess like in these photos but…it is what it is!  I knew you’d understand!

So I better go check on the guys.  They are going to want to break for lunch soon so I’ll need to be there to lock up the house!

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  1. Love your shaker style cabinets, very pretty choice. Your hutch choices are very pretty as well, especially the last one. I’d love to have a kitchen reno, but it isn’t going to happen anytime soon so I’ll enjoy visiting yours!

    • Thank you so much Diane! I’m extremely excited to get my new cabinets. I have about 4 weeks left of waiting. Ugh! Would love to have you follow along and come visit me often! It’s going to be a a continuous DIY project. It will be a lot of hard work but fun too! Blessings ~ Judy

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