Stressed and Blessed

I told my mom today I’m feeling stressed and blessed.  I can’t even count the many blessings in my life right now but there is so much going on all at once that I can’t help but be a bit stressed.  Our home in Arizona closed last week after just 3 weeks on the market.  Yippee!  We are closing on our new house this Thursday.  Yay!  All sounds great huh?  Well, the Title Co. didn’t get our check in the mail so they sent it Fed-ex yesterday at no charge to us.  No problem.  Then today, Fed-ex delivered our check to the wrong house.  We spent four hours this morning trying to locate it.  They finally found it and delivered to us.  I knew it would get resolved but still…something so simple turned into quite the ordeal.  We stayed calm, but have you ever realized how stressful it is to stay calm?

We’ve only been in Spokane for 5 weeks now and I threw in an entry to a Vintage Market last weekend.  Even though it was GREAT fun, I think I’m going to wait awhile before my next one.  We need to get settled first and back into some sort of routine.

Would you like to see a few photos from Pickin’ on the Prairie?  Don’t you just love that name?20140815_132509Friday was set-up day and it was raining off and on so the only thing I could really get ready was this vintage mop bucket filled with flowers.  Everything else was under the tent and covered with tarps for safe keeping.20140816_093935Saturday morning at 10, the cow bells were ringing and the gate was opened.20140816_095655I was charged up and ready to go.20140817_095635We have salvaged as much barn wood from my brother’s property as possible.  It’s been so much fun painted signs on this beautifully aged wood.20140817_095838An old vintage door turned chalk board.  It didn’t sell so guess where it’s going?20140817_095019These gorgeous ladies were my neighbors at the event.  I am now a “Buffalo Girl” too.  I came home with one of their stunning creations and they went home with a painted sign.  You can find them on Facebook.20140817_094959They spread Gypsy Dust where ever they go, even on my hubby’s feet.   It made his toes sparkle.20140817_095329Past Blessings Farm is the host of the show and their barn is always filled with treasures.20140817_095155Look at how darling their farmhouse is!  The flower beds and landscaping are to die for.  Truly a wonderful place for such an event.20140816_124841Family and friends stopped by throughout the day.  Such a joy to be living near all of them once again.20140816_124315The metallic waxed crowns were a hit.  I came home with just one.   Thanks Princess Morgan for being such a beautiful model.20140817_095233

20140817_095350Lots of good food and drinks for all to enjoy!

A huge success for such short notice and for my first market here in Spokane.  I’d love to be invited back again next year. Craftsman 1914 Home ~ Vintage Street DesignsI’m seriously having to pinch myself right now.  I can’t believe we get to move into this 1914 Craftsman Home.  This is part of the “feeling blessed” part of my life right now.  We are going to have all the electrical updated before we move in so we’ll be in our apartment for a few extra days.  It will be nice to know all systems are operating to code and we’ll be safe and sound.  Once the “function” is taken care of, the “decorating” can begin.  Hope you follow along with me as I move from room to room and make this house on the corner, our home!

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  1. Oh my Judy…love everything about your new old house. I’m sure you will have so much fun making it your own. Best of luck on your move.

    • Thank you so much Kristi. It won’t be long now…electricians start working on the wiring this week, then the sheet rock repair and we’ll start moving in. Pretty exciting!!! 🙂

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