Our Search For A New Home

OK, so the search is on for a new home here in Spokane and of-coarse all the Ranch Style houses I saw for sale before we arrived are all sold.  We are now expanded are search to include all styles concentrating on two areas.  We have eight new homes to check out today.  One has really caught our eye.  It’s a small bungalow and use to be part of a dairy farm.  Its had the same owner for 29 years.  It looks really clean and well cared for, although it would need some updating.  It’s located in a quaint area called Millwood.  We have until mid-September to have a house purchased and ready to move into or we’ll have to move to a different rental property.  That’s something we’d really like to avoid.SAR201421410KHere’s a little peek of the backyard.  Isn’t it adorable?Setting The Stage To Sell ~ Vintage Street Designs (10)A big change from our home in Arizona.  Palm trees, cactus and rock to lush green grass and cottage gardens.  I must say though, I loved our little house in Glendale and all our neighbors.  I haven’t wanted to say to much about the sale of our house but all the inspections and appraisal have come back and everything on the buyer’s end looks good so we’re due to close next week.  We’re thrilled with how fast the house sold.  We had three offers.  We accepted the second offer and the third is a backup.  Praising God for his continued faithfulness and blessings in our lives.

I’ll keep you posted as the house hunting continues….

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  1. I love the look of the bungalow property. Im not a palm tree fan so I like where you are moving much better. Hope you find something you love.

    • Thank you Dawn…I’m with you, it just never felt like home in Arizona. Although, I met some wonderful friends there and they will be missed. 🙂

  2. Woo-hoo!! I’m so excited for you guys! It looks like you guys are loving it there, we need to catch up soon. xoxo

    • Thanks Bridget! Yes…we are loving it here. I have show next weekend that I’m frantically getting ready for along with searching for a home. Kinda nuts as usual. We will definitely catch up soon! HUGS ~ Judy

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