Black And White Guest Room Reveal

Black & White Guest Room (21)I’ve been so anxious to show you the finished results of my client’s Black & White Guest Room but I had to wait until our internet was up and running again.  It’s been a crazy busy week of moving from Arizona to Washington.  Tonight will be our first night in our rental condo.  It’s really a beautiful place but we’ll only be here until the end of September so it’s more like a base of operations than a home.  Not much decorating will be happening here.  It’s OK though…we have a gorgeous view of the golf course right outside our living/dining room where we have our computer desks set up.  I know, it doesn’t sound very “interior design” savvy but we just couldn’t see sitting in the back spare room all day and waste this view.  Anyway, things are going GREAT.  Just anxious to find our next “Fixer Upper” here in Spokane so I can get back to what I love ~ decorating!!!  My parents are elated to have us here and I’ve already begun to invade their barn with all my paint, etsy and ebay wares as well as piles of wood for painted signs.

OK…that’s enough about our move for today.  Lets get back to this stunning guest room!Black & White Guest Room (20)These curtains are what held up the final photo shoot.  I had to finish them!  My client’s, Dick & Jeanene had us over for dessert before we left Arizona and I finished up the final touches in both of their guest rooms.  We didn’t get to every room of their home as planned but we came close.  This room was the one I pushed for.  It was truly a blank slate so I asked if I could make it a black and white room with green accents.  They were a bit hesitant but ultimately agreed.  I’m so glad they did.  It was SO much fun!  This is the room that sits at the end of their hallway so this window is what you see first.  I wanted it to be full of interest and beauty.Black & White Guest Room (19)The sign was a rescue owned by Jeanene.  She stripped the roses that were once decoupaged in the middle and painted it white.  She gave it to me to paint the lettering.  A GREAT save!!!Black & White Guest Room (18)Every window in their home has to have custom drapes made.  Regular store bought sized do not fit.  I was lucky enough to design and make all the bedroom drapes.  I went shopping with Jeanene to pick out the material for their office window but didn’t have enough time to make them.  I referred a friend for the task.  Can’t wait to see how they turn out.Black & White Guest Room (8)Jeanene and I both did some shopping and ended up with bags and bags of goodies.  We mixed them all together and whala… we ended up with an amazing space to welcome special guests.  The black adjustable table lamp was found at Target.  The black and white chevron monogram pillow I found at Kirkland’s.  I made the pillow that matches the curtains, the feather pillow form came from Ikea.  The white mirror came from Home Goods.  Bedding was purchased at Stein Mart.Black & White Guest Room (23)One spool was painted white but the other’s we opted to leave natural to blend with the other natural wood antiques in the room.Black & White Guest Room (13)Opposite of the bed sits this dresser, perfect for an additional place to display pretty treasures.  Jeanene plans to hang quilts or throws on the ladder leaning against the corner.Black & White Guest Room (15)

Black & White Guest Room (2)Hope you enjoyed the tour.  If you love this room, wait ’til you see the next one!  I’ll be sharing Dick and Jeanene’s second guest room very soon!

Until next time…

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