Last But Not Least ~ Home Office Tour

Our home office is probably the room we spend the most time in.  This is where I blog and post of FB, etc…  I also create designs for my painted and vinyl signs and my entire stock of paint is stored in the closet on shelves the hubs built for me.  It’s too hot to store it in the garage.  My husband unwinds by playing video games with friends across the United State.  He has his desk facing out towards the TV so he can watch a show and play games at the same time.  He’s always quick to shut it all down if I have something planned for us to do.  His other past-time is wood working.  Whenever I come up with a new project or pattern for him to build, he’s happy!  He can’t wait to have access to my dad’s BIG workshop in Spokane.  He was just saying today, we may not even hook up to cable when we move.  I’d miss watching HGTV but otherwise I have no objections.  Most shows I can get the full episodes online.  That works for me!

Home Office - Vintage Street Designs (2)I love how our office is so open to the rest of the house.  The french doors are always open.Home Office - Vintage Street Designs (3)My husband’s desk was a rescue project.  At the time that I finished it, I didn’t have him in mind.  When he saw it, he asked if he could keep it.SAM_2041This is what it looked like when I brought it home.SAM_2291I painted the drawer and base for contrast with the wood.SAM_2298I added a transfer to the back for interest.SAM_1789My desk was purchased at an auction shortly after we moved to Arizona.  I won the bid at just $17.00.  Score!!!SAM_1791I love the drawer.  It big enough to store all my necessities.SAM_1785Painted in Duck Egg Blue for now.  You may see it painted in a new color eventually.  This is an easy desk to pack.  The legs screw off so we’ll be able to wrap it up tight.Home Office - Vintage Street Designs (4)Here’s a few out to the living room as I stand between our two desks.Home Office - Vintage Street Designs (1)We brought this rug from the master to cover the wires across the floor.  There is never a good way to hide all the wires, I just have to accept that it’s part of life and running a business from home.  I need computers, copiers, printers and of-course my Silhouette!

Well, this was the last room of our house tour.  Hope you enjoyed your visit!

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