I’ve Ordered My New Camera

My new camera has been ordered and I just received notice that it’s been shipped.  It’s coming from California so it should only take a couple of days.  I can’t wait!  As I was trying to decide what kind of camera to invest in, I checked with other bloggers in blogland.  I’ve just got to say it, sorry Marian…just as Miss Mustard Seed blames The Pioneer Woman for the purchase of one of her lenses, I have to blame her for the camera and lens I just purchased!  All in fun of-course!

I had really made up my mind that I would start out with a lesser Nikon and lens, as I’m no MMS or Pioneer Woman, and upgrade in the future.   But, my husband doesn’t give up that easy.  As he searched the web and in stores, he finally found THE ONE!  Nikon_D7000_513


Yes, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  WOW…I’m actually getting the Nikon D7000 digital SLR.  My hubs found a brand new “floor model” at a great discount.  It comes with a full package of goodies but what I’m most excited about is what’s in the next photo I’m going to show you.nikon_18-200mm_vr_ii_lensThis is what I’m blaming Miss Mustard Seed for! (Smiles) I’ve been so frustrated with trying to take full room pictures with natural light coming through the windows and not being able to really capture the beauty I want to share.  This lens is the Nikon 18-200mm which is the lens most used by MMS.  I’ll now be able to take tight, close up shots, full room shots as well as everything in between according to Marian.

I know I’m going to have my homework to do in learning how to manage this new devise.  But I’m feeling up to the challenge and ready for this next step in my business.  I have really started getting busy with my new etsy shops, ebay store and online paint shop store that I need a better camera to take more professional photographs.  God has truly been faithful as I’ve been making changes in my business plan.

OK, so now down to brass tax.  I was going to purchase a Nikon D3200 or D3300 and then buy the lens separately.  It was going to cost nearly $1000 after paying for shipping and buying a few other extras that would be necessary.  The package I actually bought that including everything I would ever need and more, came to $1,165 free shipping.  So for just a little bit more, I was able to get “The Dream Machine” that those I respect and trust use on a daily basis.  YAY!!!



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