Finally…Hubby’s Nightstand Is Refinished!


I have been saying for months that I was going to paint my husband’s nightstand so it would match the rest of our master bedroom makeover that has been in progress. I finally got to it this week and it only took a few hours.  I couldn’t wait to surprise him when he got home from work.  Just wait ’til you hear what he said!!!  But first, lets look at a few photos. beforeThis is the original finish on this Ethan Allen Nightstand.  I purchased it and several other pieces at an auction a long time ago.  All the other pieces were painted and sold.  This one we decided to keep for ourselves.SAM_5677I then turned it into this, which sorta matched the look I was going for but knew that deep down I really wanted to change everything in our bedroom.SAM_5680So when I got a break, I went for it.  I painted two coats of CeCe’s Vintage White to match my nightstand.SAM_5683I then lightly distressed and used Endurance Finish on top to protect it and Waxing Cream on the body and drawers.  I had to wait for the Endurance to dry before I could put everything back in it’s place before my husband got home.  I was counting the minutes!SAM_5698Whew, it dried just in time.  I couldn’t wait for him to get home.SAM_5689When ever Mr. A gets home from work, he always walks straight to this little red bowl I have on the corner of the kitchen counter and places his keys, etc… then he walks to our bedroom to change out of his suit and into shorts.  I followed him to see his reaction.SAM_5688He was telling me all about his day, changing his clothes and not noticing a thing.  I just kept smiling and listening (and waiting).SAM_5696And then he asked “Why does our house look so clean?”  I just started laughing.  He turned around and saw what I had done.  Not only did I paint his nightstand but I also had hung new white curtains in place of our dark brown ones.  It really brightened the entire space.  Then his reaction was “Oh WOW”.SAM_5697I LOVE our master bedroom now.  It feels complete, light and airy.

I just ordered my new camera and it should arrive in a few days.  As soon as it gets here I’ll take the final makeover photos of our entire bedroom to share.  I’m so excited!  I hope it’s not too complicated and I can figure out how to use it!

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