Craft Room ~ One Last Look

I just did a few minor changes to my craft room before listing our home.  Since we also needed to clean up the garage, I brought in the finished vintage dresser I was originally saving for Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market.  It was all wrapped up for safe keeping until September.  Instead of moving to storage, I thought it would be safer to just bring into the craft room.Craft Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (12)I shared my craft room makeover not too long ago but these photographs were all taken with my new Nikon camera.  I’ve been having so much fun with it.Craft Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (14)This is where I had my photo station set up.  For now, I’m just picking places throughout the house and outside when I need to take pictures of a project.  One good thing about having your house for sale, you always have to clean up immediately after completing a project before you move onto the next.Craft Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (15)I just added a few accessories for interest. I touched up the walls with paint so I didn’t want to add anymore holes above the dresser.guest demoThis is photo of the space during the remodel.  We had ripped out the purple carpet and painted the walls a cottage white.  Notice the dark brown awning outside too.  We changed that to pretty neutral stripe as you’ll see in the next photo.Craft Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (3)I do serious work at that little center table.  Today I’ll be finishing up some draperies for my client, Jeanene.  This is probably going to be my last custom order here in the sunny state of Arizona.Craft Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (7)

Craft Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (10)I moved this table over in front of the window and placed the other half-round table outside under our covered front patio.  Craft Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (11)Stormy looks pretty stately sitting on top.Craft Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (1)

Craft Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (5)

Craft Room ~ Vintage Street Designs (2)Hope you enjoyed one last look at where I have created during our stay here.  Hmmm…I wonder where and what my new space will look like.  It could be another room like this or it could be a garage or barn.  So excited to start decorating the next place!

Blessings ~ Judy

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