Cozy Laundry Room & New Fixer Upper

Laundry Space - Vintage Street Designs (2)Having a laundry space in the a hallway is by far not ideal but I must say…when we were looking for investment properties in this price range 2 1/2 years ago almost all laundry areas were located in the garage.  Can you imagine doing laundry when it’s 115 degrees outside?  Talk about a working in a sauna.  I refused to purchase any of those homes.  So when we found this house, it was like a HUGE upgrade.  The door leads to our garage.Laundry Space - Vintage Street Designs (5)I found this rustic treasure while visiting our friends in Florida.  Tom and and my husband packaged it up for me and I checked it in at the airport.  Worked like a charm.  It also functions as an extension of our laundry are for hanging clothes.Laundry Space - Vintage Street Designs (3)Since this space can kind of be a dark hole, I wanted to brighten it up with colorful baskets.  These came from The Dollar Store.  They help to store items like light bulbs, cleaning supplies, batteries and even our swimsuits.  The metal decorative basket hanging on the wall stores our fabric softener sheets.Laundry Space - Vintage Street Designs (7)

Laundry Space - Vintage Street Designs (6)This plaque was a gift from our daughter (and grandchildren) last Christmas.  So, so cute!  I can’t wait to live closer to those sweet munchkins.  They bring us such joy!!!Laundry Space - Vintage Street Designs (1)The view as you turn towards the rest of our home.Laundry Space - Vintage Street Designs (4)There is no such thing as a messy laundry room in our house.  It’s just not an option when it’s smack dab in the middle of your walkway.  In past laundry rooms, I would use them for extra storage if I had to clean up in a hurry or even store extra pies, etc…when hosting a big get together.  But truly, it hasn’t been that bad.  We have loved living in this cute little house.  It really has a fantastic layout for a small space and feels bigger than it actually is.

Fixer Upper ~ Vintage Street DesignsHere’s a possible Fixer Upper for us in Spokane.  What do you think?  Great neighborhood!  Just needs a little updating on the exterior and rehab the interior.  It could be a Farmhouse Ranch Showpiece!  2018 sq. ft. for me to play with.  YES PLEASE!

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