Part 1 Master Bedroom Makeover

I just realized I haven’t posted Part 1 of our master bedroom makeover and I’m getting ready to post Part 2.  Oops!  So here it is.  First things first, I needed new bedding.  I lucked out here…I happen to stop at Stein Mart and they were having a huge sale. I picked up two quilts for just $25 each along with a couple of shams and accent pillows.  The pillows were as much as the quilts, but I had to have them! Smiles!  My husband has given me a $1000 budget to put the final touches on our house as we’re getting ready to put it up on the market so I need to make to spread as far as I can since my wish list is looooooooong.Our Master Bedroom Makeover Part 1 ~ Vintage Street Designs (1)We had the carpets professionally cleaned since I took this photo. The area rug no longer sits under the bed.  I need it for another room so I made the executive decision to live without one in our master until we find our new home.  From a design standpoint, I don’t think it will be missed as potential buyers view our home.SAM_3523Here’s an old photo of what our master used to look like.  I sold the vintage door headboard and table to the right (after painting it).  I wanted to brighten things up.  The “Bed in a bag” was 5 years old and we were ready for a change.  OUT with OLD, and IN with the NEW!!!Master Bedroom Makeover Part 1 (2)So today I went shopping for lamp shades.  I have had these vintage lamps for quite sometime.  I picked them at an auction for just a few dollars.Master Bedroom Makeover Part 1 (1)So I’ve decided on this shade.  It’s a little bigger and I think the style and size fits the lamp and the room better.  They were only $16.99 each at TJ Maxx.  Score!!!  Now I have to return the other ones to Ross.  At just $9.99 each, someone else will nab them right up!  As you can BARELY see, I’ve added a couple more pillows I stole from other parts of the house.e5222b7fea869e223db4ba2bcdc9b59eThis is the headboard my hubs and I will be building tomorrow for Part 2 of our master bedroom makeover.  Lets keep our fingers crossed!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  As the daughter and mother of Veterans, this is near and dear to my heart.  May God bless all the men and women who serve and have served.  At 80 years old, my dad was just chosen to be on the Honor Flight to Washington DC this coming Tuesday.  He is beside himself and feeling so honored.  He’s never been and he will be given the royal treatment along with a guided tour of 17 different monuments via a wheelchair.  His trip will be topped off with a Banquet honoring all those that have been able to make the trip.  I wish I could be at the airport to see him off and welcome him back but the rest of family will be there with cameras in hand.  What a special time for my dad.  I’m SO happy for him.  We are all a bit emotional as you can imagineDad & I...Broadmoor - CopyHere’s a photo of me with my dad taken in 2009 while in Colorado Springs.

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  1. Sandra Haymart says:

    Love the headboard you are building. As a member of VFW Ladies Aux. we & our VFW Post strongly support the Honor Flight. It is a huge event here. People line Interstate Highway 70 on their return. 100-200 motorcycles escort them back. It is amazing. Last week our VFW raised over $6,500.00 at a Sunday Brunch, all of which was donated to the Honor Flight.

    • WOW…that’s amazing! What a wonderful organization. My dad is so excited. He flies out tomorrow morning. I’m truly thrilled for him. At this stage in his life, and to be honored in this way is just to great for words! Thank you for all that you do too! It is touching the lives of so many! Blessings ~ Judy

  2. Pamela Bolton says:

    Congratulations to your Dad. My dad, my. father-in-law and all my uncles oand uncles-in-law

  3. Pamela Bolton says:

    Sorry my tablet is acting strange tonight. What I was trying to say is that my marine hubby a nd. I. have had family members in all our wars back to the revolution. We are so proud of this country and our military.

    • Thank you so much Pamela for sharing. My dad was the youngest of 4 brothers and he couldn’t wait to follow in his older brothers footsteps. He enlisted at age 17. My poor grandmother. However, she was very fortunate to have all 4 sons return home safely. My dad is the only one still living but I know this something he would have enjoyed sharing with them. They would have all been worthy of taking this flight as so many others who have served. My son did 2 tours in Iraq. He is now home and caring for his own 3 year old son. Blessings ~ Judy

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