Craft Room Makeover Reveal

My Craft Room Makeover Reveal

I’m feeling so inspired now!  My craft room had become so cluttered and messy I didn’t even want to go in it.  Have you ever had that feeling?  So the only thing to do was purge and start all over again from scratch.  Let’s take a look at what it looked like before…SAM_5140It was so crazy before Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market last weekend that I literately had no time for cleaning, organizing or even sleeping.Craft Room PurgeAnd here it is ready for it’s new look!  I even re-organized the closet before I began in the room.  Whew, even at this stage I was already feeling so much better.SAM_5221And here we are, ready to create once again.  See the two vintage doors?  I carried them in from outside all by myself.  When there’s a will, there’s a way!SAM_5198This is the last of my cow heads and I’m so glad I saved one for myself.  The lemon leaf wreath has traveled with us from state to state since 2009 when we left Boise Idaho.  It’s found a new home surrounding our cow but now I have a hole to fill in the living room.  Haha. SAM_5211This is the only Domino left from the show and it’s feeling a little lonely so I thought I would make up a few more.SAM_5213I thought the potting bench would make another great work station in the room.  The basket underneath holds all my fabric scraps.SAM_5208I picked up this old typewriter a long time ago.  I was lucky to get it for a good price before they were hard to come by.SAM_5214Along this wall is where I have my photo station.  It’s probably the most used surface in the room.SAM_5218I LOVE this little table.  I wanted to make it into my desk but it’s a couple of inches to tall.  The drawer is all compartmentalized.   So cool.SAM_5219The gate was made by my husband out of the old fence we tore down at the Condo Rehab Project we did several months ago.  It makes a great backdrop for photos.SAM_5199I think Miss Gracie needs a pretty skirt.  Should it be out of vintage sheet music/book pages or maybe tulle?SAM_5207This is the start of my yardstick collection.SAM_5225Hope you enjoyed the tour!  I felt like I had accomplished so much this week that I took some time off to go pick’n this weekend.  Here’s the little diamond-in-the-rough I found… Three Drawer Cabinet - Vintage Street DesignsWon’t this be SO adorable painted?  Can’t wait!!!

Have a wonderful week!

Blessings ~ Judy

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  1. Sandra Haymart says:

    Love the new piece you got this week. The gold mirror in your craft room…..if it isn’t something special, why not paint it?

    • Thank you!!! Actually, the gold mirror is for sale. It’s a La Barge gold leaf so I can’t paint this one. Well, I could…but I won’t. lol Someone will fall in love with it one of these days and it will find it’s way to a new home! 🙂

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