Cabin Fever & My Bucket List

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic today.  This definition from Merriam-Webster explains it perfectly ~


pleasure and sadness that is caused by remembering something from the past and wishing that you could experience it again

Summer is coming upon us quickly and I’m remembering all those family gatherings spent at our Summer Cabin near Sandpoint Idaho.  Boating, skiing, roasting marshmallows as we sat around the fire pit.  Just to name a few!Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (2)We enjoyed many family reunions and sharing our little piece of Heaven with special friends.Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (25)Here I am with my BFF Julie Brown Benton.  I think I quit growing shortly after this photo was taken. Haha.  Julie and I met in Kindergarten and immediately became inseparable.Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (4)Here’s a picture of Julie with her husband.  They came and spent the day with us at the cabin.  It wasn’t too much longer after this when she lost her battle with cancer.  We were friends for 42 years.  I was so blessed to have had her in my life and I look forward to seeing her again someday in Heaven!Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (12)

Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (13)The AMAZING view!Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (21)Here’s my daughter Jill, already practicing on land so she’ll be ready to hit the water full speed ahead when she’s old enough.Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (19)Here she is a little older.  Grandpa is letting her drive his boat.Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (24)And then again as a teenager freeboarding (similar to a surf board only to be pulled behind a boat, my very creative Uncle Harold invented it).

Just a little side note (Jill is now 29.  She and her husband just bought a boat of their own over the weekend and she’ll be picking up this freeboard from Grandpa in June to take home with her to Boise, ID.  I’m over-the-moon excited for them!!!  But if you know my parents, don’t say anything to them.  She wants to be the one to tell them they got it.  My parents don’t have internet so they can’t read this post!

Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (22)Son Jordan, although he was not the “fish” his sister was.  He loved boating and fishing off the dock.Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (16)

Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (18)Here I am, in my younger years.  I guess Jordan and I took turns perching on the back of the boat.

Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (9)In 2004, after my brother and I were gifted the cabin from our parents, we decided to do a little makeover.  The loft has always been my room.  I purchased some log furniture and bought the duvet set from Pottery Barn.  Everything else in the room, I made, found at thrift stores or re-painted existing pieces we already owned.Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (29)

Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (28)

Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (31)

Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (30)And the view I woke up to every morning!  So peaceful.Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (36)I purchased this new dining room set at one of my favorite stores in Spokane WA.Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (35)

Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (27)The leather recliners came from Costco.Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (6)We stored all our table games inside the clock, which also happen to came from my favorite store.

Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (26)Here’s my multi-talented friend Lisa, who came to help with the renovations.  It was a lot of work but fun too!Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (37)I made my nephews pose for a picture.  The oldest is about finished with his first year of college.  Wow, time flies!Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (10)The hubs out jet skiing with his friend Alex.Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (23)Julie’s daughter, Jessica came up for some relaxation.  I think she’s asking someone to bring her a drink. Haha!Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (33)My sweet parents.  They built this cabin with the help of many friends and family members.  A true treasure!Cabin Fever ~ Vintage Street Designs (34)This photograph was taken just before the sell of the cabin.  Due to the recession and several other factors we were forced to sell.  It was a sad day but a relief at the same time.  Homes were saved, money was put in the bank and we all survived as we leaned upon the Lord to guide us and help us through.  I told my husband, the only thing on my bucket list, is to someday have another little cabin on a lake.  A place where we can build new memories with our grand-children.

There are so many more stories and photos I could share but I think you get the picture, right?  I had such a wonderful childhood and was so blessed to be born with such loving parents and who enjoy life to it’s fullest.  They have been married for 62 years and still going strong!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Blessings – Judy

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  1. OMG!! I so remember our trip up to the cabin to work on it. 🙂 It was so much fun and I look like such a chunk in that pic! lol

    • Me too…I remember getting a ticket on the drive up and your husband at home taking care of a sick child as you were talking him through care instructions over the phone. What we won’t do for a “girl’s weekend”. lol The rest of trip was GREAT!

      Ummm…pictures can be receiving! You were as beautiful then as you are now (inside and out) my friend! 🙂

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