A Quick & Easy Way To Paint Stripes

Adding A Few Stripes ~ Vintage Street Designs (11)

Would you like to know a quick and easy way to paint stripes?Freedom Painted Sign ~ Vintage Street Designs (3) I was recently asked if I had any tips…here’s what I do: I use 1″ wide blue tape with Edge Lock. I place strips of tape side by side along the surface and then go back and remove every other strip.Freedom Painted Sign ~ Vintage Street Designs (4) This ensures that each stripe is the same size as the next and they’re straight. If I need to do any adjusting, I do it before I start painting.   I didn’t do it here, but if you start in the middle of your surface and work your way out to each end then your two end stripes will be the same width as well and you shouldn’t need to do any adjusting.  You can also re-use the strips of tape as you move along to save on waste, kind of like playing Leap Frog!Freedom Painted Sign ~ Vintage Street Designs (5)Here’s the finished stripes after painting with CeCe Caldwell’s Traverse Cherry (the entire board was already white washed with Vintage White) then power sanding it for distressed look.Freedom Painted Sign ~ Vintage Street Designs (14)I painted the word “Freedom” in Maine Harbor Blue as well as the stars.  This chunky sign needed something substantial painted on it and I thought this would be perfect.  Mr. A tells me this was a piece of wood from our Condo Rehab Project we sold a couple of months ago.  I was HAPPY to re-purpose it!Freedom Painted Sign ~ Vintage Street Designs (17)Hope this helps with your next painting project!!!Freedom Painted Sign ~ Vintage Street Designs (1)


Blessings ~ Judy


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