Re-design Of My Parent’s TV Console

Last weekend I flew to Spokane WA. to visit my parents and other family members.  I had such a great time as always and miss seeing everyone on a daily basis.  Before I arrived my mom had asked me if I would help her re-arrange some pictures when I came, she was due for a change.  As I looked around their cozy little home, I thought it would be nice to do some re-arranging of their furniture as well.  They have lived in this space for 14 years exactly as you see it now.

20140330_144209The corner TV console has never been painted and the knobs were never put on.  Just one of those projects my dad never got around to finishing.  He made the cute sofa table and coffee table.  The rest of the furniture and area rugs were brought over from their home they sold to move onto my brother’s property.  They built a HUGE barn and I designed the Barn Lean To for them to live in.

The first thing we had to tackle was the re-model of their corner console.  I wanted to shift it around so it would be flat against the wall directly in front of their recliners.  My brother asked my dad if he could read the score at the bottom of the screen while they were watching a game, he couldn’t.  Once we turned the TV straight on, he could see it.  He couldn’t BELIEVE the difference.  Even the picture looked brighter and more clear.

20140330_181257While my brother was at work, I did all the measuring and marking of the cut lines so when he got home, he got right to work.20140330_181310There could be no mistakes or we’d be off on a shopping trip for a replacement.20140330_184332This was so funny!  My brother Tom, had to crawl inside the cabinet to make this cut.  He couldn’t see, so he asked my dad to open up the doors.  I couldn’t resist but take photos.20140330_184405Here he is as he crawled back out of the cabinet.  His hood flipped over in front of his face, I’m sure he was eating some saw dust too.20140330_184637Here’s a photo of the missing back (it’s sitting upside down).20140330_193207And here’s the front!  Look’n good!!!20140330_193219Here’s a side view as we’re working on supporting the new back.  Looks kind of crazy here.20140330_193244My dad’s trying to play the tough boss…it didn’t work as you can see by mom’s laughter.20140330_195457And we’re done with construction.20140330_195504We replaced the side back panels but left the rest open since it was going to be place against the wall.20140330_211800We moved the unit back inside so the paint would dry quickly.  It was too cold to paint in the barn.SAM_5025I know I have a better photo of the barn somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.  Anyway, here’s where my parents live.  My dad LOVES telling people “They live in a barn.”  The upstairs window…that’s the window in my room.  Beautiful guest room and on-suite bath.20140401_090037And here’s the after!  We took a trip to Hobby Lobby and mom bought the family photo display for something new.  We didn’t have time to find all the photos she wanted to place in the display so for now, she’s got a new family of blonds.  Haha.  Four days was just not enough time to accomplish all the changes we’d like to make but it was a good start.20140401_090342I used a neutral paint color that was left over from an earlier trip when I painted a few pieces of furniture for my aunt’s new home.  The knobs are from Hobby Lobby.20140401_090533My parent’s are thrilled with the outcome and we had so much fun as a family with this little re-design.

Blessings ~ Judy

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  1. Great job. Your a good kid. Thanks for sharing this great idea. Hope to see more.

    • Thanks Linda…I enjoyed every minute of this makeover and I know my parents did too! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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