Getting Ready For A Vintage Market

Just thought I’d share a little of what I’ve been up to.  Frantically getting ready for Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market on May 3.  The days are flying by and I’m in no way ready for the show!  I sat down and made up a schedule for myself, I’m hoping this help me stay on task to complete all my projects.  Wish me luck!!!

SAM_4756Here’s a sweet little piece I picked up at an auction.  All the layers of paint are now on so I can do some distressing and accenting with CeCe Caldwell’s Paints Aging Dust in all the nooks and crannies.SAM_4757In this photo, you can really see the hew of pink I used.  I was going to play it safe with grays or whites but I wanted to have at-least one colorful piece for the show.  SAM_4755I started on the stylish cabinet today.  It has it’s first layer of paint (Vintage White) and I’ll be adding Seattle Mist this weekend along with a few surprises.  I’ll post more as it progresses!  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!

Happy Crafting ~ Judy

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  1. Debie Bjorna says:

    You go for it Judy ! We need to use more color in our homes :>) Best of luck in JITT to you …

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