A Potting Bench…

SAM_4787Do you LOVE potting benches as much as I do.  And believe me when I say…it’s not because I have a green thumb!!!  I’m the world’s worst at gardening.  I always try but for some reason, the poor plants never survive my care.  As you’ll be able to see in the photos, I’m using fake flowers and greenery.  I can take care of those!

SAM_4583My husband surprised with little cutie.  He had some wood left over from another job and asked if I would like a potting bench.  Well, of-coarse!!!SAM_4784I’ll be taking it to Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market on May 3 but we can also take orders for specific sizes and paint colors.  And you know he’ll have to make me one to keep!SAM_4782I painted it a shade of vintage white in exterior paint to hold up against the weather.  Then I highly distressed it with the power sander.  I wanted it to look well used.  It adds so much character this way!SAM_4788Priced at just $99.00.  This would also make a great drink station or dessert table.  So many possibilities!

Lots more to share in the coming days as I get ready for the show!

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