Our Valentine Front Entry

Again, without spending any money I shopped our garage for things that could spruce up the entrance to our home for Valentine’s Day.  I found a few more sprigs of red berries and the large vintage ironing board I knew I could do something with.SAM_3060I painted this ironing board with chalkboard paint for Junk In The Trunk Vintage Market in November but it didn’t make it on the trunk.  We just ran out of room.  I’m glad I got to put it to use!

SAM_3059So my husband was making fun of me and said my bee looks like an ant with wings.  He’s such a stinker!

SAM_3056Next time I’ll use a stencil for my lettering now that I’ve got a Cameo Silhouette.  I’m still just learning the basics of the machine but I can’t wait to do lots of new projects with it.

SAM_3055Saturday while we working out in the yard, I barely touched the sprinkler system and it broke.  Water went spraying EVERYWHERE!!!  Dave and I both got second showers for the day.  So Dave finished the re-purposing of an old cabinet to cover the sprinkler system and our front courtyard looks so much better now.  Not only that, we have a place to store our hoses out of the way and no one can see them!  Yay!!!  This cabinet only cost 50 cents so it was the perfect candidate to cut a hole in the back and slip over the unsightly water pipes.  It’s probably not the exact style of cabinet I would choose for this space but hey, for 50 cents…I can make it work!!!

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  1. That is adorable! Your husband’s opinion doesn’t count! I love it!

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